The Real Love Story of Beacon Hills

Everyone knows the story of Scott McCall and his epic loves Allison Argent and Kira Yukimura. What about Stiles? He deserves to have the love that consumes him and fills his every thought. Now, I can go on and on about what Stiles deserves or you can read the story.

Arissa Marie Valentine hates to be called by her name, by all except Stiles Stilinski. People tend to call her Val, Rissa, Ari, or Mar instead. Anyway, Arissa has lived in Beacon Hills her whole life, always in the background. Until one day she literally bumps into one Stiles Stilinski. They talked and Arissa met his best friend Scott McCall, after two months of talking all night long and spending almost every day together…. Stiles asked her out, in his normal stuttering and nervous manner. Since then Arissa and Stiles are almost inseparable, they weren't just boyfriend and girlfriend. They were best friends. Sheriff Stilinski was like a father to her, they all had family dinners almost every night when the Sheriff had time off work. Although, Arissa had a secret that she was terrified to tell. Despite her seemingly happy life, whenever she was away from Stiles, she had nowhere else to go. Her dad left when she was one and then when she turned fourteen her mother sold their house, packed her bags and drove off leaving Arissa in the driveway. That was her greatest shame, that she was abandoned, unwanted. The Stilinski's make that pain leave, they make her happy, but she feels like if they knew, then they'd see her differently. Arissa practically lives at the Stilinski house now, after all Stiles and her have been dating for a year four months two weeks and five days.

I do not own Teen Wolf or the character. Only thing I own is Arissa Valentine and the thoughts in my head. Also, I'm picturing Brittany Robertson as Arissa mostly because she and Dylan O'Brien are dating. NOTE: NOT TRUE ANYMORE BUT THEY ARE STILL CUTE SOOO I AM KEEPING HER AS THE LOOK FOR ARISSA.

Warning: This story will contain smut… however, feel free to skip over it. Just please do not disregard my story based on that… P.S. I am really bad at writing smut.

Chapter One - Wolf Moon part 1

It's late at night, the stars and moon bright in the sky giving out a glow that lights the streets and surroundings. A house has a single light on in the upstairs right corner of the house. Inside this room there is a teenage boy with shaved brown hair and wearing a white and blue flannel shirt over a shirt with The Beatles on it. His face is lit with the luminescent glow of his computer as he is hunched over it with headphones on, dark brown eyes watching the screen. He is biting his lip and furrowing his brow as if he is trying to concentrate on what he is hearing. Behind this boy is a blonde haired blue-eyed teenage girl in a red and white flannel shirt that is clearly the boys. She is lying on the bed with one tan leg crossed over the other, which lets her underwear show. Her blue eyes are locked on the boys back seemingly waiting, after a minute she smirks and decides to try and get the boy's attention.

"Stiles." the girl says. When she receives no response, she rolls her eyes and turns onto her stomach with her head towards the end of the bed. "Stiles…"

Once again receiving no reaction she gets off the bed walks over to the chair Stiles is sitting in and smirks slightly as she turns it around to face her. Stiles looks at her with a confused face and then his focus goes back to what he is listening to. He tries to turn back around but the girl won't let him, firmly gripping the chair.

Stiles groans, "Arissa."

Then she places a finger on his lips as if to tell him to be quiet and he watches as she brings her hands to the top button on the flannel shirt. Stiles watches with full attention as Arissa unbuttons his shirt that she decided to wear. Going slow and looking at Stiles with a triumphant look she continues to undo one button at a time. Then Stiles' face turned into shock and excitement as he ripped off the headphones and looked at Arissa.

"There's half a dead body in the woods! We have to go get Scott!" he shouts seemingly forgetting the show his girlfriend was giving him.

As Stiles sat up from his chair, she shoved him back. Then stepped in between his legs while putting her left leg over his right thigh to straddle it. His face was in perfect line with her breasts that were one button away from being revealed.

"The body will still be there in ten to thirty minutes." Arissa said as her hands gripped his shoulders and his arms wrapped around her waist.

"Yeah." was all Stiles could say.

Arissa then slowly unbuttoned the next button, letting her braless breast spill out of the shirt. Stiles had his left arm wrapped around her waist and his right hand was running slowly up and down her left thigh that was straddling his right thigh. He then leaned forward and placed kisses along her collarbone and slowly traced a line down to the crevice between her two breasts. She let him suck, lick, and nibble on her breasts as she slowly started to rock against him. Slowly Stiles moved both his arms around his waist and lifted Arissa as he stood. No one but Arissa knew that Stiles was actually very strong, when he had the right motivation. Her legs quickly wrapped around his waist leaving her core pressed against his manhood. Once Stiles reached his bed, he slowly laid Arissa down so that her head was on the pillows and made sure she was comfortable before he leaned back. Her legs fell from him and she left them splayed out for him to return. Which he did right after he removed his shirts from his body. Slowly and gently Stiles continued kissing down Arissa's body and unbuttoning the shirt as he reached the obstacles. Once the shirt was fully unbuttoned Stiles brushed it to the side of her body and let his and barely grace her skin from her chest down to the hem of her panties. Both were groaning already, he slowly kissed across her pelvis and hips as he slipped her panties off her toned body. Once she was completely naked Stiles leaned back once more and sighed contently.

