I'd never given much thought to how I would die-regardless of the reason I'd had these past few months. But if I had…well, I never would've imagined it like this.

Not like this.

But it was too late now-I was staring, barely breathing, into the brilliant eyes of the hunter grinning at me far too casually from across the room, and I knew far too well that even if I ran, it wouldn't do any good.

I ran anyway, of course-but cold arms caught me within seconds, hurling me back again.

At least it was a noble way to die-me, instead of someone I loved.

Fair trade.

The wall shattered around me, and I could feel everything inside me shattering along with it, blood spurting from my lips, burning down my chin. The hunter would be there faster than I could think, of course-I wondered if he would have the restraint to finish this cat-and-mouse game, or if he would end it quickly.

Funny-if I hadn't gone to Forks in the first place, I wouldn't be here, having to choose which way to hope that I die, but I still can't bring myself to regret any of it. I just wish it could've lasted longer.

Just a little longer.

I tilted my head up to watch death coming-

The hunter was smiling as he stalked forward to kill me.

My solution to not being able to decide between Belford/Edward slash or Bella/Edelle slash: Write both! Simultaneously! This should be fun...
BY THE WAY: They will not just be the same story with some genders flipped! The different characters have very different personalities, and the storylines will diverge as much as possible while staying approximately true to the original, (y'know, with the changes of like, less abuse and wimpy Bella and weird stalker-y Edward.)