I can't help myself at this point, I keep writing stories even though I haven't even finished my others. Fuck it, Overwatch needs more fics. This is gonna be a three parter, just showing the life of both Hanzo and Jesse.

Paring: Hanzo Shimada/Jesse McCree

Rating: T

Overwatch belongs to Blizzard Entertainment.

"Fall back loves! The point's been compromised!"

"Genji, get back to McCree! Evacuate the area!"

"Audio medic on standby!"

"McCree! We don't have time for your macho alpha bullshit!"

"Bailing out!"

This was a typical day for the members of Overwatch. Blowin' shit up, escorting payloads across cities, and capturing points from Talon's clutches; this was Jesse McCree's career. Of course the alpha had other places he would love to be rather than here, but when duty calls he answers. Like a dumbass, his beautiful omega would tell him whenever he called.

It wasn't his fault that he got roped into missions with 76, but they were bearable. Only because he would be promised a two-week leave to spend with his omega.

"Goddammit! This wasn't how the West was won!" he yelled at the encroaching Talon agents before hightailing it. Peacekeeper was constantly being fanned and reloaded as he covered Lúcio and Genji. "It's high noon," he drawled out, his deadeye nailing the six Talon agents following him in rapid succession.

"C'mon love! 76 will take off without you!" Tracer yelled as the hatch to the carrier began to rise without him. McCree shoved Peacekeeper into his holster before taking off into a sprint. His feet pounded the pavement as the spotlights of Lijiang Tower began to focus on him. The garden he once occupied was crawling with Talon agents, pushing back the team into a hasty retreat.

He jumped onto the glass door as it raised to close itself; a few stray bullets nicking him or bouncing off his prosthetic.

"Well damn, this ain't the exit I'd hoped for."

"It's the best we got, so buckle up or not," Soldier: 76 warned as he and took their seats in the cockpit.

"Alright, alright. Ain't gotta be like that."

McCree chose to sit next to Genji as they began a shaky takeoff; the Japanese man seemed calmer than Tracer and Lúcio. His alpha pheromones couldn't take anymore adrenaline in his system, and while Lúcio was a good medic; the beta was unequipped to handle a feral alpha. Unlike him, Genji was the picture of serene; something all alphas could only dream of achieving.

Damn, alphas like him dragged McCree's name through the mud.

"Are you going to be okay?" Genji asked as the carrier sped away from the Tower. McCree nodded in response and lowered his hat over his eyes; all he needed was a nap and he'd be just peachy. Knowing his luck, he wouldn't get a nap, but relaxing was the closest thing he'd have to it. So it'll make due. Both Tracer and Lúcio were arguing about who could win in a race, while D. Va and Soldier: 76 were settling into a smoother flight.

Genji was cleaning his arms and shuriken when cursed under her breath. "Whoa there little lady, don't think you talk to your mama like that do you?" he joked at her. Normally his little jokes like that would make her laugh or something, but this time she was grim.

"My safe house has been compromised!" she said as both her and Soldier: 76 began to change their flight path.

"What?" Tracer asked.

D. Va pushed her bangs from her eyes and scowled at her phone, "My security system has been hacked, but this was before the self-destruct mechanism went off. The most recent files were copied onto an unknown wireless device, but after that the house was already in flames."

"But what does that mean for us?" Lúcio piped up from his seat.

She sucked in a breath and the intercom picked up her nervousness, "It means that 76's watch point in Dorado as been compromised along with Hanamura's agents."

God, this was a disaster D. Va's offshore site was in flames and the sensitive information she held for Overwatch was now in the hands of Talon. Apparently the day could get worse; much, much more worse. Genji was still calm as he looked over his teammates and the younger members were obviously a little frightened.

McCree's pheromones were starting to flare up again; his control over his instincts were starting to dwindle as the younger betas and the sole omega began to freak out. "Enough!" he grit out, his alpha instincts were seeping into his voice, making the air volatile. "Calm down now!" McCree roared and D. Va sunk into her seat.

Her omega body was forcing her mind to calm down, while Tracer and Lúcio made themselves look small in their seats. The rational part of his mind was telling him that he was being harsh. He didn't want to be the kind of alpha that used his instincts and influences to control the people around him, but it was doing no one any good.