"You are so… beautiful." he whispered, still in disbelief someone as amazing as Arissa would date someone as clumsy, erratic, and nerdy as him.

A blush covered her body at his kind words. This isn't the first time he has given her a compliment, but she can't help but blush every time he gives her one even after nearly a year and a half of dating.

They kissed each other soft and smooth as they have hundreds of times and then he took another journey down her body till he reached her core once more. Then he licked her already overflowing juices making her moan loudly. Whenever his dad is out of the house, they never try to hold back their reactions, although his dad can still hear them on a few occasions when they just can't stay quiet enough. Stiles continues to lick and suck on her clit as he slowly pushes in one finger. Then he slides a second finger into her and he starts thrusting. Arissa is thrashing her head with the overwhelming pleasure. She has told Stiles that his fingers are magic, being able to bring her levels of pleasure she never knew was possible. It wasn't long before she clenched down onto his two fingers with her warm walls and spasmed as he licked her emerging juices. When he pulled out his fingers, she quickly took his hand and licked and sucked his finger clean. They looked deep into the other's eyes and kissed, tasting her juices on both their tongues.

"Stiles." she moaned softly, voice already hoarse from screaming out his name and praising god in the best way.

Panting she flipped them over with her legs and grinded herself against the bulge in his jeans. She then kissed him and slowly moved her kisses across his jaw, down his throat, across his chest and down to where his jeans rest. She unbuckles his belt and pulls it away from his body and gently but firmly scrapes her manicured nails across the tent in his jeans.

"Oh, god. Arissa." he moaned at the feeling of her hand passing his cock. Then she slowly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his zipper down in an agonizing slowness that drives him crazy. This is how she takes her revenge for him ignoring her. Pushing his jeans down his legs, Stiles then kicks them off himself. She palms his cock through his Under Armour underwear, making his hips thrust into her. Slowly she peels his underwear away from his body and flings it across the room where a pile of clothes has gathered. Arissa sits up and removes the red flannel shirt she had been wearing and tosses it in the pile. Leaning back down she takes his cock in her hands and meets his eyes as she suckles on the head of it. He is biting his lip and groaning loudly at the feeling of her. She then kisses the tip after removing it with a loud pop from her mouth. She licks and kisses it up and down then takes it into her mouth and sucks. She sucks and licks as he thrusts his hips into her.

"YES! OH GOD!" Stiles is shouting and she can't help but pull back and smile.

She quickly moves back and takes him all the way and deepthroats him.

"I-I-I'm so close." he chokes out and she hums.

Her hum sends vibrations from her throat to his cock and he erupts deep in her throat as she swallows it all. When she pulls back, she places another kiss on his tip. There is a small dribble of his seed on the corner of her lip and he takes his thumb and brushes it off. Before he can wipe his hand, Arissa grabs it and sucks his thumb clean of his fluids. They smile and kiss each other deeper than they did. Both quickly becoming aroused again. Arissa loved Stiles' quick recharge. He flips them over, so she is below him and he kisses up her thighs to her center where he once again starts to lick her. Arissa grips his shoulders at the mind-blowing sensations he is giving her. They both have left marks on the others body multiple times. They see the marks as a sign, as a symbol, as a reminder, that they are each other and that they love each other and trust one another.

It isn't long before Stiles moves back up her body and positions his hardened cock at her entrance. Not worrying with a condom this time because she is on the pill, he thrusts into her and gives her time to adjust. Sometimes they wear condoms and sometimes they don't, they've never had any worries or problems. They love each other and want to be even closer. They are the only ones they've both been with, they like to say that they were each other's firsts, onlys, and lasts for everything. He starts to slowly thrust into her, they are both moaning, groaning, and grunting at the sensations they are feeling. After nearly a year and a half, they feel as if it gets better and more intense each time they have sex. After only a few minutes Arissa is ready to explode and she can tell Stiles is too because his face is doing the cute scrunching thing he does every time he is close that she finds attractive. Arissa leans forward and kisses him, taking the distraction she flips them over. Sinking even deeper, if that's possible onto his cock, they both let out a loud moan. He sits up and wraps his arms around her as she grips his shoulders and bounces up and down. Gyrating her hips, they are both experiencing mass pleasure that leads them to the edges of their releases. They are so close, Stiles thrusting and Arissa bouncing. They look into each other's eyes and say three little words that lead to their release.

"I love you." they say in unison and climax together.

Arissa clenches and milks Stiles spewing cock. Both hug the other as Stiles slowly leans down to the bed with Arissa lying on top of him. Bodies intertwined, hands stroking thighs, chests, arms, and heads. Slowly Stiles lifts her off him and she rolls to the side. They hold each other's hand as they turn on their sides facing each other.

"That was phenomenal." Stiles said breathless.

"It was." Arissa smiled just as breathless as her boyfriend.

They stay next to each other lying still for another five minutes before they both get up and get dressed.

"What did you find out about that body?" asked Arissa as they walked out of the house and to Stiles' jeep.

"A hiker found half a girl's body in the woods." he grinned hyperly.

"So, we are getting Scott and going to find the other half?" she asked already knowing the answer.

"Of course," he said like it was obvious, which it really was.

You don't date Stiles Stilinski without figuring out that there will be many different... adventures to go on.

She smiled at his goofy smile as he drove off to their friend's house. This will be a long night, and they have school in the morning… yay.