Darkness envelopes, swallows, entangles

A deadly creature of the night

Moon shines, casts, eerily glows

Careful darling, I might bite.

What would you say, if I told you there were monsters out there? Waiting. Thriving. Living. Breathing..

You would probaby laugh. Say I was crazy, delirious, demented? Pack me off to an asylum perhaps? It wouldn't help you at all, see? No matter how maniacal you may think I am. It wouldn't change a thing.

There will be a day, a day that the moon would turn red. Not that uncanny orange – strawberry palaver you see in an eclipse. Red as the reddest thing you have ever set your eyes on. Red as a rose, red as a ruby, red as a cherry. Red as blood…

On that day will they strike, they will creep up from the depths of the Earth, the shadows of the deep night. Monsters, beasts, the nightmares of your own nightmares. The boogeyman is weak comapared to them, your childhood fantasies of fairies with their sparkling little wands are mere toys to them. Like comparing an infant to a geriatric old man. Puny. Torpid. Worthless.

But maybe, maybe if you are special, you may see a certain specimen of their kind, bloodthirsty and brutal, but beautiful in their own little way. This is such a tale. A wondrous tale of a romance not to be. A romanced detested by one side, but much more affectionately embraced by another. You have probably heard one like it, but who knows, maybe this one will be different. Read ahead. If you dare..

Born of terrors, beasts and hate,

Can you feel so alive, when you know you're dead?

Can love thrive without a beating heart?

Passion filled with fear and dread.

I legit loved this chapter and so you know, all words are mine, including the poem, which I know was horrible, but I loved writing it. The chapter is short simply because it's the beginning but complain in the reviews. Ciao darlings.