"So how we gonna do this?"

"Ruby told me that she's gonna be following her dad and Qrow to Signal, where they're teachers, to help them with paperwork every day. Yang will be with 'em, as well." Engineer said quietly in their room, talking to his comrades in the cover of night.

"And I take it zat's when you want us to do our work, right?" The resident German in the team asked. The Engineer nodded, while Spy held up a hand. "We haven't talked about how we are going to revive her, we don't have her DNA or the materials to build another reviver."

"He's right, lad. It's not like we can just magically raise her from the dead, me thinks its bullshit." The Demoman added, taking another swig from his bottle of whiskey. Engineer clasped his hands together and rested his head against the wooden wall, making a small 'thud' sound echo across the small room. After a few minutes, a lightbulb seemingly appeared above his head, and he smirked. "What's your plan, Texan?" Spy inquired while lighting another cigarette, noticing the grin on the man's face.

"Thanks Demo, you gave me an idea."

"Hm? Wha' did I do?"

"We summon Meras-"

The Demoman stood up, took his Eyelander out and pointed it menacingly at the Engineer, who shrinked back in terror and surprise. "NOT THAT BLOODY LUNATIC!" He silently yelled, inching the blade closer to the man.

"B-But hey, it's the only s-shot we got! Medic can't possibly revive dead people over-" The Medic looked up. "Ten years."

"Y-Yea, ten years! But with Merasmus," The blade inched closer. "We can 'ask' him to bring'er back to life!" The Engineer's voice wavered as the blade was practically touching his nose. He looked at the Medic, who sighed, and pulled out his Crusader's Crossbow and loaded a dart colored yellow into the muzzle. He took aim, and squeezed the trigger. The dart flew out, and struck the Demoman in the neck. His sword began to sway, before his entire body collapsed to the floor, loud snores emanating from the sleeping Scotsman.

"'Preciate it, doc."

"So, as we vere saying, we summon Merasmus, but how?" The Spy said, puffing smoke out as he stuck a second cigarette into his mouth, powered by pure nicotine addiction. "While we were in Teufort once, I was going over files for Soldier, and I saw a book, titled 'Merasmus' book of Spels' with a misspelled spell. I borrowed it from Solly, and gave it a read. One of 'em," The Engineer took out a piece of paper and wrote something on it. "Is the spell to summon the bastard wizard, AKA Merasmus." The finished writing the spell with a click of his pen.

"Now, let's discuss ze plan of action." The team, except for Demoman, nodded at the Medic.

The Next Day

"Oh, I'm so excited to go back to Signal and meet my old friends!" Ruby exclaimed while trotting over to her father's pick-up truck, with Yang following closely behind. "How many friends to you have, anyways?" Ruby looked down, and answered Yang with a weak 'four' escaping her mouth.

"Hey ladies, you better be faster else we'll be late!" Taiyang shouted from the driver's seat, hands on the steering wheel. Ruby and her sister immediately got in and waved goodbye to the five teaching assistants staying at their home.

"Good, now that they're gone, initiate the plan in three… two…"

"Just start the goddamned plan!" The Demoman screamed over the radio transmitters, cutting off Engineer from his dramatic countdown. "Alright, alright, no need to burst our eardrums." The five men walked back inside the wooden cottage, and each donned their respective backpacks filled with digging tools and set off.

They walked in relative silence, aside from the occasional empty chatter and seeing if there's anybody following them. After walking for around fifteen minutes, they reached the cliff clearing, with the gravestone at the end. The leader of the team, Engineer, motioned them to start digging at the gravestone. The Engineer and his team muttered a silent apology to the soul of Summer Rose, before continuing. The Demoman, who reluctantly agreed with the plan, stood watch as he held his grenade launcher in his hands, constantly scanning the area for any movement. The other four members took out their shovels and started digging into the soil, careful to not touch the body or coffin buried beneath.

The digging process was boring, and deathly eerie. The Demoman was starting to doze off as well, but a quick shovel to the head quickly woke the Scotsman up. A few creatures of Grimm got close, but not too close as the Demoman usually decapitated them before they could do so. After digging a few foot, they decided to use less force in digging to avoid damaging the corpse or coffin.


"I found it!" The team quickly unearthed the intricate wooden coffin, slowly hauling it up and wrapping with some tar layers and putting it on a sledge. The other members collected dirt and shoved it into the hole of the grave, and sprinkling some grass on the covered hole to disguise the fact that they dug the body up.

