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After our talk, Ozpin let me go for the day, my classes start tommorow. Before I knew it i was out of his clockwork office and clunking up a flight of metal stairs, a metal door awaits me at the top, i turn the handle, light pours into the room like water from a faucet. I walk out to the rooftop over looking the lively campus, crimson forest, and the peaceful city, not a bit of radiation scorched dirt in sight, everything is just so... alive. I pop a VCH tape out of my coat pocket, i slide it into the recieving end of my pip boy. I sigh, a mellow drum beat opens into the soft voice of frank sinatra, i sing along "fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars." i take a breath, "let me see what spring is like on, jupiter and mars." a breath again, "in other words, hold my hand, in other words, baby kiss me." i catch my breath, "fill my heart with song and let me sing forever more." i take a breath just as i hear the door creak, i pull my pistol and point it at the door, music still playing. I point for a solid couple minutes, long enough for the song to finish and change tracks to a nat king cole song, i hit the pause button, taking a few steps towards the door, i turn the handle and pull the door, several girls and boys come tumbling through. "heh, well this akward..." Ruby says, "I'm sorry..." the red head from the food fight says, shes not too bad looking herself, she has really well toned muscles, well kept scarlet hair put back into a pont tail, a really long pony tail, her emerald almost glowing eyes captivating to the point that i can't help but stare, her face is built like a model, glistening lips, sharp chin, pale but not too pale skin, a strong yet sharp nose, her neck is slim but it reminds anyone looking that she is no dainty flower, but a skilled warrior.

I peel my eyes from her, "what are you guys doing up here?" i say, the blonde boy that i also recognise from the battle speaks up, "we wanted to invite you to the RWBY JNPR movie night, since you're a part of team RWBY now, we figured it would only be right, also no one has had the chance to meet you for an extended amount of time, so we figured it would be fun... and stuff." He's really akward, but he's friendly, why not! "alright, i'll come, sounds like fun." they all leap up, "Okay, follow us, we're going to our dorm room for movie night." the taller red head says, "whatever you say sunshine." i say as we all start to decend the flights of stairs. Before long we pass by the dorm team RWBY and i stay, the door across the hall is theirs, funny, i didn't see that last night... we all walk through the door and are greeted by a very clean room, very orginized, a complete contrast from the utter chaos of the dorm across the hall. We all take a seat in a homely part of the room with colorful bean bag chairs surrounding a television more sophisticated then i've ever seen, i sit down and both red heads sit on either side of me, while the blonde girl lays in my lap, why... the boy i knocked out earlier pops a disk into an odd looking vch player... the television starts playing, as it starts, it sounds like the commercials before the movie is being recorded in the same room, and the tv is so vivid, and it has... color. I've never scene anything like it... ever. A menu opens, they turn on 'subtitles' and start the movie. The movie starts, it opens with a stunning action scene that has me on the edge of my seat, the effects are so realistic, "hey, Steve?" i hear as a small finger pokes my shoulder blade, "huh?" i answer, almost completely captivated by the movie, "do you have any cookies?" she responds hesitantly. I peel my eyes from the movie to operate my pip boy, after a second or two of turning knobs and tapping buttons, a box with a dusty label that reads 'frosted hills' materializes in my hand, thats the ticket! I take a handful out then pass the box to her. I go back to the movie. About an hour into the movie i have three snoozing girls piled on me... the movie is near its final scenes, the others are sitting in other areas, some were sitting on their beds, but i'm just sitting here, watching a beautifully filmed and voiced movie, with popcorn in my lap and sleeping girls piled on me, the room was dimmed, almost dark, i haven't had dinner yet. I squint at the wall clock, 6:45... why the hell is it so dark?! i look at the windows, the curtains are pulled, that would be why, i got here around twoish. The movie ends and the credits roll. The scary ginger hops from her bed and flicks on the light, then pulls open the curtains, light shines through and everyone shields their eyes, all but the ging of course. "wakey wakey campers, its dinner time!" she shouts enthusiastically. We all groan a lazy yay. "cmon, dinners not gonna eat itself!" she shouts, we all mozey out. I follow the group to the cafeteria, the doors are pushed away by Yang and Ruby, the room is a stark contrast to earlier, the tables are all neatly aligned, the floors are spotless, the walls don't have a hint of the earlier food masacre. We walk through the crowd to the food tables, everyone starts piling on food, none of it sets my geiger counter off... ood. As i start grabbing food, i hear a dainty voice with a ring of a british accent, "ow! Stop it! That hurts!" i set my plate down and follow the sound, when i arrive i see an infuriating yet interesting sight, a boy, taller and more muscular then me, pulling on the ears of a bunny girl... wait what? He pulls on her ears, "see? I told you they were real!" the boy says, a couple other guys laugh. I walk up behind the guy, then i tap him on the shoulder, "huh?" he asks, i punch him in the solar plexus, he doubles over, i pull him into a head lock, "i hate bullies." i bring his head down on my knee, hard. I let him out of the head lock, then round house him in the rear, he falls forward, out cold. Three guys come out from the crowd and pick the sorry sod up and carry him away, not unlike a potatoe sack, i turn and the girl is long gone, well so much for showing gratitude to your hero... i walk back to the food table and grab my food, where did the group go? I look around for a bit until i spot the red head from earlier, i set my food down and wave at her. "Hello." she says, we both walk towards each other, stopping with only a couple feet between us, she's now in her uniform, the thing fits every curve perfectly, she's like a model but twice as deadly i'd guess. "What's your name? I'm Allen." i say, a warm smile embraces her face, it really suits her. "I'm Phyrra, nice to meet you Allen, where are you from?" she asks, oh shit... "um, Ivalresh... it's a country to the north..." i answer, where did that come from? Ivalresh? It sounds like some fantasy land with elves and magic and stuff, whatever... "hmmm, i've never heard of it before, please tell me about it." she asks, i freeze up, come on Steve! Think! "its very... dead, there aren't alot of trees, or grass, or much of anything, i hear there used to be, long before i was born, there aren't alot of people in the village i came from, but they were kind at times... what about you?" i ask.

"Mistral, a country west of here, its very... grassy, there isn't much else though, other then the cities, i've never been a big fan of cities, i'd much rather look at trees and flowers, chrysathemums are my favourites, then lilies, hey... do you have a minute?" she asks. "i have all night, why?" i answer, "i know a really nice place i want to show you."

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