Title: Alive Again

Alternate Title: A Story Where I See How Many Ways There Are To Kill Harry Potter

Summary: Harry Potter is cursed. He just can't seem to die properly. A non-chronological story told in bits and pieces. Rated T. No pairings.

Chapter 12: Horcrux

Harry stared uncertainly at the sword of Gryffindor laying at the bottom of the frozen pond.

"Accio sword."

Nothing. He sighed.

"Diffindo." The ice cracked, making it possible to dive into the pond to retrieve the sword. It was going to be bloody cold.

Harry dived into the pond, the cold water painfully stinging against his skin. He reached for the sword only for a sharp pain around his neck to distract him.

Air rushed from his lungs as he grabbed for the horcrux locket around his neck. The chained burned as it tried to strangle him. His lunged strained from the lack of oxygen. The teenager continued to attempt to hold his breath and pry the locket from his throat at the same time.

Unable to hold his breath any longer, Harry gasped, water rushing down his throat and into his lungs. His struggles weakened as drowned, blacked out, and then died.

Harry spluttered awake, coughing up water as he struggled to breathe.

"Bloody hell, Harry! I thought I hadn't pulled you out in time! You could've died!"

Harry just thought it best not to correct Ron's assumption that he hadn't died.