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A Demon in Disguise

Rikuo P.O.V.

"This is starting to get interesting," thought the fifteen year old Rikuo Nura, as he battled a rat yokai by the name of Shibasu. It was around three in the afternoon and school had just been let out. At first Rikuo was a little bit peeved that a yokai had dared to attack him, the Lord of Pandemonium, in broad daylight but I guess life just wasn't on his side right now. Lately he had felt that someone, or something, was following him around, just a shiver down the spine; at least now he knew what it was.

Apparently Shibasu had been following him, waiting for the right moment to strike. Everyone had heard how powerful the third heir of the Nura Clan was and many knew that the only way to defeat him was to launch a surprise attack. The problem was that it was very hard to surprise someone as powerful as Rikuo. He had learned how to use his yokai powers even during the daytime, but only to a certain extent. The problem was that during the daytime he could only use about an eighth of his power and that could cause problems with the more powerful yokai that tried to take his title, though recently that had not been a very big problem seeing as everyone had heard of his prowess in battle.

Back to the battle at hand, he had been fighting the rat yokai for a good ten minutes, he really didn't want to kill the guy but it was starting to look as if that was his only option. So, with a sigh, he slashed the yokai across the chest with Nenekirimaru and watched as Shibasu dissolved into the black smoke common for deceased yokai.

As the last of Shibasu's fear disappeared Rikuo noticed another presence, a very weak one, but still there. He turned to see a wizened old man with a beard about to his waist wearing what looked to be an odd sort of kimono. "How may I assist you?" he asked the man, curious as to why he was staring at him with those odd twinkling eyes.

"Are you the third heir of the Nura clan that I have heard of?" the man asked, startling Rikuo with his knowledge, just who was he?

"Yes, I am", he replied. "My name is Rikuo Nura and I am the head of the Nura Clan, and just who are you?"

"My name is Dumbledore and I am the headmaster of the school known as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry located in Britain, or to be more accurate, Scotland. Have you heard of it Mr. Nura?"

"No, I can't say I have," replied Rikuo with a hint of curiosity in his tone. "I didn't even know that wizards and witches actually existed," admitted Rikuo, now filled with curiosity about this strange man and his strange ways.

"Yes, I thought as much" said Dumbledore, not the least put off by Rikuo's lack of knowledge. "It seems as if I shall have to explain further on the subject," stated Dumbledore. Dumbledore then went on to explain to Rikuo just what a wizard was and all about the school and the current situation with the strange Lord Voldemort.

"You mean to tell me that this Voldemort wants to kill the boy known as Harry Potter in order to fulfill a prophecy that he barely even knows the correct words to?" Rikuo says in slight disbelief.

"Yes, does that seem so odd to a demon?"

"Actually, no, men will do the most horrible of sins to gain power" says Rikuo truthfully, thinking of the incident with the Tanuki yokai.

"Yes, that they will" says Dumbledore, now slightly curious as to what this young man has went through to have such an insight.

"So, you came to me with something in mind or you would not have travelled all the way to Japan," says Rikuo. "So what is your goal in coming to me?"

"Ah, yes, thought we'd get to that sooner or later. I have come to you to ask for assistance in guarding my school, or rather, Harry Potter. Will you help?"

"Yeah, I'll help, but I have some requirements."

"And what might they be?" Dumbledore asks suddenly wary. "Come to my mansion and we will talk."