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Chapter 8

Anakin felt the Force bubble under his skin as he faced down Sidious, ready to unleash the power at any moment. His eyes met Padme's for just a brief second, fueling the fire within him. Out of the corner of his vision he saw Sabe slip down a side passage with the book, going to look for the key. Hopefully, unnoticed by Sidious.

"Do you really think you can beat me boy?" Sidious snarled as he stalked up the stairs to Anakin. Anakin merely shrugged in response before unleashing the Force. He launched himself off the stairs and over Sidious and his followers, landing on the edge of the alter where Padme was chained. Anakin swung his saber down and cut through the chains binding Padme's wrists to the alter shouting, with glee Padme sat up and tried to get the cuffs off while Anakin jumped down from the alter. Sidious watched this unfold at the base of the stairs. He turned to his followers.

"Destroy him." The mummies stood and converged on Anakin. Swearing, he fought off the undead attackers while Padme worked to get the bindings off her ankles. But Padme couldn't help but watch as Anakin cut through the monsters. It was like there was an unseen hand guiding his movements as he sliced through the undead with his brilliant blue lightsaber, it was hypnotic. Anakin dispatched the last of the priests and turned back to Padme wearing that cocky grin of his.

"Mummies." Padme couldn't help but roll her eyes as Anakin prepared to cut through the chains around her ankles. Only to suddenly freeze in horror as Anakin's legs were pulled out from under him. He landed with a thud, lightsaber extinguishing and rolling from his hand. Turning to his side, Anakin saw that the upper half of one of the creatures was still sentient and had grabbed him. Swearing, Anakin kicked the mummy until it finally released him. Anakin pulled out his blaster and shot the corpse till he was sure that there would be no more unexpected surprises. He looked down at his blaster, in hindsight he probably could have pulled it sooner than he had. He holstered the blaster and grabbed the lightsaber.

"Anakin behind you!" Padme yelled. He turned quickly igniting the saber and decapitating another mummy.

"Why don't these things stay down?" He groaned cutting through the last of Padme's chains and pulling her from the alter. Sabe chose that moment to reappear down in the main chamber.

"Hey! I think I found something." She said, reading an inscription from the back of the book. "Qui vocat vos!" Everyone went still as the sound of marching filled the chamber. Above them Sidious grinned darkly, fools. Sabe paled. "Whoops." Two doors at the end of the chamber burst open and out marched soldiers bearing the seal of the ancient Empire, more mummies. Sidious cackled as the soldier mummies came to a halt, then turned, drawing swords they began to advance on Anakin and Padme.

"Well this keeps getting better and better." Anakin said, tightening his grip on the lightsaber. Next to him Padme looked over at her sister.

"Fix this Sabe." She said, trying to remain calm. Sabe was clutching the book to her chest backing into a corner. "You're the one who controls them."

"Oh you have got to be joking!" Sabe yelled. The look she got back from her sister cemented the fact that Padme was not joking. Sabe swore under her breath.

"Finish the inscription then you'll have control over them!" Sabe nodded weakly and looked down at the book. Unfortunately, her knowledge of ancient Corisaunti was severely limited.

Padme and Anakin kept backing away from the soldiers until a pair of rough hands grabbed Padme and roughly pulled her from Anakin's side. Shouting, Padme stumbled pulling herself away from her assailant. Ducking, she narrowly avoided having her throat cut by Asajj Ventress. Before Anakin could go to her, Sidious shouted something in the ancient language and the soldiers launched themselves at Anakin. Something told Anakin that they would be much harder to kill than the priests. The mummies let out an inhuman roar. The Force screamed at Anakin to run, and that's what he did. The mummies were right behind him. Padme was left to dodge the dagger wielding Ventress on her own.

"Hurry Sabe!" Padme screamed as she dodged another swing from the female mummy. She leapt forward tackling Ventress, the dagger flew from the corpse's hand. Padme stumbled to her feet and ran. Anakin was in a similar predicament, racing through the labyrinth, two of the mummies had caught up to him. Igniting his lightsaber he blocked blows from the soldiers. Somehow their weapons were resistant to his saber's plasma blade. Anakin knew that he and the others were running out of time. Sidious would grow bored of watching them fumble about and take action himself. Back in the temple, Sabe had almost finished the translation for the spell but was stuck on the last symbol.

