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Paring: Jesse McCree/Hanzo Shimada

Rating: T

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Waking up in the morning was the hardest thing for Jesse McCree to do, it was hard for him to wake up and not claw at his prosthetic. The itch from so many years ago, from when he had both arms, was something his body remembered even when he didn't. He could still feel the twitch that came from waking up, the fell of his real fingers and his metal ones.

Normally he would sleep in later to try and ignore the feeling but it never really worked.

Today, however, he woke up before Hanzo and took the time to appreciate how beautiful his mate looked. Jesse ignored the itch in his hand in order to place his hand on Hanzo's stomach. His little pup gave a lazy roll under his touch before settling again, nestled safely her father and listening to his heartbeat. "Mornin' pup," he whispered.

And then became the problem, he had to wiggled out of Hanzo's embrace without waking him up. Easier said then done obviously, seeing as his real arm was trapped under the crook of Hanzo's neck. Jesse carefully lifted the omega's head off the pillow and gently slid out from under him; freezing when Hanzo shifted a bit and flipped onto his side. His mate shoved his head into Jesse's collar bone and scented him sleepily, his eyes opening a bit before closing.

Christ on a bike! Jesse forced himself to stay still as Hanzo's breathing evened out again letting Jesse know he fell asleep. It took a bit of time and skill for the alpha to switch himself with a pillow next to their bedding. Though he managed to do it, barely since he could hear Hanzo shift around again as he grabbed his phone and left the room.

As soon as he climbed down the stairs, Jesse was greeted by the sight of Genji passed out in the middle of a hallway. Or he looked like he was passed out, the younger alpha's green visor told him fuck all about his expression. So when Jesse walked over him, it was no surprise to the gunslinger for him to hear the soft patter of Genji's cybernetic feet.

"Mornin' partner, you gonna be helping me make these shits a good b 'n e?" he asked as he powered up his ancient Mr. Coffee machine.

"Another of your American terms?"

"Naw, more like my own term, poor Hanzo thought I wanted to break into someone's house."

Genji sighed, "Understandable of him."

The cyborg was quickly put on bacon duty while Jesse was scrambling eggs, "Good thing you ain't got no fear of fryin' bacon. That shit stings when it pops." Of course the dead eye gunslinger was scared shitless of the grease pops that came with making some damn good bacon. But then again, when he was a small pup with Hanzo, both of them had the same fear when watching their 'Okaa-chan' make special breakfasts for their birthdays.

He was easily attracting the others to the kitchen or from their slumbers.

"Good morning 76," Genji greeted when the beta vigilante walked in looking for coffee. He got a muffled grunt in return and forced himself passed Junkrat on the way to the living room.

"Cheers mate!" he called out before making his way to the coffee as well. Only to stop and think about his actions for once, and then slumped in defeat.

It was actually a little depressing to see the sudden transition from happy to 'fuck me', Jesse dumped a huge pile of scrambled eggs onto a plate before sliding it over to the omega. "I ain't sure if you wanna drink that sludge, but Hanzo's got these tea thingies that are better for him than coffee. Want me to make you some?" Jesse got an excited nod.

Well, shit; it was actually kind of hilarious to watch Junkrat growl at Mercy when she walked in for some food. He knew omegas could get uppity about their food sometimes. Especially Hanzo, good lord Hanzo could get even more protective of his food then any alpha McCree had ever known. The small tea kettle that Hanzo bought was quickly filled with water and being placed on the hot eye of the stove. Under Junkrat's watchful eyes Jesse prepared the tea with a swiftness that Genji wished he had when he was younger.

Of course when one satisfied omega left, another would walk in.

Pharah was a far cry from the little Fareeha that he had known in his days at Blackwatch. Her body was something many females (and males) were jealous of when she finally started to take up her mantle. Of course any Amari was someone to be feared in Overwatch, but now with an attentive alpha to care for her needs Pharah was a legend in her own right.

Also, her alpha happened to be a doctor and was able to help her keep a strict regiment of diets and supplements. Still though, Mercy did nothing without Pharah's permission, not wanting to stress out the younger woman. And Pharah was in the prime of her life, so she had all the time in the world for her life to change.

"Food now," she grunted out and motioned for a heaping plate of bacon and eggs.

"Got it lil' lady," Jesse winked at her before passing her two plates of food, "Bring one to Mercy will ya. Poor thing got ran out the kitchen." She rubbed at her eyes a bit before swiping the plates from him, and he quickly backed away from her.

Just as Pharah made her way out of the kitchen, he was horrified to see that another replaced her quickly as both Ana and Hanzo walked in. Well Hanzo stumbled in with Yvonne holding onto his hand. "Daddy, the pretty blue lady left already!" and Jesse couldn't help it and let out a sigh of relief. Only to be smacked in the right arm by Ana as she pushed passed him to get to the coffee machine.


