During the drive back to the precinct it was quiet. When they arrived, everything took a very sour turn for both of them…

Without a word he stepped out of the squad car, eyes half open and wits half working. He tapped the car ram on his way past it and around to the passenger side door. She was still inside, and he paid no mind to the look on her face as he opened the door for her. He took her hand and helped her out. Then he cradled her cheek in his hand and gently nuzzled the other with his snout, his eyes closed.

"What… the hell was that?" She stammered.

Snap back to reality for Nick, rooted to the ground and as stiff as the tree attached to them. His eyes were hardly held in his head by his rapidly retreating eyelids.

"… Nick? What the hell was that all about?" She repeated.

He shuttered, then jolted straight up and swiftly walked away, his head pointed firmly at the pavement. "It'll never happen again, so just let it go."

"Hey! Stop right there Nicholas Wilde!" She barked like a scolding mother. He stopped dead in his tracks with all the fur on his body standing on end. "Not five minutes ago you wouldn't look at me straight, and now you're… helping me out of cars and-… you pretty much just kissed me so I think you owe me a friggin explanation slick!"

"Will you just say "fuck" please!?" He pivoted around quick, a swap between horribly embarrassed and completely enraged happened in an instant. Try as he might, even as he was yelling, to figure out why he simply couldn't. "I'm sick and tired of this "little-miss-can't-cuss-or-momma-gonna-tan-my-hide crap! "Friggin'" isn't a fuckin' word Judy!"

"You-…you-…" she was trembling, out of hurt or fury, he couldn't tell. "You plant your nasty lips on me and then you turn around and-"

"I didn't plant my lips anywhere!" his embarrassment was starting to resurface. He rubbed his snout and showed her his hand. "It was my nose and it's perfectly clean… see?"

A lot of the fury in her expression disappeared, and the hurt had it's chance to shine through. He could see her lip starting to tremble along with the rest of her. He panicked, and started pleading.

"I haven't been sleeping very well… I'm out of it…" he paused, tripping on his words. Until he heard a sniff and watched her head bob only slightly. "Look I-… that's how my mom used to get me out of the car…"

Her head came up quick, still wavering and brimmed with tears. It got silent for a moment and the worry was written all over her.

"Can we just go home for today? … Please?"

She didn't say anything for a minute, soaking up the tears. With a couple more big sniffs she nodded, and they proceeded into the building.

They didn't say another word to each other after clocking out, even when they bumped shoulders in the concord. The day had utterly defeated them both.

- Nick's apartment-

The bed cried out with a horrible creak. He threw all of his weight straight down as he sat on its edge, and buried his head in his hands.

He stayed like that as he took in the longest, and possibly deepest breath he'd ever taken. When he exhaled it, it actually felt like it was taking too long. When it was finally over he looked at the digital clock on his nightstand…. eight thirty-one pm.

"Isn't it a little early to be trying to sleep Nick?" he asked himself sarcastically. "Yea Nick, but how likely do you think it is that you'll get a good night's sleep?" he chuckled in response.

His entertaining demeanor was nothing more than a front, and as soon as his mind settled down for the night it was all gone. Alone again, just like always…

'Nick, since you're my best friend I want you to be the godfather of our children' she said, vested from head to toe in white. 'You understand? Don't you?'
"No… I don't understand."
'Listen, Nick, you're the best. I really meant it when I said that I love you and I know you know that… don't you?'
"…" Wake me up.
'Do you… want me to leave her?'
'I'd do that for you, Nick.'
"That would be great… if this wasn't the same dream I had last night…"

With that, his eyes wrenched open. He rolled only enough to reach around behind him.

"Judy… hey… where are you?" After a moment of looking for her he got worried and rolled the rest of the way onto his other side, and for a very brief second, he started to panic…

Then he remembered.

She'd only been to his apartment twice, and never once since he'd known her had she ever been in his bed, or any bed with him for that matter…

He laid there only blinking. He was totally dry, but his bedding was soaked through. Just like last night, and the night before. When he peeled away from his pillow he could see the stain even in the dark.

The clock said three forty-three am. It was strange how he felt somehow relieved that he'd made it an hour longer than the night before.

His phone rang softly even in the relative quiet of the night. He was calling her, why? He had no idea. His impulsive thoughts told him that hearing her voice would ease the stress somehow, although, even if he did reach her there was very little chance that it would.


"It's Nick," he sighed. "I need to talk to you for a minute."

'…' it was quiet for a moment. 'What're you doin' callin' my lady in the middle of the night fox?'

"Can't sleep, put her on." he bitterly exhaled, he wasn't angry or surprised, he was only wishing he didn't have to go through her to get to Judy… at least not right now.

'Why the hell should I? Why don't I put you in the dirt dude? That's the real question.' Her shallow threat was followed by rustling and arguing. He was able to hear Judy groaning and fussing and kept his fingers crossed mentally that she'd be able to get the phone away from Mary.

'Nick?' She sounded out of breath. 'What's going on… it's really late.'

"You know a doctor, don't you? Someone you asked about me?"

'…' he waited patiently. 'I um- … yeah, why?'

"Is there any way I can see him… soon?"

'You… want to go to my doctor?' She sounded confused. 'For-… are you like-… are you having symptoms?' she stammered.

"No Hopps," she couldn't see his annoyed scowl. "I just felt like calling you in the middle of the night to get death threats from your lovely life partner," he replied, sarcastically.

