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The city of New Pendragon had been built upon the ashes of the Holy Empire of Britannia's original capital, which in on itself had been little more then an incredibly deep hollowed out scoop in the desert floor. Schneizel's legacy there, when he'd been put on trial for the wholesale murder of thirty million denizens he'd earned no fans by claiming they were 'Casualties of Progress."

That had been after Lelouch's geass on the man was removed, no one shed a tear when he had later been executed by the Emperor's personal knight Jeremiah Gattwald.

Stray thoughts there, she'd been having a lot of those lately, taking one last glance out of the window of her skyrise office the violet haired woman couldn't help smirking slightly at the sight. Located in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran desert near the Salt and Gila rivers in the duchy of Arizona, the newly rebuilt super city was a lush oasis in the wastes despite the subtropical environment. A true testament to the sheer stubbornness and will of mankind and its leaders, it was beautiful.

The fact that most of the city still had that 'new car' smell was mildly distracting though, but there was little one could do about that really. The massive construction droids stolen from the Galactic Empire were rather finicky and it was best not to mess around with their settings. Or at least that's what Lloyd Asplund said, and despite being a princess she really did not want to test the bounds of that mans sadism by pushing the subject.

She liked her brain where it was, thanks.

Regardless the Emperor's Hand had been given his orders, which meant that his partner would need to be activated. She hated it, the fact that someone so innocent had to play the role of assassin and spy, but there really was nothing for it. Both of the Emperor's Hands were thought to be dead, and one of them most assuredly would not be welcome in the light of day anytime soon by the general public.

Grand Admiral Cornelia Guilford pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed, she'd have to let her know, and it pained the woman to realize she could do nothing to stop her from accepting the mission. After all, it involved Nunnally, and there was nothing more important to the Emperor's Left Hand then family.

Pushing herself out of her seat she left her office and wished her secretary a good evening before entering the lift. Popping open a hidden panel she scanned her retina and entered in a seventeen digit code that gave her access to the ninth level sub-basement. The ride down two hundred floors was a rather quick one considering her access codes prevented any interruptions and soon she found herself in the bowels of the Ministry of Defense's headquarters.

As the doors slid aside two Vincent Conquerors aimed their VARIS rifle at her as she flashed her ID badge, both Knightmares relaxed after their fact-spheres flashed over her and they both quickly saluted. Nodding Cornelia marched past the pair of guards and entered a corridor leading to a series of suites, to her surprise there was someone waiting for her.

"Cornelia, a pleasure as always," sighing the beautiful princess rolled her eyes but kept her tone neutral, after what this woman sacrificed for her family, it was the least she could do.

"Cecelia, to what do I owe the pleasure?" The former immortal smirked lightly as she rubbed the bulge of her belly, obviously enjoyed the fact the small life growing inside of her was there despite the pains involved with being pregnant.

"Oh it wasn't for you, Lulu and Kallen told me they were sending their Hands out to find our wayward princess and since she's almost like my first daughter I wanted to say my fair wells in person." Rubbing her abdomen once again without really realizing it the lime haired woman lost herself in happy thoughts as Cornelia pinched the bridge of her nose yet again, it was always like this with Cecelia.

"Well I see that pregnancy seems to suit you well, Lelouch is of course taking care of matters?" An honest, breathtaking grin spread across the limette's face as her cat like eyes flashed with primal power, it was rather impressive if Cornelia had any say in it.

"Oh yes, Kallen too, after all one of the stipulations of this arrangement was the fact that my child would be part of their lives even if she won't be in the line of succession. My husband and wife are rather focused on family being there for each other after all, something you agree with whole heartidly."

Cornellia grunted and shrugged earning a giggle from the former immortal, no longer stalling she waved the Admiral along and began walking deeper into the series of suites.

"Regardless I know how much you'd rather she wasn't part of all this cloak and dagger nonsense, but after Lelouch pushed the boundaries and morals of science to rebuild her body and I sacrificed my Code she would never agree to be a wallflower. I warn you though her husband is here so be prepared to deal with a lot of sap, it's sweet of course but..."

Cornelia smirked slightly as she nodded once, "But you feel like you've gained cavities from it just by being in the same room as them."

