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Time had been kind to both Meister and weapon. Well more to Soul really. He had stretched up and up and up until he was nearly 6'4, an impressive height. His training and battles had done him justice, rewarding Soul with toned lean muscles. Paired with his messy white hair and signature grin, it was no wonder the girls couldn't stay away from him.

But not much had changed for Maka. She hadn't grown much, up or out, remaining hopelessly and embarrassingly flat chested, a never-ending source of teasing and cruel jabs from Black Star. And while she stayed incredibly physically fit she didn't have much to show for it, just a slim, narrow waist and a pair of killer legs.

But it wasn't like Soul ever noticed those things.

When they were kids, Soul had always commented on how disgusting it was of Maka's father to be so unfaithful, to bounce around from one woman to the next without ever considering the repercussions of his actions. It had made Maka trust him, little by little. Soul knew she had trust issues with men, who could blame her, after witnessing the cataclysmic end of her parent's marriage and her father's ramped infidelity. But as they got older girls began to pay more and more attention to Soul and he found that he liked his newfound popularity. He had any choice of girl, and they were all too happy to be the object of his attention, even if it was just for a short period of time.

Maka on the other hand, found her self shoved to the side. She still had her close group of friends, Kid, Liz and Patty, Tsubaki and Black Star (even if he was a complete asshole 90% of the time). And Soul. She always had Soul. Even as he became more distant as his interest in women grew, he was still always there for her. He always made time for Friday movie nights with her and made a solid attempt to be around to cook dinner when it was his turn.

But it didn't feel the same.

Soul was gone more often than not, leaving Maka to her books and endless hours of studying. Even the others noticed how recused and withdrawn the Meister was becoming with out her best friend. Tsubaki and Liz knew there was more to Maka's feelings than just friendship and a close bond. And all of them had an impression that Soul thought of his partner than just as his Miester.

"You don't get a choice in this Maka, we're going out and so are you!" Tsubaki and Liz were practically holding the Meister back from bolting out the door.

"Please, I have a test to study for!" Liz rolled her eyes, pushing the desperate girl back on her bed.

"That test isn't for another two weeks, you'll be fine." Patty giggled manically as the two other girls attacked Maka with a flat iron and an incredible amount of make-up, her cries of protests drowned out by the 'oohs' and 'aahs' the other girls made as Maka's transformation proceeded.

Darkest Night was the trendiest nightclub in Death City, gaining lots of attention from the young crowd. Often times it was impossible to get in, but Soul had some well-placed connections and managed to get the whole gang in for the night. Plus a few extra girls who had asked nicely…

"Where are they?" Kid grumbled, looking down at his designer watch frustrated. "They know I hate it when people are late, especially Liz and Patty." He crossed his arms and scowled across the room from their VIP booth.


One of the girls nestled under Soul's arms giggled into his shoulder, already a little drunk, tracing tiny circles across his broad chest.

"That one's a bit uptight, isn't he," She whispered in Soul's ear, her hot breath tickling him. Soul smirked.

"That's one way to describe Kid, that's for sure." Soul let his hand wander down her tanned arm, itching gently at her waist. These girls were all the same.

"Give it up Kid," Black Star said, knocking back another shot. "Tsubaki said they were bringing Maka with them tonight," Soul froze, momentarily forgetting about the girl. Maka was coming?!

"It'll be a damn chore to get her out here, there's no way Maka's coming willingly-hey waiter, bring me another!- plus they said something about dressing her up, HA, can you imagine flat chested Maka getting all dolled up? I sure as hell can't," And to be completely honest, neither could Soul, not that he didn't want to. Maka was just notorious for sticking to her regular cloths, not branching out past her usual skirt and blouse layered with her sweater vest and signature gloves. Of course at home she wore more everyday, street cloths but it was never anything Soul thought twice about, or at least, he tried not to. Maybe that was one of the many reasons he kept a revolving door of girls coming through his life.

"Speaking of," Kid waved a hand, catching the attention of Liz who began pulling along an entourage of girls. "here they are now." Soul reached for his drink, taking a long swig and trying to enjoy the burning sensation as it passed down his throat. It wasn't fun drinking without Maka; they always made up some sort of dumb game, keeping things interesting and everyone in stitches. These girls weren't interested in playing goofy drinking games. They were only there for-

"Holy shit Maka, is that really you?"

Soul nearly spat out his drink. There was no way the smoky, seductress of a women standing in front of him was his Meister. Her hair was down, straightened flat as a board and shiny. A short club dress covered in sequins glittered and hugged her body, stopping just short of mid-thigh, making it dangerously short. Big greens eyes were rimmed with dark black liner and enhanced with gold eye shadow. Black heels stretched her long legs up to be so sexy that it could probably be considered illegal somewhere. The only thing that convinced Soul that this girl was his Meister was the shy, painfully uncomfortable look on her face. Good God, it really was Maka!

"Ladies! Glad you could finally join us!" Black Star hopped over the table, swinging a friendly arm around Tsubaki and Patty, guiding them over closer to their table.

"Sit! Order a drink! Lets get drunk and dance!" The young ninja cheered as his Weapon only grinned and rolled her eyes, discreetly sliding away his whisky sour and downing the rest of it for her self. He really didn't need anymore to drink.

"Hey Soul," Maka greeted, sliding in between Kid and Liz, flashing weak smiles at his female companions. "You brought friends," As usual. "Don't be rude, introduce me."

Even if Soul didn't have a moderate buzz going he was fairly certain he wouldn't be able to even come close to guessing his companion's names. Where did he even meet them again?

That's right, outside the liquor store. Maka felt his fuzzy confusion through their wavelength and sighed. Another two nameless faces to add to the list.

"I'm Maka," she stretched out her hand with a smile, her pink lip-gloss making her lips look enticing. "I'm Soul's Meister. Are you guys from the DWMA?"

Neither girl took Maka's offered hand, looking at her down their straight, sculpted noses. The bleach blond shook her head, while the one with the honey-colored dye job and the dip-dyed ends nodded, an uncomfortable smile plastered on her face.

"Yeah, I go to the DWMA. I'm a Meister too." Her smile morphed into a cruel smirk and Maka could feel her planning something nasty. "I'm actually in between weapon partners right now. It's so hard to find a compatible partner." She ran her fingers through Soul's snowy hair and nuzzled into his side, planting a light kiss against his neck, making Maka's heart and stomach twist. Soul was too far gone to feel anything more than a faint twinge of wrongness which he uneasily passed off as too much to drink.

Tsubaki witnessed the incredible show of unpleasantness, knowing that it hurt Maka more than she let on. Jumping to her feet (and swaying a little, was that her second or third…? Three and a half drinks that sounded right.) she grabbed Maka in one hand and Patty in the other, yelling at Liz over the thumping bass,

"Let's go dance!"

Reluctantly Maka let her girlfriends pull her onto the floor and slowly let her self get swept away by the thrumming music and the carefree way she moved her body. For a little while it washed away the ache in her heart, but it returned in full force when they returned to her table and saw that Soul had left with the other Meister.