Chapter 11:

"You want me to join their defense group?!" Yoru asked Dumbledore incredulously. Apparently the 'Golden Trio' were starting an illegal defense club and Dumbledore wanted Rikuo to join to help protect them.

Dumbledore smiled, "Of course, Mr. Nura; they need protection if Umbridge were to discover it, and you're more than capable."

"Keh, fine; I'll join their little 'club'; maybe they'll have something interesting to do there."

"Good, now, how are you getting along with them?"

"Quite well; I'm included in most of their excursions, though I don't know why they trust me."

"Simple, you have not reported them yet and you hate Umbridge just as much as they do. I trust that Umbridge is still getting the best of your care?"

Yoru smirked, "Of course, why would I ever give her anything but the best?"


"Alright class, today we will start with real blades!" Kurotabou called to his fifth year class, "We will be using my blades and they will not be aimed at anyone; is that clear?"

Rikuo raised his hand, "Kurotabou-sensei?"

"Yes, Mr. Nura"

"I have a blade that cannot harm humans; it's an old family heirloom, may I use it?"

"Yes, you may. Anything else?"

The class stayed silent and Kurotabou nodded, "Come up here one at a time and I will choose a weapon for you aimed to your specifications."

The class lined up and he called the first forward; he assessed them and then pulled a dagger out of his sleeve. The next got a short rapier; the next got twin knives; it continued like this until everyone had their own specified blades. "These weapons cannot leave this class without my express permission; if they leave this classroom, they will disappear and you will not have a weapon; is that clear?"

The class nodded and Kurotabou smiled, "I will be giving a demonstration of how to use every weapon that was handed out today with Mr. Nura, who was my student in Japan. Please come up Rikuo"

Rikuo stood and walked to the front, "Rikuo here will be using a special talent while we are fighting so that he does not get hurt, watch closely."

Rikuo pulled out Nenekirimaru and got into a ready stance, activating Kyokosuigetsu; Kurotabou simply crouched down and got into a stance as well. They stood this way a few moments before Kurotabou charged with a short sword. As promised, every kind of weapon was demonstrated in their spar and Rikuo did not get injured because the blades just went through him like he was smoke. Once they were done, the class was staring in awe of their talent, Hermione spoke, "You are both very talented; will we ever be at your skill level?"

Kurotabou smiled, "With a lot of practice and devotion, anything is possible Ms. Granger." Then he turned to the rest of the class, "Spend the rest of the class becoming familiar with your new weapons; we will practice more next class"


McGonagall walked down the hallway thinking; she knew that Rikuo was the red-eyed man from before, but could not accept it. The boy acted completely innocent and clumsy in his classes; in fact he had already made many new friends. She could not see him as the intimidating yokai that Dumbledore had introduced them to and she could not accept that he was the Supreme Commander of all demons. Suddenly, she heard clanging and turned to see that she had wandered past the room where the combat classes were held; she quietly opened the door and walked in to see that the students were watching a demonstration.

She gasped as she realized that the teacher was sparring with a student and was about to say something when she saw that the student seemed to be keeping up just fine, despite the teacher's apparent expertise. The two that were sparring looked as though they were dancing, with the grace that they were displaying in their fighting skills. She gasped when a blade was flung at the student and looked as if it was going to hit him in the stomach…before it went through him as if he was a ghost.

She took a closer look and realized that the student was Rikuo; she was shocked that he was displaying such grace when just earlier that day he had tripped and spilled all his papers in her class. The truth finally sunk in; this boy was the Supreme Commander of all demons; he held great power and 'Rikuo' was just an act.

Yoru was who this child really was and she couldn't believe it. As soon as the spar was over, she left to go prepare for her own classes, still in slight shock.


That was it! The last straw! Delores Umbridge was sick of the ridicule she had been put through; this was absurd, why did the ghosts in this castle hate her so much? It had to be that damn poltergeist, Peeles or whatever his name was, that was doing it. She had had her hair turned green, pink, and orange, had her office filled with toads more times than she could count, had her precious cats pictures turned into disgusting dogs, and now her office was a swamp! This was enough; she needed to get to the bottom of this.


'Dumbledore's Army' met for the second time in the Room of Requirement, except this time was different; Rikuo had brought Kuro with him this time. They walked in and everyone in the room went silent at the arrival of a teacher; one of the students yelled, "Hey, what's with the teacher? Do you want us to get caught?"

Rikuo scoffed and turned to Kurotabou, "Do not tell anyone of this Kurotabou" he said in a strict voice, as if giving an order. Everyone in the room looked on in confusion as Kurotabou knelt and fisted a hand over his heart, "Hai, Master Rikuo"

Rikuo looked at the club, "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get started."

Hermione cut in, "Did he just call you master, Rikuo?"