Cecelia grimaced and nodded slowly, "Quite, it's like dealing with Lelouch and Kallen on our honeymoon, sure it was fun but ugh...the cuddling..." Cornelia finally let her composure falter as she broke into laughter, earning a smirk from the former immortal as the door in front of them slid aside.

"It's good to hear you laugh so openly again sister, did you hear about our orders? We're going to try and find Nunnally, I do hope she's behaving and keeping safe."

Suzaku rolled his eyes as he kissed the pinkette speakers cheek before turning back to packing up a suitcase, "She's the Knight of Five and Lelouch's little sister, of course she isn't behaving."

Giggling Euphemia Kururugi approached her sister and pulled her into a hug, "Too true, it's good to see you sister, and Cecelia I thought you had to leave?"

The limette shrugged lightly at that still grinning that 'cat got the canary' smile she'd been sporting ever since the day her immortality had been sacrificed to drag Euphemia's soul from the collective unconsciousness.

"What can I say, haven't quite reached my sweetness threshold for the day, and since your big sister seems too preoccupied to ask, do you think you're ready for this?"

As a huffing Cornelia broke her embrace Euphemia nodded quickly while readjusting the Mandalorian armor that clung to her slim frame. The dark pink plates and matte grey trim actually worked, Suzaku's dark green armor clashing with it in a way that drew the eye.

The armor had been a point of contention but ultimately Cecelia and Cornelia had convinced the Emperor's Hands that it was beneficial, Mandalorians after all rarely removed their helmets in public. On top of that they were some of the galaxies most reputable mercs who were highly prized for their skill and honor, the perfect cover for two people who should very much be dead.

"I am, my training has been thorough and our cover stories have been covertly inserted into the Holonet, I'm...terrified, but so excited. I...after the massacre...after everything I did even if it was all a horrible accident...I need to do this, I need to be the protector I always wanted to be. So yes...I'm ready for this..."

Cornelia smiled as she nodded to her younger sister while the woman's husband walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist giving her a chaste kiss in the process.

"Hey," Suzaku began, "We'll find Nunnally, and we'll bring her home, you and me, the Will of the Empire right?" Euphemia giggled as she leaned her head back to kiss her husband more deeply than before, earning amused eyerolls from both spectators.

Eventually Cecelia coughed into her hand before gesturing towards the door, "Well I'll be off now, you two be careful out there, the galaxy is a scary place, Admiral, a good day to you."

With that the former immortal left the confines of the room and Cornelia couldn't help but feel like a third wheel, sighing she bid her farwells and left the dotting couple behind.

She had her Gilbert, she had her Euphemia, and she had...rubbing her abdomen a moment she smirked and nodded to herself. She had her future progeny as well.

She was the highest ranking military official in an Empire of billions, covertly waging a shadow war against a Galactic Empire that enslaved trillions and had resources dwarfing those of Britannia.

She didn't care about that though, she had her family, all of them, and in the end that is all she had ever wanted.

So what if her little brother was unleashing his personal agents of chaos on the galaxy to find their little sister.

So what if that pair of agents were a husband and wife team comprising of a resurrected princess and a man long thought dead by the general public?

So what if they were only one planet against a galaxy.

So what if their chances of getting through this were limited.

They were the Empire of Britannia, and Grand Admiral Cornelia Guilford couldn't be happier.

She had her family, she had a war to win, and the galaxy would have to accommodate her.

It was good to be her.


Obi-Wan Kenobi watched his new apprentice with open ease, the Force washing around him like a tranquil river as Nunnally meditated before him, face relaxed as the power of life as they knew it roiled through her.

The old man couldn't help smiling, she pure, so perfect. Her hands had been sullied yes, but so had his. She'd taken on a burden most could never even comprehend while still a child, and after being proven wrong, after realizing she'd been tricked into murdering countless innocents, what did she do?

Did she go on the path of revenge? Did she seek retribution for the sins and blood forced upon her pristine innocence? Did she wish to make others suffer the pain of the soul that she was forced to endure?


She became a knight of justice to fight against the darkness, she had become a protector of the weak to make up for her sins. She had...she had without realizing it, embraced the duties of a Jedi, and hadn't looked back, hadn't second guessed herself.

