Ah Middleton Mall, The home of Club Banana, The Smoothie Stand, and the dreaded Beauty Parlours. Ron had made the mistake of accompanying his girlfriend in that place, only to come out petrified. "Eyebrow plucking" he accidentally stuttered aloud.

"What?" Tim asked just as they passed the parlours.

"If you ever do get a girlfriend, I suggest you don't go to the beauty parlour with her."

"Why?" His curiosity booming.

"Too many horrors lie beyond that door. It's kind of like finding out the Bricks of Furry movie was cancelled, only worse."

"Is that even possible?" Tim asked with gasp.

"One word, Eyebrow plucking." Ron said as a deep shiver ran down his back.

Memories of him walking in on his mom plucking her eyebrows came to Tim. For once, he agreed with Ron. It was truly wrong sick.

After making a mental note of this surprise pointer, Tim turned to Ron. He had surprised look on his face.

"I still can't believe that they moved Gabriel's to the mall. "

"Why is that so surprising?" Tim asked.

"I don't know." Which only seemed to make Tim roll his eyes. He had added it to a pile of silly Ron Stoppable Remarks.

"Alright, Tim you're my look out."

"But I thought you wanted me here to help you pick up the ring."

"I do. But I really need this favour, Kim is supposed to be meeting up with Monique here to go shopping in some 15 minutes. So, I need you to give me a heads up if she comes this way."

With that, Ron started walking away towards the jewellery store.

Gabriel's was a place of luxurious diamonds and rings. Showcasing a wide array of high end jewellery at a high end cost. So how could Ron afford this place? By selling a kidney? No, that was plan B. Plan A was to cash in a favour Gabriel owed him for saving him from a previously mentioned spaghetti monster.

As Ron walked past a cardboard cut-out of him posing in front of a spaghetti monster with the words "Our Saviour from the Spaghetti Monster, always welcomed guest, Ron Stoppable." written underneath it, he couldn't help but stare in awe at the selection. They had every type of stone imaginable: Rubies, Diamonds, Safire, the Stones from the Legend of Zelda, you name it they had it. But his prize wasn't in one of the display cases, rather it was waiting for him behind the heavily guarded doors.

After a gruelling hour, Ron finally exited the doors, having finally finished filling in all the paper work. Unfortunately for him, Tim had bailed on his position, leaving Kim and Monique free to enter the establishment with ease. They were currently admiring the card board cut out that was on display, near the entrance. 'I got to say though, I do look good in a suit!' he smugly thought to himself. That's when he noticed that Kim was tuning towards him. He had to act fast! So he did the only logical thing one would do in this situation. Barrel role behind on of the display cases. Surprisingly, no one noticed. Well almost no one.

"Sir what are you doing over there" a blond headed girl asked him.

"Shhhhhh!" he shushed her abruptly.

"Sir I'm sorry but you can't be here." A crowd was drawing around the counter. Curious at what was going on, Kim made her way over to the clutter of people. Unfortunately, she was unable to see a thing.

"I'm hiding." Ron told the lady, completely unaware of the situation he was currently in.

"Ex-girlfriend?" The clerk asked curiously.

"Worse, my current girlfriend." Ron whispered.

"Oh, I can see how that is worse. Ok you could stay here. Just don't steal anything" she joked. "Oh, and good luck." With that the clerk lady moved to disperse the gathered crowd.

As the crowd started to disperse, Kim made her way towards the counter. While she knew that Ron couldn't afford one of these rings, it was still nice to fantasize about it. She was looking at the various rings when something caught her eye. She knew that blond mop of hair anywhere.


Ron was trapped. Slowly, he turned around to meet the green eyes he loved so much. But before, he faced her, he slipped the ring into his back pocket.

"Oh hey Kim. What brings you here?" he said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Monique and I were here shopping. I told you that this morning." She answered suspiciously. "So what are you doing here?" she asked with a cocked an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah! "He stated uneasily. "Oh wait this isn't Bueno Nacho!" Once again his hand was rubbing the back of his neck. "Explains why they wouldn't give me any Naco's. The Clerk was all like, um sir I think you have the wrong location and stuff. Such a jerk!"

"No Ron this isn't Bueno Nacho! This is Gabriel's? Couldn't you tell from the display of rings?" She asked incredulously, still not fully convinced.

"I knew those diamonds seemed too high quality to be part of a Bueno meal!" he said in true Ron Stoppable fashion.

"Uh huh" Kim stated unconvincingly. "Well any way, you want to come with us, Monique and I are going to get our eyebrows…"

"Don't even say it KP." Ron interrupted Kim before she could finish. "It's the only thing I fear more than monkeys. Ripping off hair attached to hot wax, EW! I mean why girls go through all that pain."

