Heyo! I'm back from my very long hibernation. I'm really sorry I haven't updated in an eternity... I was thinking my other SYOT is kind of dead, but I miss writing a SYOT, and I got the groove back so... why not make another SYOT? Also I was thinking that maybe if I finished this SYOT it would give me a self-esteem boost so that I could finish the other one even if nobody ends up reading it... Anyway, enjoy, and I will shortly put up the form on my profile. :)

It's 1am and I still haven't thought up an original and useful idea for the arena. I groan and lean back into my chair. Why was I voted to be Head Gamemaker? I rub my eyes and sigh. It's been a stressful few weeks, but the next month is going to be even worse. I rub my eyes and try to sit straighter in my chair, but my back hurts so badly. I lean forward and pick up my newest map. It's a giant desert with caves and tunnels all around the arena and an oasis in the middle. I had felt so good about it when I first thought of it, but now I'm realizing just how stupid it would be. The tributes wouldn't be able to make fires and the landscape is so flat they could see each other for miles. The Games would be over before you could blink.

I angrily crumple the map between my hands and through it in the general direction of my trash can. I stand up from my seat and pick up a pillow from the purely decorational couch in my living room. I take a deep breath and then scream as loud as I can into the pillow. Once I run out of air and start getting light-headed, I bring my face away from the pillow, gently set it down, and tuck away the strands of bright pink hair back behind my ears. As I look around at my small complex nestled in the depths of the Capitol, I realize just what a mess it is. Crumpled maps of arena ideas are thrown about the room, most near the garbage can. Drab yellow curtains that were last year's trend hang from the large window on one side of the room. The tables and couches and desks are all supposed to be decorational, since most Capitolites spend their life outside all the time, partying or living in hotels, since they're fancier than their real homes. Only the very rich people who throw the parties and have no other parties to go to have sofas and furniture meant for use.

I'm not rich yet, but I'm sure in a few years I will be. President Turk has known me the longest out of all of the other Gamemakers. I had always wanted to be a Gamemaker when I grew up, and now I realize just how much work it is. Of course, it is fun and it's interesting to see the tributes every year, but it's a difficult job. And being Head Gamemaker is even worse! I was so surprised when I was voted to be the next Head Gamemaker by President Turk and the rest of the Gamemakers so soon. I feel honored and also I feel a lot of pressure. I haven't been a Gamemaker for long and I don't actually have that much money for a Capitolite. If I can just come up with an amazing and outlandish arena design, I'm sure that President Turk will be impressed with me and will trust me completely. The first year is always the hardest for a Gamemaker…

I walk around my room, picking up arena ideas and tossing them into the garbage can. I end up cleaning up my whole condo and tearing down the curtains hanging over the musky windows. I finally step back and look at my work, happy with it. This place looks so much nicer, now that I've finally cleaned it. I glance out my window and see in the City Square that my fellow Capitolites are partying again, and celebrating the upcoming Hunger Games by trying to watch as many previous Hunger Games as possible before the next ones.

Tonight is actually a very nice night. When I check the temperature, it's only about an 80 degree night. A perfectly warm night with a bit of a breeze. I change from my comfy pajamas into exercise clothes and stuff my keys into my pockets. Then I dash out the door and tiptoe out of the building I live in, although most of my neighbors are probably at that party right now.

I start jogging down the street, something rarely any of the Capitolites do nowadays. I believe in natural beauty instead of altering yourself to look a certain way. Unfortunately I'm one of the only few who think like that. Every now and then I hear shouts and boos and whoops from the party when something interesting happens, but I just want to get as far away from that party and my home as possible. Eventually I get extremely tired and my breathing starts coming in short, quick gasps. I pause by a large, graceful fountain and bend over, putting my hands on my knees to try to calm my breathing. A million thoughts are running through my head like where in the Capitol I am, how to get home, what time it is, if I will ever come up with a good arena design, if I really am a good Gamemaker or not, if that car that's driving by is slowing down for any particular reason…

I stand up and look towards the car. I can't recognize it because it's headlights are blinding me. One of the doors opens and a medium-sized man steps out and walks towards me. "Victor!" I shout in recognition. "What are you doing here?" I ask, trying to also figure out where here actually is.

"What am I doing here? Fawn, I live around the block. I was actually driving to your place because I heard there was a party going on over there," Victor says, running a hand through his orange curls. He blinks two dazzling golden eyes at me, waiting for me to explain myself.

"Uh, yeah, sorry. There's a party over there. I just kind of accidentally jogged over here," I mutter, staring at my feet.

"Accidentally jogged over here? Are you like a homing pigeon or something?" Victor asks, laughing at his own joke. I roll my eyes. Homing pigeons do the opposite of what I'm doing, I think. Of course probably no other Capitolites know that. Only the Gamemakers really need to research all that.

"Yeah, well, I have a lot of pressure on me right now and I thought I could jog it off," I say. I've known Victor for quite a while now and he has never once truly judged me for being different from the other Capitolites.

"Pressure? Are the Games getting to you again?" Victor asks, walking over to me.

"Yes! And especially since I'm Head Gamemaker this year, I have to come up with an arena design. Do you realize how hard that is? I've had weeks to do so and all my ideas have come up short!" I plop down onto the side of the fountain and bury my head in my hands.

I feel Victor sit himself down beside me, and I look over at him. "You're Head Gamemaker?" he asks in a quiet voice.

I scoff. "Yes, haven't you seen the news?" I ask, a little more harshly than I had imagined it would sound.

"No, not really. I've just been cramming Hunger Games things in lately. There's not really enough time for the news…" he mutters, staring at the concrete sidewalk. "I can't believe you're the Head Gamemaker. That's incredible," he continues in awe.

"Yeah, well, it's hard work," I say. Victor laughs at me and I turn to look at him, frustrated.

"I could help you! I made a lot of fake arena's when I was younger just for the fun of it. I was a very creative child." He gives me a playful wink and then shoulders me in a friendly way, but I'm much too tired from my run, and I fall straight backwards in the fountain.

The rushing blue water fills my nose and my ears, and my eyes snap open and take in the light filtering through the liquid and the morphed images of the buildings and Victor's face above the water. The coldness of it finally gets to me and makes my face tingle. I swing my head up from the fountain and stumble away, wiping my face.

"I'm so sorry, Fawn!" Victor says, standing up from the fountain.

"Thank you so much! Thank you so much, Victor!" I say, taking him by the hands and dancing around with him. "I just had an epiphany! The best arena design in the history of arena designs!" Okay maybe it isn't the best, but still. It's better than my other ones.

"A-are you okay?" Victor asks, tentatively pulling his hands out of mine once I stop dancing. I must look kinda crazy right now.

"I'm great, Victor! Absolutely sparkling!" I twirl around and around, trying to remember every bit of arena that had come to me in that split second. Do all head Gamemakers have sudden ideas like this? Is this a normal thing? I wonder. And does Victor have enough room in his car for me, my tired legs add in.

So, I'm going to put the tribute list on my profile, too, once I get to that point. For now, I really don't have a limit to tributes you can enter, but I bet if more people start entering tributes, I'll end up making a limit. Maybe. For now, just enjoy a limitless submission. And I'll try to update this story more with excerpts from Hunger Games-related Capitolites if not a lot of people know this story exists. :3

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