20 Years Later

I smiled to myself as I raced along the wooded path after the legendary white stag, Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Edmund on my tail as we raced. I smiled as Peter pulled his horse up alongside my own, reaching over and taking my hand in his gently, smiling at me. When I looked back at his siblings I saw only Lucy and Susan. I quietly pulled my horse to a stop along with the three siblings and we all headed back.

"Come on Ed!" Lucy said with a grin once we found him and Philip standing a good way back down the trail.

"Just catching my breath." Ed told her, patting Philip on the neck.

"Well that's all we'll catch at this rate!" I laughed teasingly.

"Really? What was it he told us Susan, Dalia?" Lucy asked with a grin.

"You girls can wait at the castle I'll get the stag myself!" Susan replied as we all laughed before I noticed something strange about the tree beside me.

"What is this?" I asked myself as Peter and his siblings got down from their horses.

"Everything alright, darling?" Peter asked, noticing my confused look as I placed a hand on the 'tree', realizing it was a lamppost.

"It feels like we've been here before." Susan said as the four siblings stared at the lamppost.

"Its like from a dream." she added.

"Or a dream of a dream." Susan replied before Lucy got a funny look on her face.

"Spare Oom?" she muttered before handing me her horses reins.

"Lucy?" Susan asked.

"Not again!" Ed groaned as they also handed me their reins.

"We'll be right back, darling. Wait here." Peter told me gently, kissing my hand softly before tying his horse to my saddle, kissing the corner of my mouth before following his siblings. I nodded with a smile before watching him chase his siblings into the thick brush, mounting my horse. As I sat on my horse I realized I could no longer hear them moving through the dry leaves.

"Peter? Susan? Lucy? Edmund?" I called, but got no answer.

"My lady, is everything alright?" a centaur asked as he loped over to me.

"I believe so-AAH!" I cut myself off when an agonizing pain ripped through my chest, causing me to topple off my horse with a scream.

"My lady!" I heard the centaur yell in shock before the pain became too much and I blacked out. When I came to I was laying in my bedroom in the castle. As I slowly sat up I felt a twinge of pain in my chest, feeling as if something wasn't there.

"Peter?" I called, not remembering how I got to the room in my pain induced state.

"Majesty, please, lay back down. You hit your head when you fell." I heard a familiar voice order gently before Thomas was pushing me back down on the bed.

"Thomas? Where's Peter?" I asked tiredly.

"My lady, Chiron, said that only you were at the lamppost with the others horses. We've searched the forest all around the lamppost but we've found no trace of the Kings or Queens, we only found their crowns, laying as if they had been placed upon the ground." the faun told me sadly.

"What? No, nononono!" I wailed as my memories of my friends rushing off into the woods after their sister reentered my mind and the pain came back full force.

"They can't have just disappeared!" I yelled at the counsel a week later, slamming my fist onto the table.

"My lady we have searched the forest surrounding the lamppost all the way to the Witches Castle there is no sign of them!" Saik told me in exasperation.

"Then search again! We must be missing something." I ordered, sitting down on my chair as I folded my hands and rested my mouth against them.

"Majesty, forgive me for saying, but you don't seem yourself. Not just with the disappearances of the other Kings and Queens, but your energy seems, off." my sooth-sayer and Mage, Salome told me gently.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"Let me see your hand." the old woman said gently. I nodded and let her take my hand, feeling her energy wash over me as she looked for the source of the problem. A few moments later her eyes snapped open and she gasped.

"My lady, did you have a sudden pain before you fell off your horse the day they went missing?" she asked, worry creasing her brow as she searched my eyes.

"Yes. It is what caused me to fall. Right here." I told her, placing a hand over the right side of my heart.

"My lady, it seems as if High King Peter's part of the bond that connects you two, has been severed. As if, cut through by a burning hot blade...that can only happen if..." the old woman trailed off as my eyes widened, knowing what she was implying.

"No, no he is not dead. None of them are dead!" I whimpered, pulling my hand from the woman's as she looked at me with such sadness and sympathy. That night all of Narnia heard the pained cry of their queen, and they knew that their worst fear had been realized, the Kings and Queens that they had come to love were gone.

Four years passed and slowly the Narnians grew to accept the deep loss they had suffered a, but the Queen never moved on. The once pure, sweet, loving Queen they had know was transformed by her loss into a hard, dark, and angry queen. But even though she had become hard and dark in her loss, she still cared for her people with a soft hand. But the still peaceful land of Narnia would never be the same after their loss and soon their enemies began to take notice, but not one was brave enough to strike at the great land, until one kingdom, finally did.

I let out a small scream as I heard another of the large boulders crash into my once beautiful castle that was now being reduced to rubble by the Telmarine army.

"My lady! Follow me!" I heard Salome call as she grabbed my hand, pulling me along with her as she ran from the crumbling castle and down into the heavily protected underground treasury and exit. We rushed through the hidden tunnels we had built after Peter and the others left us and quickly ran across the countryside. We finally stopped at a large cave, glittering with diamonds and jewels.

"We are safe here, highness." Salome told me gently as I sat down before laying back on the cold ground, trying to catch my breath.

"My lady?" Salome asked.

"I am fine. I just wish Peter were here.." I whispered as I stared up at the ceiling.

"I know my lady. But right now we must think of you. We need to protect you until this dies down. Do you trust me my lady?" Salome asked, taking my hand in her own

"With my life." I replied.

"Good. Follow me." the woman told me, leading me deeper into the cave before stopping at a small ledge on the cave wall.

"Lay here my lady." she ordered gently. I quietly did as she said, slowly laying back on the cool stone.

"I am going to put you into a deep sleep. You will sleep until there comes a time when we move to take back out Narnia. I will also put a spell over this cave so that only Narnians will good intentions may come in and see you. You give the people hope my queen. I hope one day, I will see you again, when our Narnia becomes free once again." Salome told me softly as I felt my eyes start to grow heavy and she began to chant and sing in an ancient language.

That day the trusted friend of the Kings and Queens used the last of her magic to protect the Last Hope of the Narnian people, placing the High Queen under a sleeping spell that would keep her safe. Never allowing her to age, never allowing her to become hungry or wake. But the spell also turned back her years, returning her to the age she was when the Kings and Queens of Old had first come to Narnia. And we hope that one day, she will wake and our Narnia can become free once again.