Olivia pulled the covers from her bed. She heard the knocking at the door and then looked over at her clock. It read eight o clock and she wasn't due at OPA until ten. Life was so much different now. Fitz was no longer President and Cyrus took his family and headed to Cambridge. She hated to turn down Mellie's offer of Chief of Staff offer because frankly she just wanted a break from Washington. Olivia was happy to give her a list of names and one of them included Abby.

"What the hell." Olivia kicked up the covers and wrapped the La Perla sweater around herself. "I'm coming.'" She said as she walked to the door. Opening the door, she laughed. "I thought that you might want to sleep in." At her door was the former President and two of his best agents.

"Old habits are hard to break." Fitz laughed. "I thought you might like to have some breakfast with me." He opened a bag and took out two cups of coffee and two breakfast sandwiches. He also handed a bag and cups to the agents who stayed in the hall. "Are you going to invite me in?" he asked earnestly.

"I guess." Olivia said shyly. The two walked to Olivia's couch and Fitz came to life.

"You are going to love this. I found the best coffee in town and these sandwiches are made with real biscuits and ham. I got them with egg whites because these are just plain healthier. But I just know you are going to love them." Fitz had discovered a whole new world when he ended his time in America's prison he called it. Now everything was an adventure and after being in a loveless marriage for twenty years, he couldn't wait to discover it with Olivia.

"Isn't it great!" Fitz eagerly couldn't wait to see what Olivia would say.

But Olivia knew Fitz better than this. He was up to something. He didn't just get up for breakfast when he could basically sleep as late as he wanted. She knew he wanted to start on his memoirs and they had discussed having James Novak helping him to edit them when they were ready to be published. He also wanted to spend some time with Teddy and Karen. It was not clear whether he would have the dream he had shared with Olivia of more children. Fitz also knew that if he and Olivia had children, he would be quite old when it was time for him to share his life when those children were grown.

"It is good,but is that the only reason you came over was for breakfast?" Olivia quizzed him.

"Well, I have decided to go away . I need to chronicle my administration to prepare it for history. " Fitz said matter of factly.

Olivia knew what was coming next. Fitz felt the need to leave and be his own man. For eight years or more, he had been controlled and sadly she was one of the people who had helped. Fitz had been in therapy for his preparation to returning to what he called the normal world. Olivia had finally broken down after a confessional drunken night and agreed to her own therapy. It required many bottles of scotch and wine to a cathartic declaration where the two clutched each other and then made love to the early hours of the morning.

"I knew this day was coming and I want you to know that I will always be here for you." Olivia said earnestly. Tears started to form in her eyes and then she started to cry.

Fitz took his thumb and rubbed the tears from her eyes. "LIvvy, I do have a proposition for you. " Olivia wiped her eyes. "You took off with Jake and lived on an island . Now give me the same . Except let 's discover the world together. Let's eat and drink and make love. Come with me and help me write my memoirs."

Olivia was completely floored by this offer. She had looked forward to a life with out politics and that is why she turned down the White House. She looked forward to fighting for justice and the underdog again. Therapy had taught her to stop being afraid and this is what she was thinking about.

"Won't I be a distraction?" she said as she sipped her coffee.

"You will be the best kind of distraction. This will make up for all those stolen moments and times that we made sacrifices for each other. We will make Vermont our base and then travel from there. You will accompany me when I have to attend these boring charity events. " said Fitz.

"Have you lost your mind? I know this is a result of the brain injury." Olivia tried to reason. "Have you forgotten that you have two kids? And I have a business to run."

"I sat down and had a long talk with Mellie. The kids will stay here with her and this time they will live in the White House. Karen will be attending Stanford and Teddy will be going to school with his own detail. But any time I want them to stay with me, they are more than welcome . I want to experience my children as well as help them to learn about this world and what they can do to benefit it. Before you say no, I am not proposing . I want a chance to just be together before we take that step. "

"When are you planning to leave and where are you planning to go?" Olivia asked.

"Well, Mellie is having a state dinner and requested that I come . It is Thursday evening and I would love for you to be my date. Mellie has actually requested me to bring you. She will have her own escort and she wanted me there because Karen will attending as her First Lady. It is truly a new world. I thought that after the banquet, I would leave for Vermont and then go from there. "

"I will have to think seriously about this. " Olivia said.

"Well you are coming with me to Mellie's first state dinner. I will pick you up at six and we can arrive together. No more shadows. We stand in the light now. And I am warning you ahead of time. When Fitzgerald Thomas Grant woos a lady to win her heart, look out. " He then turned to her and then open mouthed kissed her. The kiss made her fall into his arms and then she ran her manicured fingers through the curls on his head and brush the back of his thick neck. He took his hands and engulfed her butt. They finally broke the kiss.

"I will call you later. Be prepared for an obscene phone call." Fitz grinned.

"You are incorrigible and must be punished." Olivia scorned

"I'm counting on it." Fitz went out the door.