After making sure that the dirt was properly covered, they pulled the disguised coffin and started to go back. Along the way, somebody questioned what it was for, and they replied with 'collecting firewood'.

"Zat was, admittedly, a very bad lie." The Medic stated after the man left, with the Engineer nodding. After a few more minutes of walking, they reached the cottage. The Engineer quickly pulled out his scroll and dialed in a number.

"Hey Frank? I need to call in a favor now. I need'ya to bring your truck over to my coordinates and help me transport something. Fifteen minutes? Okay, thanks mate."

"Who was that?" The Spy asked as he examined the wrapped-up coffin. "Friend of mine, lives in Patch. Met him while out drinking some booze at 'The Club'."

After a short fifteen minutes, a red and blue truck appeared and parked in front of the cottage. The ex-RED team members lifted the coffin in to the back of the truck, and left the Pyro and Spy to stay at the house while the others go to a small house they rented at Patch, where the coffin is being transported.

A Few Hours Later

"Wow, I didn't know you had a boyfriend." Yang said with a smirk as she stepped out of the vehicle, making Ruby blush a dark shade of red. "Wha-? H-He's just my friend!" She squeaked, making Yang laugh even harder. "Just kidding, Rubes."

Taiyang listened in on the short exchange, and can't help but laugh a little, before reaching for the door handle. The door then opened by itself, revealing Pyro who opened the door. The man nervously chuckled, before letting his daughters enter. Inside, the Engineer was watching television, but the others were nowhere to be seen.

"Hi Engi!"

"Yo!" The Engineer replied both the girl's greetings with a wave and continued watching the news report. "Hey, where'd the others go?"

"They went out to sightsee, but I came back early." He answered the blonde male, before once again resuming watching the screen. Taiyang nodded, and looked at the calendar hung on the wall. His eyes widened at the date.

23rd of November, 3081

"Hey uh, Rubes and Yang? You two stay here for a while, I gotta go do something. The two girls looked puzzled for a moment, before nodding at their father. The man took another leather jacket and wore it while exiting through the backdoor located in the kitchen.

'Let's hope that the grass wasn't blown off…' The Engineer thought while looking at where Taiyang once stood at the kitchen. He then took the scroll, shutting off the television and walking back into his room. Once inside, he checked that he locked the door securely and placed a muffling device recently made by the entrance, making the room soundproof.

He whipped out the scroll again, and pressed the Medic's contact, automatically dialing in his scroll number. "Hey doc? Anything going on there?" He said quietly into his scroll.

"Nothing, everything's going smooth- Don't touch zat! As I was saying, everything's fine. It took me, in our resident idiot wizard's words, 'extensive persuasion to agree to help you' but in reality I just gave him a gold ingot. Which isn't really a gold ingot, it's just aluminum painted gold!" The Medic said the last bit very quietly, barely able to be heard.

"Oh you sly sonova bitch…" He chuckled humorously, the image of Merasmus discovering that the 'gold' is aluminum popping into his mind. "So how long will it take to finish?"

"Hmmm… zat is a good question… Maybe four hours? Six at most, and two if ve're really lucky." The Engineer nodded, and cut the call, sighing heavily. He then stood up and walked over to the window, but not before retrieving his muffler, and opening the glass, letting fresh air flow into the room.

The sky is painted a warm orange, with a tint of bright yellow in the horizon, and blue just above the tree line. The Engineer continued to gaze out for what seems like hours, before deciding to go back to watching TV.

The Cliffside, Summer Rose's Grave

The blonde man stood in front of the gravestone, a somber look on his face.

"Hey, Sum." He walked up to the grave, and his hand reached into his pocket, pulling out a rose.

"Happy anniversary!" He said with as much joy as he could, but the voice still sounded sad, and cracked. "Y'know, it's been fifteen years since we were married, and ten years since…" His voice trailed off, as a tear formed in the corner of his eye.

"Anyways. Ruby's doing great, made some friends, made it into Beacon, and teamed up with Yang. One of her teammates is Weiss Schnee, A Schnee! I could imagine them getting along…" He wiped the lone tear off the corner of his eye, and laid the rose down onto the surface of the grave. Smiling, he muttered 'Goodbye' and turned around, before slowly doing a double-take.

"Wait… Why is the grass gone?" He knelt down, and looked at the patch of dirt, with a layer of grass scattered, not planted, on top. A gust of wind blew by, sending the grass flying away. Puzzled, he leaned in closer to the soil, and noticed that it was freshly dug, with the soil being loose and marks of digging are slightly visible, but not to the untrained eye.