'Ok Nick, I'll-' he could hear rustling, and he thought he heard her tell Mary to stop. 'I'll call him in the morning.'

"Just give me the number please…"

After some coercing, he was able to get the doctor's phone number. When he hung up she said goodbye, but he said nothing. He didn't sleep any more that night.

-Zimmerman MD, Sahara Square-

When he'd called Judy it was a Friday night.

"This room just sucks," he thought. It was Sunday, and he sat in the very same chair Judy had sat in during her last visit. He'd been sitting there for twenty minutes and he'd already seen everything on his news and social media.

So, for the last fifteen minutes, he'd been picking at a loose thread on his pants, contemplating his dismal future, and trying to pour meditative breaths onto the nuclear reactor that was his nerves.

"Yes, yes, I know Mrs. Longville…" the door clicked open a crack and stayed that way. He could hear an old mammal just outside and quickly uncrossed his legs and straightened out his tie.

"Soooo," in hobbled an old white fox, groaning as he wheeled over his stool. "You must beeee…" he flipped a few pages in his chart. "Nick?"

"Yea, that's me."

"If my memory serves me," he chuckled "which it very rarely does these days… you're the fox Miss Hopps was talking about?" He inquired.

"Yea," he replied. "But what exactly did she tell you about me?" He sounded nervous, he assumed Judy had'to've spoken to some kind of doctor, or at least another fox to know that he was lying about "needing time to mourn," and now that he was here with that very some doctor he was hoping she hadn't told him it was her he'd imprinted on.

"Well, not much." he sighed, flipping through the chart some more. When he folded it back up and set it on his lap a sympathetic look came over him. "Let me be the first fellow fox to tell you that… I'm sorry son."

It might've been his expression or the fact that he might be the only mammal he'd ever spoken to who could understand the extent of what he was going through, and it hit him where it hurt. "Hmm-mm, thanks." He cleared his throat to distract himself.

The old fox smiled and nodded.

"So," he rolled his stool over to the nearest counter and set his charts for Nick down, before returning. "Why don't you run me through what your symptoms have been Nick. From the fatigued look about you, I'm assuming you're having night terrors."

"Yea." Nick's responses were short.

"Anything else?" The doctor inquired.

Nick took a moment to think. His head fell slowly to look at the gray patterns in the white marble-esque tile beneath him. "The other day I-"

"You did something you don't recall wanting to do?"

Nick's head pricked up with surprise, although, he should've known that a doctor who's also a fox would have a fairly good grasp on what he might expect from this. "Yea, well… sort of."

"Tell me about it." The doctor pulled a notepad out of his lab coat pocket, and a pen from the pocket in his button up shirt. "I need to know exactly what you're experiencing Nick." He clicked his pen three times.

Nick leaned forward, resting his forearms in his lap to prop up his shoulders.
"I like-… "space out," and I do things… things I would probably do if she was actually-… well if she actually returned my feelings. If that makes sense?"

"Walk me through something specific that happened," he didn't look up from his notepad, and Nick was momentarily bothered by his seeming lack of empathy.

"On Friday-"

"This last Friday?" The doctor interrupted.

"Yea, this Friday," Nick looked up to meet his gaze. "I spaced out after a patrol and-… I "helped her" he used air quotes "out of the car and then-… I kissed her… on the cheek, and when I did it I was thinking about how my mom used to do that."

The doctor watched Nick speak, as quiet concern worked it's way through the wrinkles in his face.

"It was strange because I don't remember thinking anything at all until she asked me what the hell I was doing…" Nick ran a hand through his scalp and sighed. "And just this morning I uh-… I had another night terror and-… when I woke up I was trying to find her in the bed with me. Thing is, she's never been in the same bed with me." Nick gave a fragile smile, trying to seem amused by how absurd it was. It vanished immediately when he saw that the doctor was wiping a tear away.

"Hoh-hmm," the doctor cleared his throat with a deep booming rasp and stood up. He made his way over to a nearby hanging cabinet and opened it. "Nick I'm going to prescribe you some Trazodone for sleep, and I want you to ween your way onto these…" he returned to Nick with two sample packs of pills.

He'd heard of Trazodone, but the other wasn't familiar. "… Seroquel?"

"It's an anti-psychotic medication, it also helps with sleep." The doctor replied.

"Anti… psychotic?" Nick looked understandably concerned. "I'm not-… I'm not crazy… right? I mean meet me half-way here."

"You're absolutely NOT disturbed Nick." He walked back over to the counter and scooped up Nick's charts before stopping with his hand on the knob. "That anti-psychotic will help re-balance the chemical levels in your brain. It's used for everything from psychotic episodes to compulsive gambling habits." He smiled, "you aren't crazy."

Nick examined the back of the package looking for where it said that but before he could find it he heard the door open and looked up to meet the doctor's gaze one more time.

"I'm also setting you up an appointment with a college of mine, an excellent therapist… she'll help you with all of your emotional issues. My receptionist Angela will give you the details. Oh, and your cholesterol is a little high. Whenever you have the time call my office and make another appointment, I'll be looking forward to it." He winked, and without another word he left.

When he was told what that second medication was, it got right underneath his skull. Zimmerman had explained that it was for a lot of different uses, but that word… "psychotic." He only asked himself once why it bothered him so much. And his honest self gave him an answer… "maybe you are crazy?"