Soldier: 76 was using his beta pheromones to calm her down so she could focus on the task at hand.

"Damn, I got a safe house in New Mexico. Not much as a safe house but it is protected. There are occupants there already, but they won't care if we show up. Now let's stay calm, if we get there by noon we can call for the others at Dorado to join us. Sound good?" he asked.

Lúcio nodded, "That's sounds good."

"Yeah! Great idea love!"

McCree unstrapped himself from his seat and walked a bit unsteadily towards the cockpit. He gave an apologetic glance at D. Va and gently approached both her and Soldier: 76. "Here's the coordinates. Sorry 'bout that darling, didn't mean to influence you," and gave him a smile as she let the gunslinger type in the coordinates.

God, he felt like an ass, but with his prosthetic he took off his hat and put it on D. Va's head.

"I'm gonna fall asleep, when we get past Arizona tell me so I can call ahead."

Well, there was no way that he could house at least fifteen Overwatch members; sure the five from this mission would have been easy, but the nine from Dorado was stretching it. Not to mention the nine from Dorado could eat him into bankruptcy; Roadhog and Junkrat loved to just stuff their faces. Regardless of where they were or who was eating with them.

McCree settled into the curved couch in the carrier and closed his eyes; letting the others around him do their thing. When they reached a stable altitude and speed both Tracer and Lúcio played around with the basketball court (if you could call it a court). It took a shit ton of trust to let them fuck around with multiple basketballs, because he remembered when they accidentally hit Symmetra with one. God, it was memorable to see them get their asses chewed out by the normally docile omega.

Hell who was he kidding, Symmetra could make any alpha or beta shit themselves if she was pissed off enough.

He wasn't sure how long he was asleep but when he opened his eyes D. Va was above him. His hat was still on her head and she held out on of their phones, "Just past Arizona. So here."

"Thanks darlin'," McCree groaned as he accepted the phone.

Not bothering to sit up he tapped in the numbers before holding the phone to his ear. The beeps soothed him as he waited for someone to pick up; he wondered just briefly who was going to pick up. It was half past four according to the clock on the phone, and he perked up when a deep voice answered with a "Hello?"

"Hey darlin'. I got a situation."

From the corner of his eyes he could see Tracer inch closer to hear what he was saying; hell even Genji was curious. "What is it?" and McCree smiled sheepishly, even though his omega couldn't see him.

"Well, me 'n the others don't have a safe place in Asia or good ole Mexico. So I guess I'm comin' home," and he nearly cringed at the silence on the other end. "Darlin'?" he asked.

"Fine, you hungry? How long will it be before you get here?"

"About two hours, thanks darlin'. Ey! You fucks hungry!?" and after a moment spent to confirm that they were indeed hungry he sighed. "Yeah, we're hungry. Expect six today, and nine more later this week," and he could feel the frustration on the other end.

"Okay, I'm not even going to ask. See you soon, Jesse."

"You too babe, bye."

He tossed the phone onto the table and called out to the rest, "We got a nice place to stay! And some nice ass food too!" While the others cheered (well Soldier: 76 just nodded in agreement), Genji was stuck in thought. That voice was too familiar for him; it was one that haunted him at night.

Did he-?

No it couldn't have been; there was no way that he could have been able to get away. They wouldn't have let him escape; there was no way he could have escaped.






"Why do we have to leave the carrier? Can't we bring it to your safe house?"

"Ain't a safe house if there's a giant ass carrier in the backyard."

"Then how are going to get to your safe house?"

"Easy Lúcio, I'll drive there."

Solider: 76 was unimpressed to see McCree hijack a car, put Lúcio in the trunk (with his permission), and speed down Route 66 at a rate that was illegal. A lit cigar hung from his lips as he took on off ramp to drive along a highway. McCree looked peaceful as he drove even letting D. Va choose the shittiest station to listen to pop music.

In the rear view mirror he could see Tracer lean on D. Va as Genji looked out the window.

