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"So I kicked him in the head until he was-" I cut the raider short with a crowbar to the back of the head. God, why do they always *say* that? A raider off to the side fires off a shotgun. Luckily, it only hits a glass window between me and himself. Fragments of powdered glass glides off my leather jacket. I duck down, now shielded by an old concrete wall. I pull out my black .45 auto. I count to three, stand up, hold my breath, and squeeze the trigger. My gun barks a shot.



Wait, I only shot once, not twice! I look down, blood soaking my white shirt in a spreading stain. Dammit! A raider stands a couple of feet further back than where the other one had been standing. He is holding a smoking Chinese number. Figures. I fall forward, and my vision fades around the edges. Then it goes white. "Damn... it..." I fall limply to the floor. Everything feels so heavy all of a sudden. Now what? Well?

"It will be alright," a voice echoes from the deepest part of the encompassing whiteness. It is barely a whisper, but I hear it all the same..

"Who are you? Mom? Amata? Hell,... Butch.. is that you?" I don't like the desperation in my own voice..

"No! Will you please open your eyes already?" The voice is lighthearted. Even a little childish. A hint of frustration gives it a slight edge though. Enough to make my eyes flutter open. Hair is the first thing to catch my eye, a deep shade of red, some shade of black cherry.

"Who are you?" a short girl asks. Her curious grey eyes look huge as they lock with my own.

"Steven, I'm Steven Ironheart.. Who are you?"

A toothy grin brightens her face.

"My name's Ruby Rose. It's Weiss to meet you."

I gape at her. She chuckles. 'What the Hell?' must have been written all over my face. "Don't worry about it..." she says.

"So... do you normally hang upside down in trees too? Its become a bit of a hobby of mine." Huh? Tree? I look up- or rather down- and a sea of green awaits my eyes. It is all around her feet. It stretches on and on. Up to the bark of the.. tree? Wow! It's all so... beautiful! I feel my legs weaken, "oh sh-". Then I collide with the bright green sea with a *thunk* as my head hits the ground.

I wake up facing a wall. Whatever I'm laying on is really comfortable! I roll over. A set of burning amber eyes are fixed on mine. I automatically reach for my 45 caliber, but its nowhere to be found.. Oh shit! The seemingly disembodied eyes flick down at a book ignoring my momentary panic. Oh, did I forget to mention? It's dark as Satan's underwear drawer down here-wherever "here" is? Well it is! I turn the light on my pip boy on. I scan the room.

"Will you *please* turn that off? There are sleeping people in the room!" I hear from the general direction of the middle of the room.

"Oh! Sorry!" I whisper. I click my light back off. I stumble around a bit as my eyes slowly adjust. My fingers find something round and cool, about waist height. Metal. A door knob! I turn it. The door opens without a sound.

A dimly lit hallway shows Ruby arguing with a girl. Her voice is hushed, but her gestures and body language are plenty clear enough. She is not happy. The other girl is even shorter then Ruby. Her heels show off perfect calves that seem to go on forever, but she is still shorter than Ruby. Her white hair is put up in a pony tail tied to the side of her head. It spills over a sparkly tiara. Everything about this girl screams "Princess", including her attitude towards the redhead I met earlier.

"No! He can NOT sleep on MY bunk!" Her voice is louder than Ruby's. "I have tests tomorrow, and I need my sleep!" fists balled, she stomps a heel for emphasis, completing my first impression of her.

"We can't just let a guest sleep on the FLOOR!" Ruby hisses. She stomps a foot too. Then both girls cross their arms. I am pretty sure they don't even know they are mimicking each others movements. I almost choke on a cough as I try to stifle the laugh that threatens to bubble from my lips. I can't help it. They are both adorable in their outrage!

"Well, why don't you just ask him?" Her eyes lift from Ruby's face, over Ruby's shoulder, and meet mine. Ruby and I jump simultaneously.

"Uhh.. Hi!"

I keep my face straight, but I can't keep the chuckle completely out of my voice.

"Hi." She replies. Her eyes twinkle.

The white haired girl arches a brow. "I am Weiss.. who might you be?" she asks.


An awkward silence lingers for a moment or two. I could have sworn I heard crickets chirping in the background. "..and I'm fine with sleeping on the floor. I've slept in worse places." I add. Anything to break that silence!

"No. No, that just won't do!" Weiss whisper-yells.

"Oh, I know!" Ruby shouts back.

Her hushed tones apparently completely forgotten. Weiss and I both shush her.

"Do you have a better idea, Ruby?"

"Well.. I know that Ozpin keeps camping supplies in the storage room. We could just borrow some!" she whispers.

"Oh! that's a splendid idea! Just Splendid! Let's just waltz into the storage room, steal a cot, and then just wander back out! The guards won't mind an unregistered guy you just "found in the forest" and two first years stealing Beacon property, now would they?" Weiss' voice drips sarcasm.

Then it hits me. Where the hell am I? Why am I even following two girls around? Why am I trying find a cot? Oh, and why-the-hell am I not DEAD? I mean, I've survived a lot, but Damn! I thought I was a goner!

Ten minutes of sneaking around corners in pajamas later, and we make it to a wooden door. It has a plaque that says 'Storage: Camping Supplies' written on it in bold black letters.

"See? No guards!" Ruby says smugly.

"Unless you've just jinxed us! Good job!" I whisper-yell.

"Oh! ..Sorry!" she raps on an unpolished wood baseboard near the floor. Seems I am not the only superstitious one..

"Hey! Who is there?" A flashlight whips around the corner. "Oh, you two! Out for coffee again?" Then he shines his light over me. "Who's your friend?" A gruff voice says without taking a breath or batting an eye. The burly guy wears a security uniform with the word 'Beacon Security' printed clearly in white lettering across his chest. He has that casual self assured posture that comes with enough time on the job. "I'm Steven, and uh.. I... I'm new here." I reply. Pearls of sweat must be clearly visible on my forehead, if the thunderous beating of my heart doesn't give me away.. "Oh, smooth move, Buster" I berate myself. "He's totally gonna believe that!"

"Oh okay. You didn't answer my question though. What're you kids doin' around the storage areas? You passed the cafeteria a couple 'o doors ago." He says.

Both girls relax visibly and the security guy cracks a grin. I feel my stomach unclench. "He couldn't get to sleep in his new dorm, so we went to get a cot instead! So he wouldn't have to sleep alone, just for the first night, you know?" Ruby says. Weiss and I facepalm.

"Oh, well, if that's all it is, you shoulda just said so! I'll unlock it for ya! Bring it back in the morning, alright?"

"Yes mister Boris." Weiss answers politely and maybe a little bit automatically. "Mister Boris" looks placated though. He smiles and walks towards the door. He unlocks it, and quickly returns with a folded green cot, and some bedding piled on top.

"Here ya go! Get yourself some sleep now, you'll need it!"

We head back to the dorm. That is what I must have woke up in earlier! When we enter, the room is completely dark. A different room?

".. then I hugged her, and she totally hugged me back!" I chuckle softly. Someone seemed to have had a better day than I'd had.. I turn my pip boy light to it's dimmest setting. It's just enough to see the outlines of the cot latches. I set it up smoothly. We trade good night wishes, and lay down. I stare at the black ceiling stretching above me. My mind still reeling. I have no answers! They come roaring back into my mind. Where the ever-loving-fuck am I?

That is the last coherent thought in my mind before I feel myself drift off.