Yep, it might disappoint you, but I'm discontinuing this story. After having reread the whole series I wrote over the past one year, I decided to cancel this. Reviewing all the shit I've done, realizing how many plot holes, errors or fuck-ups I've done is very… eye-opening, for a lack of a better word.

I felt I could've done better, much better, but I didn't. All of the potential things I could've used, I didn't.

So, I'm going to be sadly discontinuing The Five Mercenaries, and covering it with an old rag.

But wait! There's more!

I made a shitton of mistakes, that I understand. So, I am going to rewrite the fuck outta this series! That's right, I'm starting over, and going back to the very beginning, and not just editing, but full-on rewriting this shit. I'll still leave this old series up for anyone to read, but it'll have a big ass [DISCONTINUED] sign on it. I'll be putting off writing for now as I have a test coming up, but once that's over I'll get to work on the rewrite!

That's it, if I disappointed you, then I apologize. If I didn't, well. Go over to chief of RAGE. Thanks for BETAing my story!

Thank you everyone who read, followed, faved or left a review on my story over the last year, it actually means a goddamn lot to me :')

End -