A Crush Like No Other

Two pairs of hazel eyes peered at the sight ahead, neither acknowledging the other. How could this happen? How could, Tim and Jim Possible were finally crush? On the same girl, mind you! While this did lead to some issues in the beginning. It was only solved by a little heart to heart, and a thunderous talk with their dad to finally come to terms with the situation. The atmosphere around the two was still gloomy however. They decided, gentlemen rules apply, "He who could wine her could dine her!"

The girl in question was Stephany Walters, a new arrival to their grade 12 Advanced Physics Class. "She's so perfect" thought the boys. "With her luscious blond hair. And that beautiful ivory skin with a hint of rose around her cheeks. And those luscious lips, oh how I wish I could lay mine on that." Suddenly they noticed the opposing set of eyes "Wait, what's that? OMG that Jim/Tim! That pervs staring at my girl! How could he!"

Without another warning the two boys were at each other's throats. Pressing hard, trying to get the other the tap out. Jim was on top briefly, bring his brother in a half ward nelson. Only to be flipped by his brother, who put him in a head lock. Jim proceeded to try and break the head lock, and attempt to twist his brother knee, while his brother worked on his arms.

This continued, until they were rudely interrupted by a clearing of a throat. Turning sheepishly towards the noise, the noticed Stephany glaring at the two of them. "What are you guys doing?" She asked curiously.

"Urm...Uh… We were um…err… Play… Play Wrestling"

"Yeah! Yeah, we were totally play wrestling. We were pretending to be our favourite wrestlers." Tim stated stutteringly.

"On the ground? Here, in the middle of the sidewalk?"

Both teens turned bright red. "Errm, Yeah. You know what they say!" one twin started.

"The ground is the best place to wrestle. The dirt is" The other continued.

"great for the immune system." The first finished.

Despite the obviously amazing 'explanation' Stephany still pressed on. "But why on the sidewalk? Behind me none the less!"

The twins turned even redder.

"Well they do say, Impromptu Wrestling is good for the soul." One stated.

"Kind of like Impromptu Singing." Piped the other twin.

"You guys sing?" Stephany asked skeptically.

"Of course, we'll show you. Ok Jim give me a beat."

"What?" Jim asked wide eyed.

"I said give me a beat, Jim. Now!" Tim yelled.

"Ok…err….. Budpatuch,Budpatuch,budha,budhapatichi…." Jim began

"Yo, Yo, Yo.

I used to be drew.

One day I turned blue.

As a suede shoe or berry

It makes me look scary

Then I ponytailed my hair

Got me a nasty scar

And a funky fresh flying car

Now Drew be Dr. Drakken

So quit that yakkin'

Think I'm out?

Ha! I'm backin'…."

"Ok, Ok. I get it. You guys continue with your…um… wrestling. I'll see you guys at brads party next Friday right?"

"You bet!"

"We'll be there!"

"Ok, I'll see you guys there." She said as she walked away giggling.

"I caused that giggle you know!" Tim stated firmly.

"What! No you didn't! I did" Jim countered.

"Why you!" The twins stated as they launched at each other once again.

After almost 30 minutes, 200+ punches, many red bruises, two broken mailboxes, and an almost run over cat later, the twins finally stopped fighting.

"Ok, So how about we"

"Stick to the gentlemen rules, and see who wins"

"Right" Jim stated.

"Fine by me. Prepare to have your ass kicked."

"Oh contraire, it sale be you who shall have his hiny kicked."

"No one says hiny anymore." Tim stated a-matter-of-factly.

"Shut up!" Jim Stated.

They shook hands and walked away in a dramatic fashion.

Later that evening, Jim and Tim were still not talking to each other. In an effort to avoid one another, they stared at their opposing facing computers with headphones in.

Suddenly they noticed something interesting. A notification icon on their desktop showed a new message.


Both their eyes grew wide, they now had access to the greatest power in the world. Kim Possible's diary.

As the two brothers read through her diary, they couldn't help but laugh maniacally at the precious information they had in their hands. And, despite the growing annoyance between the two, they knew exactly what to do with it:


Authors Note: Just a thought in my head? What do you think the emails about? Will the twins get out of this is one peace?