"Get cooking, ugly looking," the mother grinned at him as she passed her hand over her sleep dart gun and he paled. The effort on Jesse's part increased as he cranked out eggs, and turned in order to get Hanzo a cup of tea. Yvonne ran over to the fridge and tore it open, hitting Genji with the door before pulling out a juice pouch. She ran out of the room before Hanzo could take her pouch and replace it with milk.

In fact the Japanese omega didn't have the energy to go and get her, instead he sat himself at the breakfast bar with the cup resting in his hands. The poor man was resting his head against the smooth granite, and glared every time someone got near him. "Here ya go darlin'. Lil' pup ain't causing you trouble is she?" he asked his mate.

Only for Hanzo to turn that piercing glare to him, "She is your child, what do you think?"

"I think she'd be a sweet lil' pea like her Daddy, but with the beauty of her Tou-san."

"Be lucky that you are my mate, else I'd have another's blood on my hands."

"Love you."

Genji snickered silently when Hanzo flicked off Jesse, but still the omega took the plate offered to him. Next to Hanzo, his little niece, Yvonne had jumped up next to her Omega father and started to pick off the food she wanted from his plate. Reminding Genji of what he and Hanzo had done to their own mother when they were just pups. Neither presented yet and both living in the beautiful ignorance of childhood.

The cyborg took a smaller plate with little cartoon princesses on it and put some bacon next to the small mound of eggs, "It is not nice to steal from your Tou-san when he is already having his food stolen."

"But it tastes better from Tou-san's plate," Yvonne whined when she took her own plate.

"Ahh, but how would you feel if Tou-san took your food?"

"But he wouldn't!"

"And why is that?" Genji asked with a smile under his visor.

"Because Tou-san can just make Daddy make him food," she said in all seriousness.

Jesse laughed with Genji as he moved forward with a tiny pink cup filled with milk for Yvonne, and looked away from her cute ass eyes. "Drink up sweetheart, because all your new friends are leaving today. And you need all the energy to say bye to them" the alpha commented as the rest of his company shuffled in a huge line to get food.

Each person was a challenge since Soldier: 76 took an entire bottle of ketchup on his way out, and Symmetra demanding her food to be separated into sections by color and size in both eggs and bacon. The others didn't really mind about how they got their food, but there was a lot of bitching about how much food they got. Both Zarya and Roadhog were adamant about the portions they received.

Zarya for her dietary restrictions put in place by Mercy and Roadhog because he was securing food for both him and Junkrat.

By the time both Jesse and Genji finished in the kitchen, the two alphas were splayed out on the ground, tired and just enjoying the cool ground. Opposed to the hot stove the two had been slaving over. Where Genji had vents in his torso and shoulders to help the heat disperse, Jesse could only pray that Hanzo would take mercy on him and pour some cold water on him or something.

He kind of got his wish when Yvonne spilled her milk on him while she toddled over to the sink with her dirty dishes.

"Daddy! Get out of the floor!"

Jesse loved his life.


The rest of the Overwatch members that were already prepared to leave were making a fucking mess of his front lawn. Some like Roadhog and Junkrat had already peeled out, leaving deep ruts in the fucking dead ass ground. For some like Mercy and Genji, they were waiting for the Europe bound heroes that decided to take their sweet fucking time.

D. Va rolled up with her jumpsuit on waiting for the King's Row team, while Soldier: 76 took the car that Jesse hot wired the other day to Dorado. Ready to clear out their old base and start a new one in the city. Though it was unanimously decided that Jesse would be staying behind for a couple weeks of down time, and when Hanzo's due date came closer then it would be a couple months without the alpha sharpshooter.

This was welcome to Hanzo seeing as the last birth he went through was one without his mate, and even worse; when Jesse did come back he bought a fucking Happy Meal for Yvonne. Knowing damn well that Hanzo hated the famed 'restaurant' chain, and to top it all of the first photo ever taken of Yvonne was with that damned cancer in it.

Of course, it was her favorite picture of her and her two fathers.

"Yvonne, don't touch those!" Hanzo yelled when he saw her mess around with some of the shuriken that Genji left out. He quickly walked over to her and plucked the sharp object from her hands. "You're not thirteen yet, I promised to train you then. Not now," and he flinched when her wide eyes met his. Nope, he pocketed the projectiles and reached out his right hand with a raised eyebrow.

"B-but Tou-san!"


She pouted when she pulled the sleep darts from her little pant's pockets, and from her seat on a car Ana was laughing at him. God, he was getting to old for this shit; Hanzo was nearing forties with Jesse and the two were having trouble keeping up with the little spitfire. They didn't need anything else to watch over now, and Hanzo learned that in the presence of heroes he had to hide their weapons.

