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Chapter 4:

"Where's Ron?" Harry demanded. "And Fred and George? Where's Ginny and Hermione?" "Shut up, kit!" the grey tom hissed. "You just woke up. And if you try to leave, I will hunt you down and feed you to the crows." Harry widened his eyes. Feed him to the crows? But Harry was too exhausted to move and fell back asleep.

When Harry woke up, there was a mouse laying right beside him. His first thought was ew, mouse! But when he bit into it, the world was back. He quickly ate the dead animal. "Well, at least you're eating," the grey tom grunted. A light tabby padded into the den. "Jayfeather, I need you to go check on Purdy's pads. The apprentices are there, so hurry." Muttering under his breath, Jayfeather walked into a small hole that Harry hadn't noticed and came out with leaves in his mouth. The tabby sniffed the leaves. "Get some marigold, too, in case his pads get infected." the tabby added. Jayfeather twitched his tail, annoyed, and went back into the hole and reappeared with some golden flowers. Then he left.

The tabby turned to Harry and said, "Jayfeather has always been snippy. My name is Leafpool. What's yours?" "H-harry," he stammered. Leafpool purred. "Welcome to ThunderClan, young one. But where are you from?" Harry yawned. He was getting tired. "A place called RiverClan. How did I get here?" Leafpool murmured, "Brambleclaw's patrol found you on the shore of the lake." Harry fell asleep again.

Harry opened his eyes and saw himself engulfed in shadows, and caught a glimpse of a tortoiseshell she-cat. "Come on," she whispered. "Join us."

He woke up gasping. Leafpool whipped her head in the direction of Harry, her eyes clouded with horror. Firestar looked the same way. "I'm leaving," he said quickly. Before they could protest, Harry left the den and ran out of camp. He kept running until he smelled fish. Then he heard a yowl and ran harder and found two RiverClan cats tackling each other. Harry snarled, and thunder crashed. Then they noticed him. "Harry!" Ginny shrieked in delight. Mistystar nodded. "Ginny, Hermione, Fred, George, and Ron, please come forward." the six cats walked over to the RiverClan leader. What was happening? Mistystar announced, "From this moment on, Hermione will be known as-"

"Why are you making them apprentices? They don't even know the warrior code!"

Mistystar looked at Mudpaw coldly. ¨These cats have shown their loyalty during the ShadowClan attack, because they actually fought. You came out of the den and complained that there wasn't carp on the fresh-kill pile. You are an apprentice. They were kits at the time! And they have learned the warrior code, so be quiet!¨ Her ice blue eyes burned into Mudpaw. ¨I was hungry!¨ Mudpaw protested. Mistystar rolled her eyes and said, ¨Another moon of tending to the elders.¨ ¨No!¨ The elders protested. ¨He purposely puts mouse bile into our nests. He says he does it so the ticks will fall out. The ticks and fleas stay there and it is extremely uncomfortable. It´s awful!¨ The elder's eyes were wide. ¨My kits are wheezing because of it!¨ Ottersplash added. Mistystar widened her eyes in shock. Then she muttered something to herself, then said aloud, ¨Mudpaw, you are confined to camp for the next three moons. Now, from this moment on, until she has earned her warrior name, Hermione will be known as Owlpaw. Ron will be known as Redpaw, Ginny as Rosepaw, Fred as Amberpaw, and George as Swiftpaw. Any objections?" Mistystar's cool gaze swept across the Clan, daring anyone to refuse. A small cat called Fishpaw yowled so loud that ThunderClan. "Owlpaw! Redpaw! Rosepaw! Amberpaw! Swiftpaw!" by the time Fishpaw was at Ginny's name, the whole Clan was cheering. Except Mudpaw, of course. His eyes turned dull. Harry stared in horror. He had changed into the tortoiseshell that he had seen in his dream. "Join me." she whispered. "No." Harry croaked. She hissed. "You shall be destroyed. Join me. StarClan will used you as a guinea pig. They don't care about you. But I see great potential in you. Join me and I can show you your greatness." Slowly, Harry nodded. The tortoiseshell purred. "Then I will see you tonight."