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Dragon class room

Chapter 1: meatings

"hi" talking

'hi' thinking

Hi firing a weapon

Hi magic being used

"Great one day I'm in the guild hall and the next I'm attending class" said a boy as he jumped down from a tree and started walking up a mountain

"natsu?" said a boy with light blue hair and a boy with red hair

"oh nagisa, hi karma" natsu said

"are you ready for your first day at E-class" asked karma

"ya I think I am" natsu said giving his toothy grin

Line break

"Hello class today we have a new class mate and his name is now this is an odd one" said Ms. jelavic (Ms. Bitch) "Natsu dragggneeeel?"

"close but it's just, dragneel, natsu dragneel" said natsu as he entered the room

"so" natsu asked "where do you keep the fire"

"WHAT" everyone in the room yelled (and that's koro-sensei, Ms. Bitch, karasuma, and all the students)

"dam it natsu why would you ask that" as natsu's left half went demonic it said

"I'm sorry if I'm hungry ok E.N.D" said natsu right half

"well why didn't you eat on the way here" asked E.N.D

"look just leave and I'll talk to you later ok" said natsu

Just then the E.N.D left natsu as all the kids and teachers stood in shock

"what" said natsu as he found a seat next to karma

"you know the class calls me the demon" whispered karma

"wow for what" asked natsu

"I honestly don't know" said karma questioning himself

Just then a kid walked in with silver hair

"hello itona" said koro-sensei "here to try and kill me again"

"no someone more power full is here" as itona said this his gaze averted to natsu

"you will be my opponent" said itona pointing at natsu

"which one" said natsu with a toothy grin

"wa-… er-…ummmmm…" itona said as his eyes widened

"one of us or both of us… wait you'll fight both of us if you're fighting one or the other" said natsu not really paying attention

"why" asked itona

"WHAT YOU MADE ITONA ASK WHY" yelled itona's guardian

"just who are you natsu" asked koro-sensei

"just shut up and watch" natsu said as he pulled out a gun and fired as he assembled a machine gun

Bang bang, bang, splat, splat, splat

"3 shots and he took out itona" said a shocked class

"jezz you move slower than erza eating a strawberry cheesecake and that's slow" laughed natsu

"alright let's get on with class shall we" said koro-sensei

"fire" yelled Ryoma

As everyone was out of rounds bang

Everyone saw one of koro-sensei's tentacles being blown off

"heh" snickered natsu

"how" asked Rinka

"Umm… I have a friend who helped me" natsu said 'I really need to thank bisca and alzack for the shooting lessons'

End of chapter one

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