"I don't know this last hieroglyphic Padme!" She yelled.

"What's it look like?" Padme yelled back, racing around a blind corner only to come face to face with Ventress. The mummy grabbed her and threw the smaller woman into the wall. Her hands wrapping around Padme's throat. Padme clawed at the mummy with all her might. Meanwhile Sabe walked around the chamber unaware of the battle Anakin waged above her or the one her sister fought around the corner.

"It looks like an owl, but with a long tail siting inside a triangle." She muttered, frowning. Padme continued to struggle against the mummy.

"Virtutem Magnum!" She gasped. Finally pushing the mummy off her, before delivering a hard kick to the creature's decayed knee cap. Shattering it and causing Ventress to stumble back.

"Oh, now I've got it." Sabe shouted. "Vi Superum lemen tibi per virtutem mando!"

Anakin tumbled down a set of stairs back into the temple. Just as the soldiers were about to deliver the killing blow, they froze, then turned to face Sabe. She stood stock still looking between the mummies and Anakin. "Now what?" Her question was answered by Padme racing into the chamber followed by Ventress. Sabe quickly pointed at the female mummy. "Destroy Asajj Ventress!"

The soldiers turned to Ventress and began to march forward. Sidious who had been watching the events unfold with glee, jumped forward.

"No!" He screamed as the soldiers closed in on his lover, weapons raised. Ventress stumbled and fell to the ground. She let out a pitiful scream as the soldiers attached. Sidious felt fury welling up inside of him. The Force darkened as he turned to Sabe. A horrible cold furry marred his features as an unseen darkness like nothing the others had ever felt filled the chamber. Electricity cracked around Sidious as he pointed at Sabe. "You will burn."

Sabe had barely enough time to jump for cover as waves of blue lightning shot from his hand. He then turned his attach to the soldiers, rendering them to piles of ash. But it was too late, Ventress was nothing but bits and pieces spread across the ground. Sidious threw off his cloak. No more games these humans would die, he thought as he raised his arm. Then a flash of blue and a thump as the horrible smell of burned and decayed flesh filled the temple. Sidious looked down at his amputated arm, then up at Anakin Skywalker who stood before him, smirking. Growling, Sidious lunged and grabbed Anakin with his remaining arm and threw the young man across the room. Anakin landed with a heavy thud, the air rushing from his lungs. Sidious bent and picked up his severed limb and simply re-attached it. The decayed tendons easily weaving back together, he stalked towards Anakin's prone form. Completely unaware of Sabe digging through his discarded robes. She shouted triumphantly as she pulled out the key from an inner pocket.

"I've got it sis!" Padme raced to her sister's side.

"Anakin keep him distracted." Anakin stumbled to his feet.

"No problem." He wheezed, igniting the saber once more. Anakin lunged at Sidious, who easily dodged the attach, turning Sidious unleashed another blast of lightning. Anakin held up the saber to deflect the lighting. It worked, the lightsaber absorbed the lighting but the power from it sent Anakin flying back. Groaning he stood once more, he would fight to his last breath if it meant buying Padme more time, once again he launched himself at Sidious, the force was screaming around him as light and dark fought for the first time in eons.

Padme desperately turned through the ancient tome, looking for the right spell.

"I found it!" She cried, wasting no time she began the chant, the words rolling off her tongue with ease as a new energy took hold in the grand chamber. She only caught Sidious's attention as she shouted the last line of the incantation. She grinned at the mummy darkly. Shadows began to fill the room, stretching and growing, taking on lives of their own. Finally they melded together to form a great winged creature above them all. With a great cry it swept down and through Sidious's body, flying out of the chamber with a shadowy figure clutched in its talons. Sidious looked down at his hands as he felt the power leave him and the force vanish from his senses.

Anakin ran to Sabe and Padme. The Force was still screaming at him.

"Why isn't he dead?" Sidious turned to the trio, snarling, he charged at them. With out thinking Anakin ignited the saber and ran Sidious through.

