"Hey Shiroe?" Naotsugu called from the couch in the Log Horizon guild building. Near the fireplace, Shiroe didn't even glance up from where he was studying various scrolls and books borrowed from Regan.

"Hmm?" He hummed in response as he looked through one particular scroll. The others in the guild looked up from what they were doing to listen in on their conversation.

"I've been meaning to ask; there were times when I would catch a glimpse of something on your tongue, but uh, I was afraid of asking about it." Naotsugu's words immediately grabbed everyone's interest.

Shiroe finally looked up, eyes wide in surprise. He hadn't expected that of all things. He knew what Naotsugu was talking about but he didn't think anybody would notice.

"That's actually the only way to tell my race apart from humans Naotsugu. There are a few others, but they could easily be dismissed. I'm surprised you noticed." Shiroe replied.

Naotsugu looked to be considering his next words before he finally spoke, "You said your race was Half-Alv when we first met up in the game."

"Yes. Quite frankly, since Elder Tales is now reality, when I learned of its past involving Alvs and Half-Alvs, you could say I was devastated and angry."

Naotsugu perked up a bit, "Alvs? That's not a race in Elder Tales."

"No, but it used to be. I learned from Regan, the history of what happened. Since the Alvs did not have many in numbers because of their low birth rate, they were driven to the point of extinction by the Dwarves, Humans, and Elves out of petty jealousy because of their magical prowess and any survivors were enslaved and..." He hesitates on the next word, "bred... with humans. With this came the existence of Half-Alvs. The emergence of the recessive Alv genes would cause a Half-Alv to be born into a human family."

"Whoa... that's pretty deep man." Naotsugu said, honestly surprised as well as the rest of the guild members. "So the thing on your tongue?"

"The symbol of the Alvs. It's the only real way to differentiate between humans and Half-Alvs unless you check my stats. A Half-Alv will always have the Alv symbol on their tongues. And a Half-Alv always weighs between 121 to 210 pounds instead of 242." Shiroe informs, using knowledge he had acquired through his research.

"Wow. I didn't even know there was a time before all of this." Naotsugu says, mind wandering. The other guild members nearby either smile sheepishly or smirk when Shiroe glares playfully at him.

"Well it just goes to show that you won't learn anything if you don't bother researching it."

"Like pan-" Naotsugu is cut off ass Akatsuki immediately appears out of nowhere, kicking him in the face. Everyone laughs as this immediately starts up an argument between the Guardian and Assassin.