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Marinette was pissed off. Chloe had just sprung a massive fit. How was this girl going to be 18 in 3 weeks and future Mayor of this humble town? If there isn't a new mayor elected by the time she turns 22 (which is Chloe's coming of age to take her father's place) she was going to move to Bulgaria, wherever that was. The fiendish human being had just laid an order for 50 dresses by the next marketing day, which left poor Marinette with just the weekend to make another collection for the horrifying excuse for a human. She wished the monsters could take her or better yet Chloe. Mayor Bourgeois was a weak minded man that was blinded in grief at the loss of his beautiful yet cruel wife, Alexia who had raised Chloe to be the kind of person she was today. If not for her status, Chloe might have been ruling the town already; as she had her father wound around her little finger. If Chloe did not get what she required she would throw one of her may, many famous tantrums, her father would eventually succumb to her pitiful shouts and screams and request for her to be given whatever she pleased.

Marinette had been thoroughly perplexed when Chloe had discarded her previous works and demanded a new set; the absurdity of the situation was scandalous. Why take gorgeous, hand sewed, freshly made garments and dispose of them after just one fitting? It was bizarre. Marinette had to go and find Madame Tikki, her mentor when she had left home and a village supplier of fabric and cloths. It was just a 5 minute walk away, but Marinette was still annoyed. Now that she had to make Mrs Chloe an entirely new wardrobe, she would have less time to ponder the thoughts that kept her up at night. Why she saw the monstrosities and nobody else didn't. Well nobody else but Madame Tikki.

Marinette reached the shop door and pushed it open sharply as the hinges would get jammed if you didn't, she strutted up to the oak counter and went into the little side door that led to the store room of the humble fabric shop. There she spotted Madame Tikki carefully arranging different coloured fabrics on shelves.

"Hello Marinette." The woman softly said without turning around. There was a brief pause before the Marinette exhaled loudly and set down her basket on a stool saying,

"I will never surprise you will I Tikki?"

"Of course not, you know better than that." Tikki laughed before she finished her current task and turned around to face the girl. Tikki was an incredibly small woman, middle aged, with a young face that held many laughter lines and wrinkles. She had fair skin with a reddish tint and flaming red hair with black and grey streaks. Despite her ancient disposition and aura, her eyes held a lively and magnificent fire in them. They were large and were so black, they seemed to drink in everything about you; they looked young and spirited but held extensive amounts of knowledge as if she had been there since the dawn of time, yet were born yesterday.

Tikki glided across the room to where Marinette stood. She smiled amicably at the girl and beckoned her with a finger to go to the back of the shop, where her cosy home was tucked away.

"Rose, darling, tend to the counter for me. I have a guest."

She called to a girl with short blonde hair in a pixie cut, wearing a considerable amount of pink, which merely nodded and continued reading a fat paperback.

Tikki led Mari into her tiny living room, and then lowered her petite frame into a large armchair which seemed to swallow her up and gestured for Marinette to sit down on a nearby stool.

"What do you want dear?" Tikki asked softly, "Advice, help, information, Guidance?"

"Well," began Marinette, "since this is a fabric shop, I need some fabric to make Chloe some clothes."

Tikki chuckled, but then her calm expression twisted into one of confusion.

"Didn't you buy some three days ago?" she asked gently.

"Yes but Chloe wants me to make 50 more so, I'm back." Came the reply.

Tikki raised an eyebrow to the enormous quantity of clothes said, but shuffled back into the store with Marinette in tow.

"What would you like dear?" she asked.

"Chloe is throwing a ball so she's looking at silk. So if you have any, silk chiffon or silk charmeuse, silk organza or silk dupuoni. Or maybe if you have the new and most expensive fabric wool satin gabardine?"

"Sorry dear, we're all out of silk." Replied Tikki sadly.

"But you can't be!" Marinette spluttered, "You have a fabric shop; you should have some silk somewhere. Not even shantung or hempcel?"

"Sorry, our next shipment is on the next marketing day. Maybe you could go to the next town."

"But, I'd have to go through the monster woods and it's a 3 hour journey to get there."

"Well, either that or face Chloe's wrath, you know the monsters can't hurt you."

"Yeah Chloe sounds a lot scarier. Oh, well au revoir Tikki, bye Rose."

And with that she was gone.

Going through the woods is a dangerous thing to do for a girl of Marinette's age and beauty. Her looks surpassed most of the townsfolk, but since people rarely saw her face as it was continuously fixed pointedly at her feet, no one really noticed. So far, her only friends were Alya, Madame Tikki, Rose; in a way and the boy who was currently making his way towards her.

"Hi Marinette." Whispered the red faced boy, flipping back his orange hair as he played with his fingers.

"Oh, hello Nathanael." Marinette said, smiling politely, though the exasperation was clearly written on her face at being stopped.

"Are you free?" He asked, nervously, not meeting her eyes.

"Actually, I'm on my way to the next village." She replied, trying to edge away from him.

"Well, sh-sh-shouldn't you b-b-b-b-be going Th-that way?" Nathanael stuttered fumbling with his hair.

"I'm in a hurry, so I'm taking the quickest route through the woods."

"What no!" he exclaimed, "That's where all the invisible bad things come from!"

"I'll be fine, seriously Nathanael."

"I'm not letting you go!" was the firm response.

"Fine!" she snapped and turned around before starting to walk away.

Nathanael rushed to keep up with her, "At least let me walk you ho..."

Marinette turned sharply, panted a fierce punch in his gut, before rushing off into the woods, calling over her shoulder apologetically, "Sorry about that Nathan!" and disappearing from view.

Nathanael rubbed his stomach, before blushing right up to the roots of is hair.

She had called him Nathan.

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