Welcome to this story. I hope you enjoy it. This is a crossover with Star Wars and The Mummy. I have taken some liberties but each movie belongs to it's original owner. This is only for fun.


Long ago in a galaxy far, far away the great city planet of Coruscant was ruled by a benevolent emperor by the named Valorum. Emperor Valorum was a good and just ruler bringing peace through out the galaxy. Valorum had a beautiful mistress, some would call her the most beautiful woman in the galaxy. Her name was Asajj Ventress of Dathomir and by imperial decree no one save the emperor could lay a hand on the woman. Valorum loved her with all his heart and worshipped the very ground she stood upon. But Ventress had little love for her emperor, to her the man was just a tool. A means to better her standing in society, she let him use her body and in turn was showered in fine jewels, clothes and lived in the lap of luxury.

Valorum's closest confidant and advisor was a priest by the name of Sheev Palpatine, who was well known in the empire as a sorcerer, a manipulator of the Force, the energy behind all things. Now it was this man that Ventress loved and the pair would often meet in secret, swearing to find a way to be together. It was during one of these exchanges that Valorum found the pair. Ventress then brutally killed Valorum, while Palpatine made is escape with the aid of his servants known as the Sith. As the Emperor's guard burst into the chamber Ventress took her own life, knowing that her lover was powerful enough to resurrect her.

Indeed that is what Palpatine intended to do. He and his followers broke into Ventress's tomb and stole her body. Under the cover of night, they made their way to Hamunaptra hidden on the far side of the planet. The City of the Force, home to the legendary Book of Life, its lesser-known counter part the Book of the Dead, and countless other treasures. This was a place powerful enough to aid Palpatine in his dark endeavors. As Palpatine began the ritual to resurrect his beloved he and his followers were discovered by the emperor's protectors the Jedi. Palpatine and his followers were captured and Asajj Ventress remained dead. Because of the dark deeds committed by Palpatine and his followers they were all condemned. While his followers were mummified alive Palpatine suffered a worse fate. The Jedi cursed him with the Hom-Dai, his tongue was removed and he was encased in a sarcophagus filled with flesh eating scarabs. Cursed for eternity Palpatine would never find peace and should he ever be found plague and darkness would run across the lands. From that day on Palpatine was erased from history replaced with the name Sidious as one last reminder of his evil deeds, finally he was entombed under the statue of the god of death, hopefully never to be found.

From that moment onward the Jedi swore to protect Hamunaptra and the secrets held within until the end of time. Time passed, empires fell and Coruscant, once a magnificent jewel in the galaxy became nothing more than a desert wasteland. Three million years had passed and all that was left of the once mighty empire were ruins, lost to the eternal sands of time. Hamunaptra became a legend, but the Jedi endured and continued their watch. But all of that was about to change.

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