His mind slowly pieced the evidence together, before his hands started to glow, before combusting into flames.

The Cottage

The Engineer sat on the couch, lazily scrolling through the countless news articles on the Vale news network's site. One particular report caught his eye, titled 'Scientist Successfully built micro-computers in cellular organisms'. He tapped on the article, and started reading the contents. He was stopped mid-paragraph by a series of quick knocks on the door, turning his head around in surprise along with Ruby and Yang, who were still watching TV.

"I'll get it." The man said, standing up and making his way to the door. Opening, he was greeted with Taiyang's angry face, and-


-his fist. His glowing, burning and very hot fist. The Engineer flew backwards, slamming into the wall with a lout 'thud'. His hard-hat saved him from having a concussion, but he was still in immense pain nonetheless.

"What!? Dad, why'd you do that!?" Ruby screamed, but her father did not reply. Instead, he walked over to the Texan, and proceeded to pull his fist back for a punch. The Engineer noticed this, and rolled away just in time as the fist collided with the floor, making a sizable dent.

The Engineer quickly got up, and readied himself for another punch from the blonde. "Why are you attacking him!?" Yang shouted, making Taiyang turn towards her. "Because he and his other friends dug up your mother!"

'That sounded surprisingly weird… WAIT! Why am I thinking about that!? I should be watching out for an incoming fi-' The Engineer's train of thought was interrupted when he narrowly dodged a fist sent his way, and noticing in his peripheral vision that Yang's hair is burning, and her eyes closed, before flickering open, turning a crimson red, with Ruby looking at him both confusedly, and strangely. 'Oh fuck!'

"T-This must be an misunderstanding, they would never do something like that, right E-Engie?" The redhead said, but the Engineer did not reply, as he was too focused on running and dodging fists of fury.

Suddenly, a loud ringing sound was heard, resulting in the one-sided battle between the Engineer and Taiyang, with Yang about to join in, to comically stop. The Engineer nervously chuckled before reaching into his pocket and pulling the scroll out. Then the battle resumed, only with Yang adding more pressure on the attack. The Engineer madly ran around, attempting to dodge a flurry fists.

"Engi! Good news! The operation was completed in less time than-"

"Just shut up and come here quickly! Double time! Bring her and the others! Also, bound Merasmus u-" A fist connected with his stomach, making him spit out blood and stumble backwards. The fist was revealed to be Yang's and she seems intent on killing.

"STOP!" Ruby scream filled the house, making the trio stop. "How can you be so sure of it!?" Ruby pointed at her sister and her father, eyes on the verge of tears. Taiyang slowly pulled out a device from his pocket, rectangularly shaped and consists of a black screen with a red button. "I found this at the grave. Who has this?!"

"T-T-The Engineer…"

"And it certainly isn't there yesterday, so it must be today, and what happened today?"

'SHIT!' The Texan thought, mentally slapping himself. Now, Ruby, the young and innocent girl, started to fall on her knees, lightly sobbing, while Taiyang held the Engineer up by the neck. Suddenly, the sound of an engine is heard outside, and a car passed parked in front of the house. Soon, the door opened, revealing the Medic and his teammates.

"Hey gu- Oh my god Engie." His eyes landed on the Engineer, struggling for air, with the father of Yang and Ruby holding him up by the neck. Yang started to send a punch towards the German, intent on making a good-sized dent in his face. Reacting quickly, the Medic quickly pulled out a Medigun and pressed the Ubercharge, making his body shine red. The punch deflected, creating sparks along the body. "VAIT! We just need you to meet someone!"

Slowly, but still forcefully, Taiyang started to set the Engineer down, who gasped for air desperately once the iron grip was loosened.

"Who. Is it?" The man grumbled deeply.

"You'll know. H-hey, you can come here now."

A woman, looking no more than 18, slowly trudged into the doorway, each footstep making a small sound. Her walk is wobbly, as if she had never used her legs before in a long time. Her legs were slender, and she was wearing a black T-shirt with blue jeans.

But that wasn't what Ruby, Yang or Taiyang cared about. Their eyes were fixated on the woman's face. Black hair with red highlights, color brightening once closer to the end of the strands of hair.

Silver eyes

It was a carbon copy of Ruby, looking only slightly older, but with the same, cheerful grin.


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