"...Cain, where did my underwear go?"


"Where is my underwear?"

"Why the hell should I know?"



"I am not wearing a thong."

"Guess you'll have to go commando, princess."

"I am not going commando into this meeting, Cain."

"Then wear what's in your drawer."


"Christ, you're a whiny bitch today..."

"Please just give me back my underwear-"

I tugged his arm, splaying him against my chest. I grinned as his face flushed red with a scowl. His ass was a perfect fit in my hands.

"How about you give me something first."

He let out a delightful gasp when my fingers dug between his cheeks. "C-Cain w-w-we already did it last night and I really need to-"

"Oh suck it up, you pussy," I purred along his ear, giving it a wet lick.

I was hit it the head with a shoe.

"Stop molesting Lieutenant Abel, Cain."

"Goddamn it, Judas!"

"Here, Lieutenant. I saw them under the bed."

"Th-Thank you, Judas."

"Fucking little prick... Why are you even here?"

"I'm here to escort Lieutenant Abel to the meeting." - he grabbed Abel's arm with a smile and I twitched - "Because I knew you'd make him late again."

"Judas.. the commanders... they don't-"

"Don't worry about it, Lieutenant. I don't want to see you get in 'trouble'. Besides, it's all the lecher's fault."

"Hmph," I smirked. "You just want me to yourse-"

"As if," he drawled. The little bastard had the nerve to flip me off.



Slim fingers had me between the legs. Would have been nice if it didn't feel like he wanted to rip it off. I bit back a curse.

"Cain. Behave." He squeezed.


"I really don't know how you live with him all over you, Lieutenant."

I rubbed at my sore pride as Abel got up and dressed, rolling my eyes. "Says the brat who couldn't stop flirting with me."

"I was not flirting with you!" he sputtered. "I was just.. I was just being nice!"

"Ignore him, Judas."

Glancing, I watched Abel go to the door. He picked up his other cane as Judas stood next to him, looking between us. It got quiet for a second.

Sliding out his hip, smirking like a fox, and cocking his head, he cooed;

"He just can't help himself."

I stared at him.

The door hissed shut.

Groaning, I fell back against the bed.

"I'm so pounding you into the floor when you get back, you little cock-tease."

But that's what I love about you.