A few weeks later

Danny, Henley, Merritt, and Jack had all gone on some road trip Dylan sent them on. Something related to the Eye, they were supposed to bring their cards and everything. When I had gotten up this morning, though, I noticed all of them placed on the dining room table, the attached note saying 'Don't forget these'.

"Those idiots." I mutter, only for arms to wrap around my waist and a head to rest on my shoulder, making me shriek.

"What idiots?" My lovely boyfriend Dylan Shrike perks up.

"Merritt, apparently. Even with a reminder note he wrote himself, he still forgot the cards for the trip you sent them on." I hum. leaning against Dylan.

"Don't you have to head back to the FBI soon?" I ask. Dylan kisses my neck, effectively silencing me.

"After what happened and how upset Cowan was because of it, I'm off for the next week." He mumbles, his head nuzzled into the crook of my neck. I giggle, swatting him away. This is how it should have been years ago, had he merely told me what his plans were. Had he not just shut me out then, we might have been happy doing this from the start.

"Oh no, quit trying to use your charm on me, I'm still mad at you for pushing me away all those years ago, you owe me big time mister do you understand- Ah!" I yelp as Dylan lifts me into his arms, carrying me out of the kitchen area of the new apartment I was in. I had to share with Daniel and Henley since Jack and Merritt decided to bunk together in their own apartment, but we're cool. Until we can get back in the spotlight, that is. Time that remains well undetermined.

"DYLAN SHRIKE, YOU PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT" I yell, trying to kick him, but miserably failing.

"Curse you and your well trained ass!" I groan, frustrated, only to be set down on a bed, Dylan on top of me. I burst out laughing, him following me suit. We're acting so childish!

"I'm still pissed at you." I say, once we're calmed down and cuddling the sheets, with me resting my head on his shoulder as he rubbed circles in my arm. "Why didn't you ever tell me?" I ask.

"I didn't want you to get hurt, and I didn't want you to have to lie for your life and end up doing something that isn't magic. I knew how much magic meant to you and I pushed you away, so you could enjoy it rather than not being able to do magic and being forced to do something like FBI with me." Dylan says, after a long pause. I roll over on top of him, placing our foreheads together, my ginger hair falling in curtains around us.

"I would walk to the end of the Earth for you Dylan, I thought that was obvious as we got older. I hated it when you brought girls home." I say, our noses touching and our lips inches apart.

"Oh, I noticed, alright, but I was trying to keep you away from getting involved. I wasn't expecting you to be out and about doing magic tricks when I was looking for the right Magicians, but there you were, as beautiful as ever. Doing amazing magic tricks and looking so happy and so much like The Empress Card that I couldn't resist to hopefully get you to join. Just like you wanted all those years ago." Dylan confesses.

I clash our lips together, kissing him with as much passion and fervor as I could muster, trying to make up for all the years we missed out on. This could have been a reality and not just me trying to forget about the past.

"Really? You mean it? That I am like my Tarot Card? I mean, Daniel would always say I was like a Mother Hen to them, but The Empress also stands for creative power; fertility; being pregnant with life." I whisper after breaking the kiss, shifting so I'm curled into Dylan's side.

"Of course that fits you, you are always looking out for everyone more than for yourself. You are full of life; even if it is a childish life, it brightens up a room." Dylan explains.

"And the fertility part?" I question, looking up at him.

"You always said you wanted as many children as you could, so it fits you." Dylan says, shrugging. I just nod, closing my eyes.

"I wish we could freeze this moment into eternity." I say, snuggling into Dylan and slowly falling asleep.

Well there you go, the final chapter, can't believe I actually finished a story. Enough of that the first chapter of Magic as a Whole should be up parallel to this chapter so go check that out