"Fuck." Jake moved forward again. He was aware of Wesker behind him.

The guy was always calm.

Almost as if he was observing a science experiment from afar and there was no way he was going to get hurt.

Jake paused, his shoulders stiffened at the thought.


Was it possible that Wesker had this whole scenario planned out. It did not seem likely.

From what had happened so far.

Birkin had betrayed him.

The facility was under siege from the creatures that Birkin had unwittingly created against Wesker's will.

Birkin was in control of one of them.

…and yet.

There was no panic. It was as if the man wasn't even human. He remained in control at the same time as it seemed he was not in control of anything.

What happened to the boy they rescued?

The adult clone that had just died.

He had just left Sherry alone with her father, who in theory was the enemy of Wesker.

The enemy of my enemy supposedly is my friend.

Chris and Claire showing up.

Leon was dead. Maybe….Jake still couldn't believe it.

Was this really an experiment after all?

Was Sherry involved? He dismissed the last thought entirely. No matter what had happened Sherry was just as much of a victim of their parents as he was. They had played with her genetics just as much as they had played with his.

The fact that they had had a child together was a bonus. The only unexpected thing they had done so far was find each other.

Jake slowly rounded the corner.

He felt a searing pain in his gut before he saw the cause.

The Neman jabbed him through with a broken chair leg. Ironic as he was also carrying one

A gurgling sound came out of him. He felt his body lifting up into the air as the creature in front of him speared him through. The clawed hand had a wood chair leg stabbed through him. For a moment he felt a brief stab of sympathy for the infected guard dog he killed earlier.

Only briefly.

Time slowed as he briefly locked eyes with the creature that had once been a test tube half sibling. The liquid black eyes showed no emotion human or otherwise as he was launched over the Neman.

Then he forgot about it entirely as he felt his body leave the makeshift spear and fly through the air. He hit the wall behind the Neman, his breathe knocked out of him. His vision blackened as he fought to stay conscious.

"Gahhh," he gasped. The Neman had already turned its back on him. Any normal person would have been dead by now.

Anyone else would be.

He lay stunned for a moment, gasping and staring at his mid-section. Blood had been pouring out of it but that had slowed to a trickle. The skin knit over the inner wound and Jake barely suppressed the urge to scream. Healing was great but it still hurt like a bitch.

He glanced up in time to see both Redfields firing shots at the Neman. They obviously stung the creature but did not slow it down much. It was locked arm to arm with the Ustanak. Black liquid leached out of the Neman in several places.

As the pain in his gut left him Jake smiled ruefully and lifted his gun and fired.

Sherry hid her emotions from Birkin. She turned her back on him and went over and sat next to Anja. The infant gurgled happily raised her tiny hands in the air at her mother, completely oblivious to the deadly chaos outside their door.

She smiled down at Anja.

"Does she have any abilities?" Birkin stood near the door. It felt better to be in close proximity to the creature outside. Not that he'd left the door open. He still wanted the barrier. He knew the creature hated him. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. But for now it was fully under his command.

Birkin couldn't believe how much had occurred since he had been away. Being away was how he chose to think about his death. His family being gone notwithstanding but the technological advancements Umbrella had come up with in the past few years was amazing.

His own daughter's healing…he had skipped past the rest of her story and was completely focused on her abilities.

Sherry frowned. "I'm not sure." Sherry moved to place herself between Birkin and Anja. "But you're the last person I want to find out."

"I'm not going to hurt her." Birkin looked mortified. "I was just curious to see if the ability carried down the genetic line."

"Funny," Sherry faced him hands on hips, anger in her voice. "That's just what your friend Wesker said to me when he found out I was pregnant the first time. Jake's right. Our parents were fucked up."

Birkin's face turned red. "You know there is a chance they won't return."

"Don't say that."


"Don't fucking say that!" Sherry turned her back on Birkin again. Oh God let him come back, Jake please come back, she prayed to herself. She knew it was true. She thought she could stand being in here with the clone of her father, but the truth was Anja was the only person keeping her sane right now. Seeing her father's face was driving her crazy. For the first time in her life Sherry was ready to commit murder.

But a nagging voice in the back of her head told her he might be right. They might have to claw their way out of here on their own. She, with her healing abilities might actually have a shot at it. Jake should too.

Thinking about him gave her pause. She turned back to Birkin.

"What did you know before you knew who I was?"

Birkin looked at Sherry surprised. "What do you mean?"

"What did Wesker tell you?"

"He told me both of you died, it was the company's fault."


"I had planned on taking revenge…"

"What stopped you?"

"Nothing stopped me. I found out you were alive. Wesker lied about some things. I want revenge on him for lying about that part…not letting me know you were alive. Letting his son marry you."

Sherry crossed her arms as she studied the clone of her father.

"There really is no "letting us" do anything." She finally spoke in a soft whisper. "Jake and I found each other without Wesker's help. Jake never knew Wesker was his father until I found him. Every decision we've made, we've done on our own. Without either of you."


"And it's going to stay that way."

"Sherry, I know this is hard…but Wesker was my friend. And he lied to me…"


"So its entirely possible Jake lied to you. Think about it. Just to cross the DNA between the two of you in the easiest way possible…"

"That's not exactly how Wesker operates," Sherry threw her hands up into the air, exasperated. "Jake is NOT his father."

"You don't know that."

"Actually I do." Sherry turned away from Birkin again. This was the second time they had this argument. "No offense but the time to have this sudden interest in my welfare would have been years ago. Not now."

"Better late than never."

"NO," Sherry snapped. "But you are right about one thing. If they take too long, we may have to go on without them. I promised Jake I would stay alive and get Anja out."

Birkin breathed a sigh of relief. He had half thought he would have to knock Sherry out to get her to leave Jake behind. But she might just do it on her own, to protect their daughter. There was always a chance he wouldn't come back. Even better and he wouldn't have to do anything about it.

Leon jumped into the hallway that twenty minutes before Chris and Claire had dropped out of. Ada dropped behind him silently. They turned around in a circle listening but hearing nothing but the buzzing of the flickering lights.

Leon sighed. Always bad lighting. "Wonder if this will be the next Raccoon City," he whispered out loud.

Ada shuddered inwardly, but out loud she replied with. "I'd rather not think about it. I'm pretty sure everyone you care about is in here."

Leon didn't reply. He wasn't sure of which way to go and his head still hurt.

He started forward without saying anything after a moment's hesitation Ada followed him.

"You working this time?"

"What's it to you?" Ada moved silently behind him.

"I don't normally see you this involved unless there's a job in the middle of it."

Ada shrugged behind him. "I don't know what you mean."

Leon kept moving forward. He would have liked nothing better than to have a conversation with this woman when she wasn't being mysterious. She was generally one step ahead of him. Worse he didn't exactly know who she was working for.

"If I asked you what you were after this time around would you tell me?"

"Who says I'm after anything this time?"

"Nevermind." Leon fell silent again, moving forward.

The lights kept flickering.