Disclaimer*** I Don't Own NYSM I just wanted more love for Dylan Rhodes since he didn't get much at all and deserves some love.

I inspect my nails even though I'm cuffed to a table in an FBI investigation room. I keep glancing at where I know is two-way glass and wonder when the 'interrogation' will start or who is going to be interrogated first. Hopefully it will be Merritt or even Daniel they know more what they are doing than I am. This all started a year ago. I mean not my story of how I became a magician but how The Five Horsemen came to be. Me becoming a magician is another story, but it might be best to start there.

~Flashback 1984~

"Come on Harmony, we need to go find my dad, he's going to be doing that cool magic trick, hurry up!" Dylan Shrike my best friend since we were toddlers yells at me while running off to the river where his dad was.

"Dylan wait up, you're supposed to be watching me! You'd think I was older even though I'm not!" I yell back as he stops and huff impatiently while I catch up to him.

"Exactly your two years younger than me, hence you should be faster," he says as I finally catch up and he takes my hand pulling me over to where his dad was but I pull him back.

"I'll wait over here, tell 'Lyle good luck for me though" I say to him with the nickname I call his dad since his dad didn't want me calling him 'Mr. Shrike' all the time and Dylan rolls his eyes at me then races to his dad only to come back a few minutes later with his watch and we look up at the top of the bridge where we watch him get into the safe and watch as the safe drops into the water.

"One...Two...Three" Dylan starts counting under his breath glancing at his watch.

"How long did he say he it would take for this?" I ask after Dylan gets to 150.

"151…152…dad said by 300 he would be back…162…" he tell me and I sit anxiously waiting.

"300" Dylan finally counts and we both glance at the water but nothing seems to happen. "301…302…303" Dylan continues and I bite my lower lip grabbing his hand as he stands up pulling me with him over closer to the water.

"He should be out by now…why isn't he out" I whisper tears starting to form in my eyes as Dylan tries to push us through to see what was going on.

"Let me through…that's my dad…let go" Dylan yells catching the attention of Thaddeus Bradley who was there to debunk 'Lyle as he had already done years ago.

-2 Days later-

"Dylan" I whisper knocking on his door, which opens up as Dylan is laying on his bed.

"Go away" he mumbles out messing with his cards practicing one of the many card tricks 'Lyle had taught us.

I ignore him and shuffle over to him and lay down next to him resting my head on his shoulder. "It's not fair that the trick didn't work," I mumble into his shoulder. "Why do bad things happen to good people?"

"I don't know Harmony, I just don't know"

-6 years later (Right before Dylan leaves to University)-

"Would you stop it with those silly magic tricks Harmony!" Dylan yells at me.

"They're not stupid, and you know that!" I yell back at him. Ever since his dad died doing a magic trick he's basically shunned magic.

"Yes they are, they are basically just party tricks, and what's worse is you are wasting your life before you even graduate!" he yells back at me.

"I'm not wasting my life! I want to do magic as a career! And school is whatever, I'm doing just fine with it, you used to love magic where's my best friend that I've known? Because it seems to me that I don't have one anymore" I yell back tears forming in my eyes finally realizing that the person I fell in love with was completely someone else now. He goes to yell some more but I just shove past him. "Forget it, you just don't understand it like you used to" I mutter and walk down his stairs saying bye to his mom with a hug and head next door to my house and run in my room and collapse on my bed crying. Dylan was leaving to University tomorrow, so maybe this was a long time coming anyway, I've still got two years left of school left maybe it was never meant to be in the first place. I sigh and look over to my side table next to my bed and look at the picture from years ago of Dylan and I days before his dad died doing his magic trick.

"I wish days were still like that" I mutter tracing my finger over the frame. "Maybe one day he'll see how much magic is important, like how the Eye is important to every magician…I'll make it into the Eye then he will see how I was right" I tell myself more determined than ever.


Well I'm doing this...only reason I am because someone who does an amazing Daniel Atlas story said to go for it. And in quote of Alma Dray "Take your leap of faith" So I did. This might be terrible but I haven't written anything like this in at least two years, so hopefully it's okay?