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Title: Dancing in the Dark

Category: Books » Harry Potter

Author: RockIll

Language: English, Rating: Rated: M

Genre: General/Family



November 01, 1981

Let it be said that Virgil Orville Potter had never once hated the Potter Family Magik.

It was forever wrapped around him, a tangible cloak of pure warmth connecting him to those he loved. It had comforted him at his darkest moments and helped him when he thought no help would come.

His connection to the Magik ran deep as an Elder and Head of the Potter Family, as well as due to so many decades of familiarization and use. And, although he had never told another soul except his dearly departed brother, Charlie, he felt sometimes as if their dear mother was with him, guiding him through their Family Magik. Such was not unheard of in Olde Families like their own, but, since it bordered contemporary concepts of Grindelwald-damned Dark Arts and necromancy; it was very much taboo.

Nevertheless, the Family Magik was beginning to cut into his sleep and drive his emotions up the proverbial wall. The centuries' old Magik tugged constantly on his own, trying to get his attention like a worried familiar. It was just about as worrying and troubling as the coinciding news coming out of England of the death of his grandnephew, Lord James Hardwin Potter.

"Virgil…" His beloved Sarah began tentatively during dinner after two weeks of sleepless nights. "Why don't you make the trip to England? Your magic is calling out to you for a reason. Morgana only knows why."

Virgil barely winced at the blunt reminder of his wife's devotion to the darkest witch of the millennium. Her family, the de Coronós, had headed the legendary witch's matriarchal coven since its inception and produced a High Priestess every single generation. Virgil considered for perhaps the hundredth time his father's harsh comment on the night of his betrothal to Sarah.

"If you see no other option to spread your seed other than to lie with this rabid bitch, borne of slaves to a dead, dark enchantress, strike me at least where I stand and save me the shame of having to call her 'daughter'."

No one had been able to explain his father's unexpected and mysterious death a day later... Sarah had mourned just like any other undesired daughter-in-law. Which fooled only those she dupped with here angelic and fae-like beauty - therefore everyone, he reminded himself.

A pea suddenly bounced off of his nose. He gave Sarah a warning look but couldn't help but chuckle.

"Are you back, my love? Or should I try the potatoes?" Her face was serious, but, after half a century of marriage, Virgil could see mirth waiting to burst from the twitching of the corners of her mouth.

The magic around them surged suddenly.

They were pitched into a sudden darkness. Portraits began screaming in the Hall of Lords as the house shook slightly, and house elves began popping in and out frantically to save and repair the fallen fixtures in the still rumbling room.

"I will head to Potter Manor tomorrow." He declared aloud for Sarah's sake and in hope of pacifying the upset magic around them

Virgil sighed as the magic retracted.

He was no longer of the Head Lineage. That disputable honor now was bestowed up his brother's progeny. He, like his remaining brothers, all headed their respective Cadet lines and "brought honor" to the Family in other countries. They rarely mixed and mingled, save for isolated instances or tragic events such as installing or burying a Head of House, Charles and Charlus respectively.

To encroach upon another Cadet line was met with deep disapproval and annoyance among the Olde Families. Virgil's youth had been plagued by interhouse squabbling of other Houses. He wondered briefly if the Parkinsons, the Blacks and the Abbots ever settled their interfamily feuds. The Slytherin common room had been a battlefield at times during his time there!

The punishment for encroaching upon the will and ways of the familial Head Line, however, was generally met with financial destruction, excommunication, public shaming, magical disowning or even the death of transgressors. Not only did the Lord/Lady of the the House dole out punishment, but the House Council did as well should there be no Head of House.

Thus, Virgil went to bed that night with more than one worry regarding his promise to his wife. If he interfered, even accidentally, with what his brother's line in England deemed appropriate for their progeny and for the family at large, he would be bringing dishonor and possible ruin or punishment onto his own family in Australia.

Maybe the Family Magic is confused, he considered briefly before discarding the thought as silly.

"My love?" His wife's voice brought him suddenly out of his worrisome thoughts and to door to the master's bathroom where she stood.

His breath left his lungs rather suddenly. An upside to marrying a woman of such a powerful coven was the almost Veela-like and time-defying beauty.

"Lay with me tonight and bless the birth of our newest grandbaby, Henriette!" She clutched a slightly charred Floo-note in her hand, a sequined gown glittering around the parts of her body only he was privileged to see.

Virgil barely registered the sex magic building up around him as it had for the numerous blessing rituals he had completed with Sarah. His body responded immediately to the magic as if he were 50 years younger. His concerns about the repercussions of his future journey were driven out of his mind by unaged lust.

Moving with a vitesse unusual, Virgil launched himself at his wife and drew her into his arms, planting kisses to any uncovered skin her could find.

With her sensual giggles broken only by the soft ritual chanting of her coven only known to their coven sisters, he steered her to their bed.

When he lifted her gown and slid into her with one well practiced thrust, she threw her head back in ecstasy and cried out the one word in the entire chant that he was familiar with, "MORGANA!"

And that, father, is why dark enchantresses make great Potter Wives!