"Yes, is there a problem with that?"

"Why did he call you that? Is he like a house-elf?!"

Rikuo sighed and pinched his nose, "No, he is not like a house-elf Hermione-chan; Kuro has been serving my family as a valued member since before I was born, of his own free will."


Kurotabou stood, "Indeed, Ms. Granger; he has ordered me to give him no special privileges in class and I have followed that order; today, he asked me to attend this meeting and help you all with your weapons practice, so here I am."

This was accepted, it seemed, and the lessons started.


Soon, it was Christmas break and most of the students were heading for the train to go home, while Harry, Rikuo, Hermione, and Ron sat watching the snow fall and playing chess. Ron seemed infuriated that Rikuo could beat him at chess and refused to quit until he won; they had played around fifteen games already.

That night Yoru and Kurotabou were sparring when there came a frantic knocking on their portrait, which Yoru answered, "Hello, McGonagall-san; what can we help you with?"

The woman was panicking, "An important member of the order was attacked and we need to get Harry out of the castle; Dumbledore was planning on sending him to Grimmauld Place to be safe and he wants you to come."

"Is he in his office?"


Yoru turned to Kurotabou, "Get our stuff packed; I need to talk to Dumbledore-san, we might go to the mansion."

Kurotabou nodded and went to pack all of their belongings while Yoru stepped out of the portrait and disappeared to Dumbledore's office, with McGonagall close behind. He arrived and knocked.

"Come in" Dumbledore's voice called.

Yoru opened the door and stepped through, ignoring the bunch of students in the room, he looked at Dumbledore, "Hello Dumbledore-san; Rikuo has asked that this bunch stay at his mansion rather than Grimmauld Place?"

Dumbledore looked thoughtful for a moment, "Can Sirius Black come and will you explain your staff to the students?"

"Yes Sirius can come and yes I will explain to them after I contact Grandfather."

"Good; can you do that now? They need to leave before Umbridge finds them out."

Yoru nodded and pulled out a scroll, which he opened and wrote Grandfather?

Yes, Rikuo

Is there a meeting right now?


Good; we will have some human guests very shortly; can you have Tsurara and the others prepare them some rooms? I'm bringing seven people.

It'll be done shortly; is this an emergency?

Yes; we need to get the boy to a safe spot where I can guard him properly

Alright, be safe

Yoru looked up, "It has been arranged."

"Good; can you explain now?"

"Yes" he turned to the stunned students, "We are going to Rikuo's mansion in Japan as soon as we get Sirius; when we get there, don't freak out. Not a single one of the servants are human, but none of them will hurt you, got it?"

They nodded numbly and he turned to Dumbledore, "I need to get Kuro and then we can leave."

"Please hurry"

"Will do" and he was gone.

Hermione turned to Dumbledore, "Who was that, Headmaster?"

"His name is Yoru; he's a friend of Rikuo and Professor Kurotabou, he can be trusted"


Yoru returned a moment later with Kurotabou following, "We are ready, Dumbledore-san"

"Good; grab this portkey and it will take you to your mansion; I'll be there with Sirius shortly after"

They grabbed the portkey and they were gone, but right before they left, Yoru saw Harry give Dumbledore an evil look.


As soon as they were there, Yoru took a closer look at Harry and saw that he was surrounded by an evil yoki, 'I'll get Tamazuki to take a look tomorrow; this is concerning'


"He's got an evil piece of soul stuck in his head; it's also connected to six more somewhere" Tamazuki said. Yoru had gone and got him as soon as Sirius had arrived and he was sure that they were well-taken care of. Harry was currently lying unconscious on the bed while Tamazuki looked at the strange energy.

"Can you remove it?"

"Yeah; can I eat it once it's out?"

"Go ahead, but it might taste bad."

"Good, I'm hungry."

The soul fragment was out and eaten within the hour and Tamazuki looked satisfied.

Yoru spoke, "What do you have planned for the near-future, Tamazuki?"

"Nothing, why?"

"Do you want to help me track down the other pieces? You can eat them too and there will most likely be a fight?"

"With who?"

"I believe that the soul pieces belong to an evil wizard known as Voldemort; he is somehow using them to stay alive, and he will have a piece of the soul in his current body, so there will be a fight."

"Yeah, sure; there's nothing else to do here anyway and where you go, action follows."

"Great, thanks for the help Tamazuki."

"No problem, Rikuo."

"Do you want to stay here until we leave or do you want to go home and I'll come grab you?"

"I'll go home; come grab me right before it's time to leave."

"That's about a week."



Yoru sat staring at the moon in his favorite sakura tree with a bottle of sake, 'Things are going to be much easier when I kill that bastard Voldemort; I can't wait.' He smiled; things were going great.