"It made him mortal." Padme stated calmly. Sidious looked down to where the brilliant blue blade pierced his abdomen then up at Anakin. Anakin deactivated the saber, clutching his wound, Sidious stumbled back before toppling into the pool of oil. Anakin, Sabe, and Padme watched as rot spread up from his wound, causing Sidious to transform back into the thing that they had discovered only days ago. Just as he was about to be submerged Sidious's horrible yellow eyes met Anakin's.

"Death is only the beginning." The oil swallowed him and Sidious was no more.


While Anakin, Padme, and Sabe were saving the Galaxy from Sidious, Hondo continued to line his pockets with the treasures of Hamunaptra. On his third trip back towards the Eopies the Weequay began to tire. Groaning he heaved the bag he was carrying onto a small stone outcropping, leaning against the wall to catch his breath. Suddenly there was a scraping noise coming from the outcropping. Looking over, Hondo watched the outcropping sink into the wall. Everything was still for a moment then the walls around him began to shake violently, throwing Hondo to the ground.

"That is not good!" Hondo grabbed his bag of treasure and began to drag it out of the collapsing city.

Back in the ceremonial chamber Sabe, Padme, and Anakin were only given a moment's peace before everything began to shake and groan as the city started to sink into the desert.

"Oh come on!" Can we please just have ten minutes of peace?" Sabe shouted. Anakin looked around frantically, his eyes finally falling on the walls, which had began to sink.

"Complain later run now!" The three took off, Anakin and Padme raced ahead of Sabe, hand in hand. Sabe still clutched the Book of Life. Not looking where she was running Sabe tripped over a loose stone, the book flew from her grasp and into a ravine. Seeing this Padme raced back to her sister.

"You lost the book!"

"Not now!" Sabe and Anakin yelled in unison, grabbing the scholar and pulling her along, the temple sinking around them at an alarming rate. Finally they reached the treasure room. This time Padme and Anakin had to pull Sabe from the piles of gold.

Meanwhile, Hondo had gotten turned around and had ended up back in the treasure hall as well. Seeing the others at the far end, he finally dropped the bag of gold and ran after them. The roof of the chamber entrance was getting dangerously low, making Sabe, Padme, and Anakin crawl on all fours. Anakin made sure that Padme and Sabe were safely out of the treasure chamber.

"Skywalker wait!" Hondo cried desperately. Anakin tried crawling back through the entrance to help the Weequay but the chamber was to close to being sealed and he had to retreat. With a loud bang, the entrance sealed Hondo trapped on one side, the others on in the passage that led to freedom.

"Good-bye Hondo." Anakin muttered. He and the sisters still needed to escape the temple and city. With that he stood and ran to Padme and Sabe, the three continuing their escape. Back in the treasure chamber, Hondo looked around as darkness enclosed around him. From behind him he heard a sort of chirping. Turning he saw a beetle scuttle in front of him and crawl up a statue.

"What?" More beetles began to pour into the chamber, surrounding the Weequay. Hondo looked around as the scarabs began to close in on him. "Oh no." No one heard his final words, or his final screams.


Anakin, Padme, and Sabe raced out of the underground labyrinth and temple back into the daylight. All around them, the city of ruins were collapsing, returning to the sands. A roar echoed through the valley as the trio dodged falling debris. The needed to get away from the city fast or they would be swallowed along with it.

"Hurry!" Anakin screamed, sand swirled around them. He could almost see the city's barrier they, were almost to safety. With one last push the survivors made it across the barrier and didn't stop until they reached the valley's entrance. Turning they watched in horror as Hamunaptra was swallowed in waves of sand. With one final blast, the sand flew into the air. After what seemed like an eternity the air cleared, Hamunaptra was gone.

Padme, Sabe, and Anakin stood there, exhausted; covered in sand, dirt, blood, and who knows what else. Suddenly a hand fell onto Sabe's shoulder. Letting out a terrified yelp Sabe jumped and turned. Only to find an equally dirty and exhausted, yet very much alive and laughing Obi-Wan. Artoo was also right beside the Jedi beeping happily at Sabe's distress. Anakin and Padme were holding back their own laughter.

"It's good to see you still alive Kenobi." Anakin said.

"It will take more than mummies to do me in, I assure you. I just wanted to tell you that from now on the Jedi will be forever in your debt. You completed what we could not and for that you will have my Order's respect and my friendship." Obi-Wan held out his hand to Anakin who took it firmly in a sign of thanks and respect. Obi-Wan hauled himself up onto one of the Eopies that had been tethered nearby.

