Chapter 4

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Natsu: your just lazy

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"normal people/natsu's family" talking



"E.N.D talking"

"E.N.D thinking"

"I didn't say anything" said taiga as he cowered in fear

"no I think you say that MY wife was hot" said natsu

"well she is" said taiga as he forgot what pissed off natsu first

"well it's too bad I'm here" said E.N.D

"who are you" asked nagisa

"I'm the one who is going to kill koro-sensei" said E.N.D

Just then Terasaka's gang came at E.N.D with a knife and gun and tried to kill him (key word tried) evetime terasaka came close they would get punched until E.N.D saw koro-sensei standing in the front of the class

"well, well I think your koro-sensei" said E.N.D

"yes, can I help you" asked koro-sensei

Faster than koro-sensei going for a magazine and payday he was at the front of the class when the class realized that terasaka had multiple cuts on his stomach, back and arms that looked like claws

"I want to know if my claws can hurt you and kill you if I can" the demon said as he raised his claw and swiped down completely obliterated koro-sensei's tentacle (an arm)

"now that feels weird that won't have regenerated until tomorrow" said koro-sensei

"good 'cuz now I'm going to kill your class" the demon said as he turned around and went straight for nagisa "you are my biggest threat" as he kept attacking the kids Ashely ran in and kissed him for 184,640,540 hits and professor bitch just stood in shock as Ashely gave her a smirk as she left

"sorry" said natsu as he left

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Chapter E.N.D