Yeah, so I had planned a really long note and everything because I had stuff to say. Too bad that I forgot what exactly I wanted to say. Ugh. Anyway, here are a few things: I just remembered, actually there is a Korosensei in my story. The difference is simply that in here he's nothing more than a wise man that adopted a girl. Also, for those wondering about assassination: We'll get there. But it also won't be the same as in the series at all - It's, or at least I want it to be, a subtle thing, ranging over a long time period and based on feelings (and stuff). Makes no sense, I know.

But, yeaaah... I still really don't know how to go on about this. The plot itself that I have is actually very small and probably boring, and the story consists of things you could maybe call fillers, but I still hope that Ill somehow manage to make it interesting. Also I'm still experiencing with this while writing stuff, so it's still more or less shit. It's so hard to balance between okayish description and dynamic, uh, events... Feels like there's a whole science behind it. But that's good since I'm more of a science guy anyway lol. (If anyone wants to beta this though, I'd really appreciate it!)

Thanks for the support, also. And please review! It's really important to me what you guys think :P Critics are really welcome, I'm not easily offended so don't worry. And I really need to know what points I managed to get across, since I try to be somewhat subtle about a few things, the characters for example. Oh and this is kind of a boring chapter that will be continued in the next one (Where the story will really start to start). It also really still needs a lot of work but I shouldn't even have written this at 3AM before my first day of school anyway (GG, me, really well played...) so, yeah, fuck it, here ya go.

PS: Rio is about 6-8 years old in here. I probably didnt manage to get that across in my writing, so here it is.

Not quite having settled yet, the fiery sun that was so up high in the sky shone down on the colorful world of humanity. It cast its shimmering rays upon the green and brown trees of the dense forest, through the juicy leaves that just had grown out of the lifeful branches. It embraced with its warmth the soft fur belonging to the curious critters lazily napping through the day. It gracefully enlightened each and every green blade of grass that was slowly being shaken by the gentle breeze, instilling movement in the otherwise peacefully silent plains. It made the blooming flowers sparkle, reflecting all the colors of the rainbow. It also illuminated the small and resting town otherwise bustling with matinal activities, closely bordering with the plains.

It was on those very plains that lay on her stomach a young girl from that town, serenely admiring the red and blue winged butterfly only inches from her curiously crunched up nose. Her flaxen and slightly tousled hair flew flowed from her back clad in a pale red dress, down onto the delicate arms she had tucked under her chin. Afraid of chasing the small creature away, she held her breath, delight apparent on her lips, and the glint in her sea blue eyes hinting at the curiosity of a child her age. Around her, the air was filled with the constant chirping of energic cicadas, the rustling of the leaves - And, nothing else.
Those were the moments she cherished the most.

"Rio, I'm going to feed the animals now, you want to help?", a male voice cut through the light air, shortly interrupting the idle moment of peace. The girl cracked a last cheerful grin towards the butterfly, before quickly jumping to her bare feet. She hastily shook the remains of grass from herself, before taking off and dashing towards the source of the voice. "Sure!", she shot back, enthusiasm making it's way into the ether.

Spurting through the town, her feet softly thumped down onto the paved path, crossing shed's and wooden houses on her side. She went past the church, waved a hello to the villager pronging his backyard, and made her way towards the house on top of the cliff, or, more precisely, towards a fenced area not that far from it. Once arrived, she threw herself at the middle-aged man that had put on a set of workclothes, tightly hugging him for a short time as a greeting. He had a caring face, displaying extensive experience, but also wisdom. His grey hair betrayed his age, suggesting that he should not put the weight of the work he was doing onto his used body that would soon become obsolete. He was a priest by profession and belief, but in a such a small town work needed to be done, regardless of age, regardless of beliefs. That's why, once the sun started to unhinge itself from the sky and begin its descent, he had to shed his pristine white robes, substituting them with the brown and rough linen of a farmer's warderobe.

He was the one that took her in, no questions asked, knowing full well of the toll the dependency a second life to care for would place upon him. She was the one, the only one, that called him dad, not because she didn't know of the truth, but because it was what her heart told her.
Not waiting for a response, she eagerly asked "Can I feed the chickens? Can I, can I?", and once the man nodded and showed her a warm smile, she expertfully shuffled through the full wooden stable, picking up a bowl here, chicken feed there. She entered the chicke scoop, her aura still exuberant. Crouching down, she evenly laid out grains on the ground - And then waited as the hectic animals awkwardly waddled towards the food that was meant for them. All the while, she patiently watched over them, interested in their every move.

Finished with their job, the man, whom the people used to call Korosensei due to the infallible advice he gave, took the small girl's, Rio's, hand, and they started walking home.

A little while after, both of them were seated at a small table, before them a loaf of bread and a can of water. A serene thanks to an entity named god could be heard, before the girl wildly stuffed the product of wheat and water into her hungry mouth, whereas the priest slowly seemed to try and cherish every smallest moment of the scarce meal. But the young one didn't mind the lack of a better cuisine. She was thankful for what she got, and she made sure to leak her vibrant positivity to the outside. After all, she enjoyed eating. In her mind, she had just spent a very good day. She loved nature. She loved all the little animals, the flowers, and the trees. She loved the house she lived in, the food she ate, and she loved her dad. She loved her mattress made of sweet hay, and the thick linen sheets she covered her small frame with at night. And, most of all, she simply loved living. And as much as they tried to, they couldn't steal her the happiness she had left. Not yet, that is.