This was sort of nice for McCree; his alpha instincts were vibrating in happiness as he pulled onto some old county road. "Is that your safe house love?" Tracer asked him. Her eyes were wide as she took in the beautiful ranch house in front of her; it was a traditional house. White washed paint on the fence and house; shutters were lovingly painted a soft green, standing out against the magnificent wrap around porch. It was two stories with chimneys on both sides of the house.

It was beautiful and now they could see why McCree was so eager to get back.

"Yeah, grew up there. Gorgeous ain't it?" pride was visibly rolling off him in waves. He drove down a long dirt driveway and parked underneath a large tree; popping the trunk to let Lúcio out. The audio medic stretched his limbs and let his rollerblades touch the ground, his expression was much like Tracer's. He looked like a kid in a candy shop.

"Damn dude," Lúcio whispered out.

McCree shut the engine off and stepped out; shoving his hat on as the harsh New Mexico sun beat down on them. He let the others get their equipment (minus D. Va's Mecha) as he walked up to the door. Before he got there is was thrown open and he was faced with an arrow to the face, "Now darlin', do you really want to hurt this pretty face?"


The gunslinger turned slightly to see Genji with his wakizashi out, ready to deflect the arrows if needed. "Whoa there, easy. What the fuck is going on?" McCree asked as he looked at both his omega and Genji.

"You- you aren't real!" and the entire team could smell the anxiety and fear rolling off the omega.

"Calm down hon," McCree said as he put his hands up in the air. Trying to calm down the Japanese man, enough so he could safely get the bow and arrow from him.

As the alpha tried to calm down Hanzo, the Overwatch members were taking in the omega sharpshooter. His face was strong and his brown eyes were wide in fear; the brown greying hair was pulled into a short ponytail at the back of his head. His facial hair was cleaner looking than McCree's. A more traditional Japanese kimono was fit snug on his torso; over a large bump. His legs were covered in what seemed to be metallic coverings.

This man looked both dangerous and fragile at the same time.

And he was aiming past McCree, towards Genji.

"You're dead!"

"I assure you brother, I'm not."

Hanzo flinched when he felt McCree's cold and warm hand touch his arm and lowered it; the drawn bow now aimed at the porch and not Genji. McCree could hear the patter of tiny feet from inside the house and he groaned. "Goddammit," he mumbled before he stumbled slightly. Attached to his leg was a little girl with long brown hair.

"Daddy! Daddy you're back!"

"Hey sugar!" McCree smiled at her as he picked her up and settled her on his hip, "How's my favorite Yvonne?" With his real hand he motioned for the others to come on in before guiding Hanzo back into the house. Yvonne was talking at a fast pace as she tried to fill her father in on all that had happened, her doe eyes taking in her father as she did.

"-But you've been gone so long! Didja get me a present? Tou-san says that you bring presents to good girls like me! Oh, oh! Tou-san brought me to see the baby! She's silly because she let Tou-san eat her! And-" and she was cut off with a finger to her lips.

"Okay sugar, you can tell me all 'bout it at bed time. For now do you wanna show our guests the ponies?" and her face lit up. Yvonne kicked her legs to be put down and she ran over to the forgotten members. She shyly grabbed a hold of Lúcio's and D. Va's hands before tugging them all to the barn outside. The only person that didn't follow her was Genji.

He was too busy looking at his brother to follow his... niece. The bow and arrow that Hanzo had held was softly take away by McCree and set on the coffee table in the spacious living area. The gunslinger was able to get the pregnant omega to sit on the couch next to him as Genji sat awkwardly on the adjacent loveseat.

"Now, let's just talk this out. Genji, mind startin' out?" McCree asked the ninja. Genji reached up and took his faceplate off and set it next to Hanzo's bow and arrow. His sword and wakizashi was the next to go; even going as far to set his shuriken on the table as well. His own brown eyes showed the rare submission of an alpha to an omega, before he looked to Hanzo for permission to speak.

When he got a shaky nod from his older brother he began, "Nii-sama - Hanzo. I never thought that you would have gotten out."

"And I never thought you to be alive Genji."

Genji nodded in agreement, "I've changed brother. As have you, it is ... nice to see that you are allowed to embrace your biology. And that you have found a mate that you wanted." He meant it; he truly did, when he had first presented as an omega it had been the worst day of his brother's life. Everything that he had been born for was torn from under Hanzo and thrust onto him instead.

