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Name: Daniella Hastroll
Gender: female
Age: 14
Godly Parent: Athena
Mortal Parent: Jacob Hastroll, a retired military officer
Powers: intelligent, and once in awhile can read your mind...takes a lot of energy though
Hair Color: blond
Hairstyle: side bangs with a slight curl at the bottom, wavy from the top to the bottom
Eye Color: gray
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Clothes: CHB shirt along with blue jean shorts and a loose belt to hold her weapon
Weapon: first choice-celestial bronze sword 'Silence' or a dagger
Battle Gear: Greek armor nothing fancy (she's lived at CHB for three years now)
Special Items: her sword can turn into a ring if you tap the small owl icon right under the blade of the sword. To expand, she pulls it off her finger and flips it in the air (kind've like Jason's sword)
Personality: stubborn, intelligent, sarcastic, kind, obedient, neat, a-go-with-the-flow kind've attitude, impulsive -unlike most Athenian campers, her mind has never been very strategic. She thinks on the run not before it
History/background: every since she was eleven, she lived at CHB as a summer camper. Before she was eleven, she lived with her father in Wisconsin, who retired and became a high school professor in war and strategy. Even when she started going to CHB, she always came back home for the school year. Right now, she would be finishing up her eighth grade year.
Friends: (this takes place 9 years after BoO) Jenica Kole, daughter of Athena; Paul Sarwer, son of Nike; Rick Topin, son of Hermes (could possibly be future boyfriend); Walter Dory, son of Athena; Penelope Maps, daughter of Demeter
Favorite Activity: drawing, playing Risk, Capture the Flag, sword fighting, and Volleyball

Being a child of Athena, I may not have all the strategic components, but I sure as Hades have the competitiveness. Currently, my main focus was volleyball. Being the captain for almost a year, I put in every ounce of training into my team as they could manage. The ball was going back and forth a million times over and I was responding perfectly every time. That is, until one of my best friends, (and secret crush), Rick walked by. He smiled and waved, and me being the stupid teenager I am waved back. But karma always works quickly for me. One of my opponents thought it would be just the perfect time to strike over the net, hitting me graciously in the head. Hard. As I hit the sand, my pride went out the window. I got hit in the head because I was distracted by my stupid emotions. Smart. I instantly smiled when Rick was looking over me.

"Are you okay?" he asked, offering his hand to help me up. I took it, and he hoisted me up a little too strongly because now, instead of being in the sand, I was in his arms. I nervously giggled, patting his chest and pushed away. I found a loose strand of hair from my ponytail and pushed it behind my ear.

"I'm- I'm great," I smiled. "Wouldn't be the first injury I've had." He laughed.

"No, I guess not," he replied. "I was going to meet Jenica, Paul, Walter, and Penelope at the arena, want to come? We can grab your armour on the way if you want."

"Yeah that'd be good, hold on a second." I turned to the team. "Great job today guys take the rest of the day off. Practice tomorrow, 8 a.m. sharp." They all left and I looked back at Rick. "Okay, let's go," I smiled.

Everyone was already sparring before we even got there. Being the dangerous teen I am, I ran in between Paul and Walter, taking them on before disarming both unsuspecting enemies. They both glared at me in shock and anger.

"So, I see you've perfected the disarming maneuver. Annabeth has been teaching you well." Walter snatched his sword back.

"It was fun training with her, but she kind of gets on my nerves. It's all 'do this' and 'do that'." I waved my hands around in exasperation.

"Aren't siblings supposed to not get along?" Penelope piped up. "I mean, me and my siblings don't always agree." she lifted a few roots from the ground and put them back.

"I guess so. We were never close in the first place, huge age difference. But me, Walter and Jenica get along just fine." I flipped my sword in between a ring and it's form.

"Define 'fine'," Jenica laughed tauntingly. I stuck my tongue out at her childishly.

"Anyways, we don't have the arena much longer let's go!" Rick shouted. I laughed.

"Paul versus me," Jenica decided. "Rick versus Daniella, and Penelope versus Walter. No powers. Fight until submission. GO!" she charged. I flipped my ring once more, facing Rick. One thing he didn't distract me from was sword fighting, which is my number one most perfected and favorite activity. He was the first to swing, and I caught his sword with mine mid-air. He smirked and charged again, failing. We sparred for what seemed like forever until the dinner bell sounded. I struck his midsection and shoulder with the hilt of my sword, and then disarmed him with one swift move, ending our match. He scoffed, holding out his hand for the returning of his weapon. I took a bow, before returning his sword and removing my helmet.

"You won," he sighed. "Again, I might add. You have to teach me the disarming maneuver. That's pretty cool." He bumped my shoulder.

"Maybe," I chuckled. I grabbed a plate and filled it with proteins. I sat with my cabin, also getting to sit next to Jenica and Walter. As usual, the conversation was mostly about buildings and weapons and blueprints. I scribbled some quick notes on a new defense plan for capture the flag and put away my dishes. My group was waiting for me right by the exit, and we went off. We ended up back at the arena, but we weren't alone. My favorite Hermes campers were there. They were as bad as some of the Ares campers were, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were claimed by him anytime soon. Sadly, they've been at Camp for more than five years, so that isn't likely.

"Hey, smarty pants!" Trevor called.

"Which one dumbo there's three?" Jenica called back.

"That one," he pointed, towards me. I gulped and stepped forward. I'm used to this. Show up at the arena at the wrong time and get challenged by kids I'd really rather not beat to a pulp, mostly from their sake.

"Sup," I called back.

"You here to fight? Let's fight," he raised his sword.

"You really don't want to do that brother," Rick called out.

"Scared I'll beat her up Ricky?" he teased. Rick's face turned a dark shade of red before he spoke back up.

"No, I know I don't have to worry about that. I just don't want you to be embarrassed in front of your minions over there," he chuckled. "Especially by a girl."

"I can take her," he said confidently. I scoffed.

"Good luck with that," Rick laughed and walked away. I kind of feel bad for Trevor. He's gonna get his butt whooped by a girl. I flipped my ring and got into a fighting stance. The match went back and forth, me tiring him out for my advantage. He's a lot taller than I am, so I need at least one upside. I realised that he leaves his left side open, and that he steps before he charges. I used one last jab at his shoulder, and then in one swift move, disarmed him and held both of our swords at his throat. He put his hands up in surrender, meanwhile I just narrowed my eyes at him. A smile danced on his lips. He was tricky, and I was going to be ready for it. He tazed me in the side with his fingers and then stole back his weapon. I hate being ticklish! I huffed. We sparred for another fifteen minutes before I used the hilt of my sword to knock him backwards. He landed pretty good on his back, apparently knocking the wind out of his body.

"I can take her," I spit. "The only place I'm going to is the winner's circle." I took off my helmet and walked away. My friends patted me on the back and we left those suckers gaping in the arena. Ah, how I loved Camp.

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