She was better then most of the Jedi Obi-Wan had known in his long life, and it humbled him beyond words.

A moment later his thoughts were interrupted as Nunnally let out a soft gasp, her flushed cheeks and euphoric smile making her look far more provocative then she really should. A moment later her violet eyes snapped open as she blinked rapidly before shaking her head quickly.

A few moments later she groaned and held her forehead in her hands muttering to herself in a language he'd been told was 'French'.

Eventually she turned her flushed visage towards her teacher while cocking a brow, "Master Kenobi, can you tell me who Luke Skywalker is, and why the force seems hell bent on me meeting him?"

Raising a silver brow of his own the old Jedi master barely restrained the urge to smirk in return, oh Anakin, is your boy really so much like... Of course he is...

"Would you like me to introduce the two of you? He's your age, a bit naive but a good man, like his father was once..."

Nunnally smiled demurely before nodding, "I'd like that, Master."

Obi-Wan outwardly smiled and nodded in turn while internally grimacing.

Was this the will of the Force? Was he doing the right thing now? Well...a bit too late to be second guessing himself at this point now wasn't it? Groaning he pushed himself from his seated position and much to his chagrin Nunnally shot up from her position on the floor and quickly offered a hand to the aging Jedi.

Resisting the urge to ruffle her hair Obi-Wan smiled to himself, she was such a kind soul, what had he done to earn the respect of someone so pure?

Luke Skywalker was bored. So, so so so so bored. While his friends were entertaining to say the least, they had their own lives, plus they gave horrible nicknames that stuck no matter where you went. Wormie, really? The hell did he do to earn such a moniker? Ugh. Maybe Tank and Biggs would meet up with him at Anchorhead...or maybe he could try and get his beat up Skyhopper running again.

Or, maybe he'd spend the better part of the day rebuilding this moisture collector while the twin suns beat down upon him.

Yup, that's what he'd do, because it was what Uncle Owen told him to do, and you didn't sass back at Uncle Owen.


Sighing yet again he reached for a tool and groaned as he realized it wasn't with the rest of his kit, must still be in the garage.


Sighing again he closed the vaporator's access hatch and gathered his tools, best not leave anything for a Jawa to steal, and threw the lot in the back of his speeder. Heading back to the Lars Homestead he brought the speeder to a halt and hopped out as he ran a hand through his sandy blonde hair, god would life ever become worth experiencing?

He knew he sounded whiny, really, but who could blame him? There was a galaxy of adventure out there and he was..farming for water on a desert planet in the ass end of nowhere, such a wonderfully pointless existence. The fact that Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru were actually content living like this shamed him to an extent, because while they accepted their lots in life, he resented his to the very core of his being.

He wanted to experience life, he wanted adventure, excitement, freedom. These thoughts were rolling through his mind when Aunt Beru caught his attention.

"Luke! Luke I'm glad you came home early, we have guests, come inside!"

Guests? Out here? Interesting, interesting enough where he didn't even bother making a protest and quickly made his way inside.

Let it be said, being out in the wastes underneath twin suns murders your night vision, so it was a given that anyone going from the surface into a dwelling on Tatooine wasn't going to be seeing much of anything for a few minutes. Deciding to make this time frame of blindness count for something Luke walked to the fresher station on memory alone and quickly dampened a towel to wipe his face clean.

When he could actually see his blue eyes being reflected in the mirror he smiled and nodded to himself, that'll do.

Entering the main sitting room he first noticed his beaming aunt and glowering uncle, sitting on the opposite couch was the old hermit Ben Kenobi, and a small brunette teenager with wide violet eyes and wavy brown hair.

She met his gaze and he felt something clench his heart as she grinned openly at him, "You must be Luke! It is a pleasure to meet you, I'm Nunnally, Ben's granddaughter. Take a seat, we were just about to have tea!"

Looking towards his guardians aunt Beru smiled and nodded as Uncle Owen...holy...was he pouting? His uncle was pouting! Ignoring that he quickly took the only free seat, the one next to Nunnally, and smiled to her.

"Nice to meet you, and yeah, I'm Luke, Luke Skywalker, nice to meet you as well!"

No one, not a single soul across the vast expanse of the galaxy could possibly realize that this meeting was the death knell of the Galactic Empire.

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