It led a young Hanzo to grow desperate over the years, never disobeying and always willing to prove himself to his father and clan elders. The ex-heir willing to do whatever it took to be the heir again, and the alphas in the clan took advantage of him. Perhaps the cruelest thing that happened to Hanzo was nearly being forced to bond with a clan heir from Tokyo. Over time they twisted Hanzo and then the day came that they made him kill Genji, or try to at least.

When Genji escaped his death, he never thought that Hanzo might have been able to do the same. However whereas Genji went to Zenyatta, Hanzo left Asia completely.

"Yes, but- how? I-I had -"

"You thought I died," he intervened.

Hanzo took a deep breath and stood up, completely ignoring McCree's attempts to get him to sit down. "I-I need a bit of time. Show him around or let Yvonne do it," he said before taking off to the large kitchen area. The smell of cooked food wafted throughout the entire house as Hanzo jumped back to the stove, trying to immerse himself in his element.

McCree could only sigh and take off his hat, across from him Genji had settled his faceplate back into place. "Damn Genji, I didn't even know," he said to the cyborg.

"I never expected you to," he said as he stood, "I'll... I'll go find the others."

The cozy home he remade with Hanzo was feeling stifled and filled with his omega's confusion and anxiety; nearly chocking McCree. He was glad that Yvonne was outside showing the others around; he knew how she felt when Hanzo got like this. Last time Hanzo was this riled up, he had stumbled into the house dripping blood and concussed.

McCree got up from the couch decided to head up the stairs to his and Hanzo's room; he was more than ready for to remove his chestplate and get a warm shower. The railing was chipped and well loved as he traced his fingers on the wood. God, he had been hoping that Hanzo would be amicable to his teammates, but he never took in the possibility that Genji was related to Hanzo.

Hell, the only thing he knew about Genji was that he trained with Zenyatta.

Their room was on the end of the hallway; the largest bedroom and was right next to Yvonne's room and the game room. Instead of the soft western styles that his parents had back in the day; it was a traditional Japanese bedroom. It was just how Hanzo liked it and McCree had never been much for personalizing his rooms.

Besides the futon was actually pretty damn comfortable.

He threw open his closet and picked some of the first clothes he saw; with a kick to shut the door he headed to the adjacent bathroom.

"Well, it can't get worse can it?" he asked to himself.

It can.


Holy shit, McCree had never sat through such an awkward dinner. His small daughter was talking like normal, and consequentially arguing with D. Va about who could be better at playing games. Everyone else was a different matter; Tracer was moving her food around on her plate before picking at it. Lúcio was not much better but still dug into his food out of respect.

Dear god, Soldier: 76 took off the mouthpiece and ate like he normally would, not talking to a single person. Genji, well fuck; Genji was just sitting in his seat patiently. McCree couldn't even figure out if he was staring right at Hanzo or his mate's belly or what. His own plate had been filled twice, and the entire meal he could feel the overbearing silence.

If it got this bad when the members from Dorado got here; then he was shipping all their asses to Numbani or King's Row.

When he could see both Lúcio and Soldier: 76 physically struggle with taking another bite of food (and Yvonne sleeping under the table); McCree stood up and collected his plate and Yvonne's. "I'll clean up here, then drag her to bed," he told Hanzo. The others stood up to put their dishes in the sink, and Hanzo followed suit.

Any other time dinner would have been a nice occurrence, but Hanzo had never been that comfortable with strangers in the house. Even though his brother was not a stranger technically, but he might has well have been. As a whole, he knew of Overwatch and that the chances of seeing an actual member was slim to none.

Against the odds he married a fucking member. Hell, he even had a child with an Overwatch member.

One of the younger members gave McCree their plate, "Umm. Hey McCree, where can we get some sleep love?" The alpha nodded and gestured behind him, where he knew Hanzo was.

"Yeah, mind showing Tracer to a room? D. Va you want a normal room, or a safe room?"

"Safe room please."

The two women were a little happy to have Hanzo show them around the house; instead of being a mess like earlier, he held himself like a proud alpha would. A small wave of relief entered D. Va when the first room they got to was a nice haven for omegas. The room was lit up like a beacon and the supplies that any omega might need were in their. All in their packages and left in a basket near the bed.