"I must report to the Jedi High Council. I hope we will meet again, May the Force be with you my friends." With that, the Jedi was riding off. Something told Anakin that they would most definitely be seeing Obi-Wan Kenobi again. Once the Jedi was out of sight Sabe turned back to where Hamunaptra once stood. The stress from the past days finally caught up with the older Naberrie sister and it all came rolling out.

"Great, absolutely freaking great! We're going home with nothing, absolutely nothing not even a bloody trinket. We just saved the galaxy from a psychotic Sith mummy and all we get is a pat on the fucking back from a blasted secret order!" Sabe ranted hysterically. "Nothing! All that treasure is gone. We've got nothing!" While Sabe continued her tirade Anakin looked down at Padme, who stood beside him. Padme's dress was torn and now looked more brown than yellow and pink, her hair had fallen from it's up do and was now a mass of tangled curls framing her face, and falling in waves down her back, bruises were beginning to form on her cheek where she had been struck earlier by Sidious ,and her arms were covered in bruises and scratches from her fight with Ventress. But her eyes were still that perfect shade of brown, showing her strength, showing that she had endured the unimaginable. Anakin had never seen Padme look more beautiful.

"I wouldn't say nothing." He murmured. Padme looked up at him, Anakin was sure he looked as bad as she did, probably worse. Padme smiled, her eyes meeting his.

"I agree." Anakin reached out and gently took her into his arms, Padme leaned up and the world fell away when his lips and hers finally met in a sweet kiss. Anakin felt the Force sing around him, everything was perfect in that single moment. Sabe finally broke off her rant and glared at the interlocked couple as their kiss began to grow more heated.

"Fucking finally." She growled, Artoo beeped what sounded like a very sarcastic response before rolling over to the two remaining Eopies. Sabe rolled her eyes. "Hey love birds!" Padme and Anakin finally broke their kiss but remained in each other's arms.

"Don't know about you two but I would like to get out of this cursed desert before someone wakes up another ancient monster." Anakin and Padme laughed, but joined Sabe by the Eopies. Anakin lifted Padme up onto one before getting up behind her, wrapping his arms around her small frame. Sabe got on her Eopie and they were off, Artoo rolling resolutely behind them. Sabe didn't notice how the saddle bags of her mount jingled as the Eopie walked on or how the evening sun caught the golden staff peaking out from the bag behind her causing it to shine in the light. Artoo however knew what was in the bags and knew that his new friends would be in for an enjoyable surprise when they reached the nearest port village.

Up ahead, Anakin and Padme rode in comfortable silence, Padme relaxing back against Anakin's firm chest.

"What's going to happen now?" Padme asked, Anakin smiled softly.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, I'll be with you all the way Padme." Padme couldn't help the shiver that ran through her body with the way Anakin said her name. Behind her, Anakin chuckled and shook his head sending loose grains of sand flying.

"What is it?" Padme asked.

"Nothing, I'm just really starting to dislike sand." He replied running a hand through his hair trying to get more of the rough and irritating particles out. Padme laughed, to Anakin it sounded like music. Padme snuggled closer to him as he moved the Eopie into a gentle canter. And the group rode off into the sunset and to whatever new adventure awaited them.


Author's Note/Translation:

Vi Superum lemen tibi per virtutem mando - I command you by the Force and the Gods of light

Well, this is it. The end of the story. I enjoyed writing this so much and will be getting started on the sequel as soon as possible. I decided to use Latin as ancient Coresanti only because it was the language I studied in high school. But I'm really rusty so it's only a very rough translation with practically no grammer. Anyway, sorry it took a bit longer to get this out. The horrible election happened and I had to watch democracy as I know it die. Then I found out the store I work at is closing in the spring. Then to top it off my grandfather died! So I've been having a pretty shitty time of it lately. But things are going to get better the only thing I can do is keep moving forward and not let all of these horrible things hold me down. Hope all my fellow Americans have a good Thanksgiving next week! And to anyone else having a hard time like me, just remember once you reach rock bottom all you need to do is start climbing back up. That's what I'm doing and it actually feels pretty damn good.