He shivered when he thought of when Yvonne first found his arrows and nearly jammed them into an electrical socket. Or when she found Peacekeeper out of its holster, when that happened both parents decided that maybe...maybe they needed to hide their weapons in the attic or something.

"Anything else?"

"No Tou-san," and by her defeated voice he believed her. Only for her to turn around and wave the small biotic grenade at Ana, and Hanzo couldn't run after her. But with a whistle to Genji, her cyborg uncle was able to swiftly take it from her. He was able to throw her up into the air, letting her drop the biotic so he could catch it with his left hand and tuck her under his right arm.

The youngest McCree laughed when she was put down on her feet, and hugged at Genji's legs. Only to poke a vent in confusion when it released a burst of hot air.

Hanzo watched as his daughter fawned over the 'coolness' of her uncle's ventilation, shuddering to think that one day he would have to explain to her how he got the way he was in the first place. That her Tou-san nearly killed his own brother for power; power promised to him under the guise of those that were supposed to guide him.

When he had his daughter he had hoped beyond hope that she would never see what he had done, that he would always be the person she ran to when she fell down. Hanzo hoped that she would never find that his life before meeting Jesse was one of killing and destroying.

"Are you ready Symmetra? Finally!" and Genji gave Yvonne one last goodbye as Mercy and Symmetra started up their car. L Ășcio sitting in the passenger seat messing with the radio with Mei and Zarya sitting in the back. The remaining people squeezed their way into the car, including Ana in the trunk (because LĂșcio was not going through that again).

"Thanks McCree!" Mei cried out to the alpha leaning against the house.

He gave her a lazy salute as the rest of the team slammed the car doors (or trunk), Yvonne ran after them waving erratically as the car produced dust clouds on the way down the driveway. When they were out of sight Yvonne was more than happy to run back inside to go play with her games while her parents stayed outside for a bit.

Both were sitting on the porch, basking in the silence as the TV played the loud cartoons Yvonne loved to listen to as she played with her dolls. They were more than happy to find solace with one another, and their small family that kept growing. For someone used to the relative peace and quiet that Santa Fe provided, Hanzo had flourished greatly under the weight that was the Overwatch team.

To him, it was as if he finally found the family he had wished for since his mother died.

For Jesse it was the family he never had.

McCree had once been a feared name in Santa Fe, and it had become synonymous with Jesse. His parents were disappointed in the way their son turned out and ultimately died before he was picked up by Blackwatch. From there Overwatch and Blackwatch became his family, they were the people that he hung around and drank with. Eventually they became the people that he would never forget.

So when the Petras Act split up Overwatch, it split up his family and Jesse found himself all alone.

This was his family, both Hanzo and Yvonne as well as Overwatch.

"I'm glad it all worked out in the end," he commented as Hanzo hummed in agreement.

"It did, it has been a while since I've had people like that ... surround me. I can't say I hated it," Hanzo murmured.

Jesse's wandering hand found its way into the folds on Hanzo's shirt, just resting above the space where his pup lay. "Yeah, they're a different bunch darlin', but damned if they ain't family," he commented, "They've been like that for 'long as I 'member. Bunch o' assholes, but better than any blood family at times."

A smile was shared between the two as the day weened on, both lounging about in relaxation. Yvonne sleeping on the floor in front of them while they both talked about the simple things they had to deal with like their bills, or preparation for Saki. Jesse let the contented feelings slip into his scent and it smelt like home Hanzo, his own scent responded in kind.

Both were lulled to sleep by how comforting the room smelled and neither could deny later how much they appreciated this. Their rather different lives coming together in order to produce such an environment was wondrous.

Forgotten on the dining room table was a short letter, just one letter that Jesse wouldn't be able to read. Hidden under a fucking Mediacom bill and the utilities bill was straight and elegant kanji, addressed to Hanzo.

Dear Brother,

I may be reinstating what I said to you earlier, but nonetheless I will say it again. I truly am glad that you managed to find purpose and a family in this world, away from the remains of the Shimada clan. Your children will always be cherished by myself and the team, since I shall not have any. Well any that I know of.

I understand that you will not forget what happened between us, and I haven't either. Though I have long since forgiven you it is clear to see that you haven't forgiven yourself.

What I ask is that you remember that I am your brother, and that family is never defined by blood. If need be then there will always be a home for you here, in Overwatch. You will not be alone again in this world Hanzo. That I promise.

Take care of yourself and your family,


Stapled to the letter was one of the few pictures that the two had with their mother in it. All of them smiling and laughing with one another as Genji pushed his older brother into the koi pond. And in some way, Jesse was right about Overwatch being their family.

They were all fucked up, but who wasn't?

Yeah, Hanzo was proud to say (even though he wouldn't say it Jesse's face) that he was proud to be a part of McCree's family.

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