Maya's point of view (POV)

I walked out unto the balcony of the apartment, the gentle breeze of the New York City caressing my face as my long blonde strayed form it's french braid. 'Wow!' I thought,'that was deep Ms Maya Hart.' I find it widely ironic, how the blaring noise of cars and traffic mixed with the blinding lights of the landscape soothes me. I shiver slightly in my black tee and checkered shorts. I really should have brought a blanket, or at least wore a robe.

What drew me out here in the first place? I guess I just wanted some fresh air. The cause of my motion hits me and the slight smile I wore, dropped from my face. I turned around and face the apartment. Glaring at the room where my mother and father would be. 'Father.' I roll the word on my tongue, testing it out as my gaze considerably softens. 'Father.' The honey laced word fell from my lips and I squeezed my eyes shut and decide the best to thing to do was be like my best friend Riley Matthews. I relaxed and let the joy bubble up inside me as I started shaking, the smile tugging on my lips and hurting my cheek muscles," YYYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYY!" I screamed twirling around in extreme ecstasy. A few late night joggers regarded me in contempt as the brushed past my balcony, I shrugged it off and continued dancing. Maya Hart doesn't care what other dumb people think.

It had been two months, one week, 4 days, 21 hours and 4… 5 minutes since Shawn and my mom had gotten married. Two glorious months of siting round a dinner table, eating food together and talking and joking like a family. They had dumped the idea of a honeymoon and we spent it together, getting to know one another more. In that short span of life, I painted more than I had ever painted before. Pictures of pure happiness using the color pink as my muse. If I had been Picasso, this would have been my Rose period. Pink seemed to signify all my feelings. I loved the way the emotions flowed from my head, down my hand, into the brush and unto the canvas.

It was a few days after the New Year and for Christmas, Shawn and my mom had pooled their money and got me a magnificent painting room. Note carefully that I said painting room not set of compilation. A whole room. They had taken an old study that we didn't use in the apartment and converted it into a place where I could put all my artistic vibes into. Better yet it connected to my room and I could flit inbetween whenever I pleased. The room, though small in actual area, seemed large because of the huge windows and the large airy curtains that hung from then. There are pictures of famous artists and their inspiring quotes along with a cupboard to keep all my creations. It has whole notebooks and loads of canvas's, a set compiling of crayons, pencils, pens, charcoals, chalks, the list never ended. There is a place set aside for photography, crafts, drawing, architecture (clay, glass, ceramics) and my ultimate favorite painting. That is my favorite place in the whole word with the exception of Riley's bay window.

Oh thundering clouds and lightening. In other teenage words 'crap'. I was so carried away with praising my parent's amazing gift giving that I completely forgot that I was angry with them and that I was outside in New York in the freezing cold night temperature and just about naked. Great. I brushed the snow of my porcelain skin, (when did it start snowing), and hurried inside. Closing the double doors, I flopped on my tiny bed, it was miniscule compared to Riley's. Oh Riley, thinking about her made my heart pound in fear. I remembered the coverrsation that went down three quarters of an hour before…

Flashback Narrator's POV

Maya walked in to the kitchen to find her parent's talking in low voices. She cleared her voice and they both immediately stopped talking. After a pregnant pause, Maya's mother Katy Hart – Hunter, broke the awkward silence by speaking.

"Maya baby, we need to talk." She said and pointed to the seat beside her and Shawn," come sit down."

Maya obliged and sat in the semi-comfortable wooden chair.

"So… How's it been?" she tried to make out, without looking uncomfortable. She failed dreadfully.

"We're moving." Shawn deadpanned, then gasped in pain as Katy hit his arm, hard, " Well beating around the bush would only make her angrier. I just got straight to the point."

Katy turned to Maya, who having trouble picking up her jaw from the floor and putting her eyes back in their sockets," Yes sweetheart, we ar-.."

"When, why and where." Maya shot back, ungraciously interrupting her mother, while jumping to her feet.

"In two weeks, I got promoted in my engineering job and we're moving to Washington D.C.!" yelled Shawn," It's gonna be awesome! We're gonna –"

"What?" screamed Maya, struggling for words, " you expect me to pack up my bags, cheerfully say goodbye to the people and place I grew up in and just, move, what kind of heinous parents are you?"

"Maya. Calm down." Voiced her mother.

"No! How could you support him in such a terrible situation? My friends are like family to me, would you just move away from your family in a heartbeat and leave then behind?"

"I never said it wasn't gonna be hard on me too." replied Katy.

"I hate you, I hate both of you. I'm not going to go. Why couldn't old man over here go by himself." Bellowed Maya


"Maya." Protested her mom, shocked.

Suddenly Shawn took over the situation, he stood up briskly and poker – faced said," Go to your room Maya and don't come out till you're rational and have some self – control."

The atmosphere was so thick with tension, you could cut the air with a knife.

Maya's bottom lip trembled, but she held her composure and her tears as she stalked out of the room, they couldn't have the satisfaction of seeing her cry. She quickened her pace and after violently entering her bedroom, she bolted the door twice and cried loudly into her pillow. After ten minutes or so of good old fashioned bawling, she dried her face and walked to her balcony doors,

End of flashback