I smiled softly to myself as I sat in my fathers tent, my hand twirling in the air as sparkling dust and light followed my hand.

"Dalia. They are here." my father, Aslan rumbled.

"As in outside?" I asked. "No, little one, as in entering the camp. Please, stand with Orious." father requested gently, looking at me with his soft, warm eyes.

"Yes sir." I replied before picking up my sword and leaving the tent, walking over to stand by Orious, captain of our guard.

"Princess." he greeted with a nod. "Orious." I replied, nodding back before running a hand over my poofy blonde hair and sighing and slipping my sword into its sheath before three humans walked up behind two beavers, stopping a few feet from us, the oldest boy taking out his sword and holding it out to us, trying to seem threatening.

"We have come to see Aslan." he called loudly. I smirked slightly before turning to the tent entrance as everyone bowed to one knee except myself before father stepped out and slowly walked to me. He gave me a soft look and nodded to our guests, allowing me to address them. I quietly turned back to the humans and beavers before speaking.

"Welcome Peter, Son of Adam, welcome Susan and Lucy, Daughters of Eve. And welcome to you beavers, you have our thanks for getting them here safely." I said, bowing my head to the two shocked beavers before father spoke.

"But where is the fourth?" he asked.

"He has been captured." the female beaver replied.

"Captured? How has this happened?" I asked, my eyes widening as I looked at the siblings for conformation.

"He...betrayed them, your majesties." one of the beavers said, solemnly.

"Then he has betrayed us all!" Orious thundered.

"Peace, Orious." I ordered, my voice stern as I shot the centaur a look.

"How has this come to pass?" father asked, myself turning back to watch the siblings.

"It was my fault really. I was too hard on him." Peter said sadly as he stood, looking at the ground before Susan and Lucy stood as well, Susan resting a hand on her brother's shoulder.

"We all were." Susan added.

"I see." father replied, looking thoughtful.

"We thought if anyone could help us, it would be you." Peter said as he looked back at us, his eyes filled with hope. We stayed quiet, myself because I was waiting for father's answer and him because he was thinking.

"Please. He's our brother." Lucy whispered, her eyes begging us.

"I know dear one. It simply makes the betrayal all the worse." father replied, nodding to me. I stepped forward, the three siblings looking at me hopefully.

"We will do everything in our power to get your brother back. That is a promise and we never break a promise." I told them, bowing my head slightly. Father nodded to me again before going back to his tent to think, leaving me to address everyone once I saw they weren't making any move to go back to their jobs.

"Oi, what are you lot all standing around for? We have a war to prepare for now get back to work!" I called playfully.

Everyone laughed before slowly dispersing and the usual clamor filled the camp again as I walked down to the siblings, my eyes meeting Peter's and I almost lost my footing when I felt a strange warmth flow through me, pulling me toward him, causing me to shake my head to clear it.

"I believe you three are in need of rest, a good hot meal, and a both for the girls. Orious and his wife will take you to the river to bathe. Then we shall get a nice hot meal in all three of you." I told them, smiling, my ears twitching when I saw their eyes were locked on them.

"Not to seem rude, but what are you?" Lucy asked.

"I'm a Ligon. My mother was a Tigon, a cross between a tiger and a human and I am a cross between a Tigon and a lion, making me part human, tiger, and lion. The Daughter of the Great Aslan himself, at your service, dear one." I replied, bowing to her, causing Lucy to laugh.

After getting the girls some dresses and Peter a change of clothes I headed up to the cliff where the best view of Narnia and Cair Paravel was. I quietly sat down and stared at the view, trying to think of what could be done to save the siblings brother.

"That is Castle Cair Paravel on the Eastern Sea. Home of the four thrones, one one of which you will one day sit, Peter." I jumped slightly and turned to see Peter and father behind me, staring at the castle.

"I'm sorry, little one. Did we startle you?" father asked gently as I stood.

"A little. But I was not paying attention. Lost in my own thoughts." I replied.

"Ah, I see." father replied as I turned to Peter.

"I'm sorry, forgive me, I know your name and the names of your sisters, but none of you know my own. I am Divadalia. But I am called Dalia by my friends." I told him with a smile, a hand over my heart as I bowed slightly.

"It is nice to meet you, Dalia." Peter replied. I smiled at the king before turning to father.

"Not to seem rude about cutting this short, but I think I will go and check on the Daughter's of Eve." I told him, feeling the warmth flood over me again and try to pull me to Peter's side.

"Alright, little one. I will see you at the camp." father replied, nodding to me. I bowed to him and Peter again before walking down the hill towards the woods.

As soon as I was out of sight I stopped and placed a hand over my chest, the tugging still there, trying to pull me back the way I had come. I furrowed my brown, making note to ask father about that later as I continued walking before the sound of a horn cut through the air, making my blood go cold for a moment. I quickly broke into a run and headed for the river, Peter soon catching up to me before I shifted into a lioness, the stripes that were almost invisible on my skin standing out greatly on my fur as I charged out of the trees and through the water, slamming into one of the three wolves trying to attack the girls as they held tightly to the tree that they had managed to climb.

I rolled across the ground with the wolf, shifting back into my human form and trying to pin the larger creature. I let out a yell when I felt the wolves sharp claws slice through my shirt and cut into the skin on my side before I pinned him down with my sword and powers, keeping him from being able to move as Peter faced against the other two wolves.

"Come on! We've already been through this before! We both know you haven't got it in you!" one growled. I glared at the wolf as father and some of the army appeared, father pinning one of the wolves down with a large paw. In that one moment of distraction my power broke and the wolf I had pinned jumped away before lunging at me, only to meet my sword.

"Stay your weapons! This is Peter's battle!" I heard father order as I shoved the deceased wolf off of me, standing on shaky legs and holding my bleeding side as I turned to watch Peter and Maugrim face off.

"You may think you're a king, but you're going to die like a dog!" Maugrim shouted before lunging at Peter. I winced when I saw them hit the ground and heard the girls screamed his name before jumping down from the tree and rushing over.

"Are you alright, princess?" Orious asked once he saw me holding me side.

"Fine." I replied tightly nodding to him before father let the wolf he was holding up, allowing it to run off, howling and barking.