"It has more locks on the door than any other room, I hope it is to your liking."

"Thanks! Smiley face!"

Hanzo merely smiled and closed the door, letting D. Va get cleaned up in peace. In the room next to hers he settled Tracer into it, the matte colored walls were comforting to her. The dull blue was a nice contrast to the bright blue of her chronal accelerator. "This room is perfect love! Cheers!" she called out to the omega behind her.

"Do you mind if I was able to have your real name?"

"Sure, any reason why love?"

"You are a guest, not some vigilante. I will give you the respect you deserve," Hanzo explained.

Tracer looked shocked for a moment before letting out a bright smile, "I'm Beta Lena Oxton! D. Va is Omega Hana Song, Lúcio is Beta Lúcio Correia dos Santos. Beta 76 likes to be called 76, and you already know Genji. Nice to meet you Omega McCree" It was an English formality that Lena kept since before the Slipstream; a tradition that had been kept alive since before Lena was born. One that Lena respected.

It gave respect where it was deserved and in turn that same respect was reciprocated.

"Omega Hanzo McCree, formerly Shimada. If you need anything then please ask."

Lena watched Hanzo go, her brown eyes caught the tattoo under his sleeve and she thought it was badass. That was without her knowing that it could get even better than that.

The Japanese omega could faintly hear the two women pittering around their rooms before having a mad dash to the bathrooms. He smiled to himself at the formal introduction he had gotten from the Brit. It was something he had rarely received in both America and Japan, but he had learned to cope with the modern ways of how people were. As opposed to his traditional upbringing.

He hissed for a moment when he felt a sharp kick to his bladder, his second child was being even more of a hellion than Yvonne was. Just like her father was, but she only calmed down for Jesse's comforting presence. Today was an emotional rollercoaster that sent his hormones into a rampage and this must of upset the unborn pup.

"Calm Saki, calm," he whispered to his stomach.

Hanzo could only do so much to calm the pup down but she was energetic; he sighed then went to escort the others to their rooms. The white haired man volunteered to bunker down with Lúcio in anticipation for the others from Dorado. Genji liked to be on the couch more than taking on of the other rooms for himself.

Even when his brother offered to pull a cot from the attic down, Genji refused. Preferring to stay in the living room because he didn't even sleep as much as he did when he was a child.

"But Daddy! I don't wanna sleep!"

"C'mon darlin, they'll still be here in the mornin'. Don't make me get Tou-san, because he can't tell the stories you like."

"Tou-san heard that!" Hanzo called out as he went to Yvonne's room. The purple bedroom looked serene or it would have if Yvonne wasn't running around trying to stay awake. Her little bed was pushed up against the wall and she had strewn her clothes and toys around carelessly.

She was in her favorite pajamas, ones that Hanzo absolutely hated; the cowgirl pajamas were bought by Jesse and the young girl loved them immediately. Her face snapped to him when he came into the room. "Tou-san! Can I feel the baby?" she asked, her brown eyes wide with hope. Despite his dislike to be touched, Hanzo smiled at Yvonne and gave her a nod.

Her tiny hands touched his bump and although she was disappointed that the baby didn't kick at her hand Yvonne was happy.

"Its time to go to bed Yvonne, the pup will be there tomorrow," Jesse told her.

"But Daddy! I-"

"No buts or you won't get the gift I got in China for you."

Yvonne glared at him but crawled under her pink bed covers; letting her fathers tuck her in and settle down for a story. The growing family never once noticed the still figure outside Yvonne's door. The green biolights powered down as Genji slipped by the room; the vents in his shoulders letting out steam as he went to the couch.

Just like Zenyatta taught him, Genji cleared his mind and allowed all the positive energy into him.

His brother was alive and happy; that was all that mattered to him. True peace washed over Genji as he meditated, readying himself for the chaos that was sure to come.

Pharah, Roadhog, Junkrat, Mercy, Widowmaker, Zarya, Symmetra, Mei, and Ana in one house along with Tracer, Lúcio, Soldier: 76, D. Va, and himself would not bode well for the small family.

Though they would only find out when the time came.

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