"You know why, do I have to remind you of the caterpillars that I had for eyebrows when we go lost on that island."

"Oh yeah, it was pretty funny how that bird kept pecking at it, attempting to eat them."

"Ok, that so wasn't funny. And I thought Shego's plasma hurt." Kim frowned with the memory. "So are you coming?"

Ron just gave her a funny look, looking at Kim like she was crazy.

"Ok I'll take the hint. I'll see you later Ok." She proceeded to give him a hug.

Midway through the hug, she picked his pocket.

"Now let's see what you've been hiding!" she exclaimed in glee, as she proceeded to open the box.

"KP N…" But he was too late. Eyes went wide as she finally realized what was in the box. Kim transferred her gaze from the box to Ron, an expectant look propagating her face.

"Ron…" she didn't know what to say. "Is that?" she couldn't even finish the sentence. The overwhelming urge to hyperventilate was coming over her.

"It is! But…"

"Yes!" Kim said enthusiastically.

"But I didn't even get to propose!" Ron stated stubbornly.

"Don't care! Yes!" Kim said, completely dismissing Ron's groans.

"Come on just let me say my speech. I worked really hard on it."

"You already have my answer either way."

"Come on KP, Please" Ron did his own version of the puppy dog pout.

"I'm not looking, not looking, not …." Kim made the mistake of looking up. "Oh alright, you can say your proposal speech. Not that you need to, I already agreed to marry you." She huffed.

"I know, but it's the principle of it." Ron countered as he led Kim towards the center of the mall.

Tim had been on the lookout for the better part of a half hour, with no intrusions in sight. Not even a pesky seagull looking for another car to shit on. He always hated those, destroying the looks of beautiful looking cars. He had even gone ballistic when a seagull had dropped its payload on the sloth, with him taking out a graviton ray and attempting to ground the poor bird.

But he was still looking around, after all what kind of future brother-in-law would he be if he didn't help his future brother-in-law out. This thought was amplified by the thought of the pictures that were still in Ron's possession. 'Can't believe he got hold of the pictures from the time I was a girl' he thought with a stutter.

That's when he saw something on the horizon. It looked much like the head of hair he had, but it belonged to his brother. Without thinking, he proceeded to run towards him.

His movement slowed as he approached his brother. What would he say to him? Should he even tell him? How would he react? Will he even believe him? These questions ran through his head, almost paralyzing him.

But he continued on. Slowly, he moved behind his brother and tapped him on the shoulder. The look on his eyes scared Tim. There was resentment and horror on his face, but there was something else. Tim recognised it, it was disgust. Disgust towards him.

"What do you want?" Jim asked harshly. The anger clearly present in his voice.

"Look, I'm sorry about yesterday." Tim stated honestly.

"Whatever!" Jim grumbled, he stated as he rolled his eyes.

"I know you probably hate me right now, and I don't blame you. I really crossed some line yesterday. And if you want me to leave, I will. But I have to tell you something first." Tim began telling the tale that conspired the day before.

Ron dragged Kim to the middle of the mall. He was a bundle of nerves. He was supposed to have longer amount of time to prepare for this. But a well-timed swipe from Kim had changed all that. Now within the next 5 minutes he had to come up with a proposal speech.

Could he do it?

Of course he can! He's a future possible after all. (But I thought the girl took the guy's…. Oh well semantics.) Now there was only one thing left to do, pray to English gods that he speaks in fully formed sentences rather than gibberish.

Finally they arrived at his location he desired. It wasn't his first choice but it would have to do. He could see Kim looking around, still slightly confused for placement of arguably the most important speech of their lives.

Ron simply kneeled down on one knee, and pulled out the black box safely stored away in his back pocket.

"Um…I'm going to be completely honest and say that, I didn't really have a speech planned. I thought I would have a little more time to prepare." Ron took a deep breath.

"You know, we could do this later right." Kim stated softly.

"I know, but I want to do this now. Just give me a minute." The phrases began to coarse in Ron's mind.

"Kim how long have we know each other. 12 years?"

"18!" she corrected.

"Right, right 18. For those 18 years we've been through it all. Bullies, Villains, evil camps, everything. But I like to think that the reason I got through it all is because I had you. I had your support and your love, whether it was for a broken heart or a scraped elbow. Whether I was scared beyond belief or way over my head, you were always there for me. And I'm going to be completely honest with you, I don't want to let it go, not now, not ever. But before I continue on with this speech I just want to sidetrack for a little bit. Back when we broke up. "

A tear loomed Kim's face in remembrance of that faithful day. It was such a hard memory to recount.

"I seriously tried to move on. To go on without you. But I found I just couldn't do it. Every girl I dated during that time just wouldn't compare to you. They wouldn't compare to the relationship we had. That was when I finally admitted to myself, despite everything that has happened to us, I still loved you. You mean so much to me, you're the last thing I think about when I go to sleep, often with you right beside me, and the first thing I see when I wake up. And I am so grateful to Felix for talking some sense into me and forced me go back and at least talk to you. It's been a hard long road, there have been many obstacles, but we've made it here. And I just want to say something in case you don't already know it, I trust you."

Now Kim was really crying, that one phrase meant so much to her. The nightmare that had occurred some 3 years ago was finally coming to a close.

"With that in mind I think I'll continue on with my speech. Where was I? Oh yeah, never letting what we have go!" He paused for a little while longer, finding his train of thought. "I guess what I'm saying is I love everything there is between us. I love the fact that my best friend also happens to be my girlfriend. I love how you make me feel like I can do anything. But above all else I love you!" The tears we now freely streaming through Kim's eyes.

"I love everything about you. I love your hair, your eyes. Heck, I even that cute little mole you have on your butt." Kim gave him a small smile. "I love your personality, your drive, I even love the fact that you would only buy Club Banana branded cloths despite there being exact replicas at the Smarty Mart." With that Monique came out of the store, and handed Kim a beautiful sparkling sliver dress.

"This was going to be the dress I was going to get you on the day I propose. But despite Monique's attempts, you still somehow made it to the same store I was in." As Monique mouthed an apology, Kim started to say something. "No apologizing! In fact, I much prefer it this way. Keeps me on my feet and makes sure all the words are from the heart. Plus maybe you could wear it when we break the news to your parents" Ron offered a smile.

"I guess like everything else, I'm still terrible at timing. I've had this proposal go on for so long that my knee's asleep now. So I'll just ask you it. I always said I would reach up and give you the moon. While that can't be accomplished right now, I did the next best thing." He pulled out a gold ring, whose center piece was a cut piece of lunar rock embroached in a magnetic field. "Kimberly Ann Possible, will you marry me, a Goofy, Uncoordinated, but Lovable man." Ron now offered her the brightest smile he could.

Kim could hardly believe he had just said all that. It was so romantic, yet it suited his style of speech. Despite having answered him with ease back in the shop, now she was trembling. She truly was lost for words.

After a brief, almost heart wrenching moment, Ron got his answer.

"Yes!" Before they knew it, they were pulled in a long deep kiss. Once they broke apart, they noticed the crowd around them start to clap.

"Yes!" Ron repeated, slightly shell shocked by the answer.

"Yes!" Kim confirmed, as Ron took the ring and placed it on her hand, prompting yet another kiss. This one was not only deep, but promiscuous as well.

"Now how about you tell the good news to that mole you love so much." Kim whispered huskily into his ear.

"A Booyah!" He exclaimed as Kim dragged him away.

Jim simply stared at the Tim in disbelief. This couldn't possibly be true. He had to have been mistaken. There's no way Stephany, sweet Stephany could do such a thing. So he simply stood there aghast, staring at his brother.

Surely he must be lying. That must be it. He must be trying to get him to break it off with his new, girlfriend. Ok they weren't there yet, but they will be soon enough. And that must be the reason Tim's feeding him this lie. To cause him to break it off with Stephany, so he could reap the rewards and date the broken hearted girl.

But it wasn't going to work.

"Stop lying!" Jim screamed at his brother. The fury clearly in his eye.

"I'm not lying. I heard it with my own ears." Tim pleaded desperately. "Seriously Jim you have to believe me, that girl is bad news. She's only trying to use you."

"Oh like I should believe you. You probably just want me to break up with her, so you could go out with her." He stated hotly.

"I'm not trying to take her away from you! I'm trying to tell you the truth. I just want what's best for you!" Tim stated, now in a loud voice.

"Like I would believe that, face it you're just jealous of me. You've always been jealous of me since we were little. And now you're jealous I got the girl." Jim was seeing red. "How could you want the best for me, when all you've tried to do is bring me down for the last 12 years? I've taken your shit for long enough in the name of you being my brother. But, no more. I have no brother." After a moment Jim finally came down from his agitated state, finally realizing what he had said. He wanted to apologize, but nothing came out.

"Oh you think you're the only one who had to take shit. How about me, always being compared to you. You know what fine, I have no brother!" With that Tim stormed off, leaving a shell shocked Jim in the wake.

A Tear fell down his face as he exited the mall's perimeter.

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