I wonder.


Did I cause this?

I…. am changing again.


Where was I?

Void, yes void.


What is happening.

Ah yes, the human.


Their soul looks black.

Wasn't DETERMINATION… Colored?

All souls have color.

I can't see color?

No Color.

I think… It is supposed to be red.

Yes, red.

I can't seem to recall RED!

I suppose it doesn't matter, I don't exist.

I am thinking not thinking.

Emptiness without a thought that thinks.

I observe.

They don't kill.

Admirable, for a human.

The values are off, I cannot show them my door.

They pass right on by that which both does and doesn't exist.

What is this feeling.

They can SAVE.

Was that always there?

Did I cause this?

Did I inadvertently create the SAVE when I fell.

Perhaps I did.

They pass the not door.

Values are off, they cannot find it.

Perhaps it is for the best.

I will watch them.

From the Dark.

Dark, Darker, yet Darker.

Poor Asgore.

His sense of Duty always was strong. Stronger than his own desires.

That flower, that… Hmm.

Petal formation suggests… Dandelion then.


Most likely yellow anyway.

I think I recall the Flower being the first to use the SAVE feature I may or may not have created when I was scattered.

Doesn't matter.

Asgore turns to dust before me, and the Flower takes the six human souls.

Curious, I recall the souls having a different color to them, to me, they are all black.

I miss seeing color.

I cannot interfere. Not because I don't want to, I'm truly not sure If I do or do not.

No I cannot interact because I do not exist.

I watch.

It grows.

The Flower has changed.

What is this?

This robotic nightmare of metal and vine.

I wonder, why would such a creature wish such a form upon itself, or is this temporary.

Perhaps it changes with the added value of DETERMINATION.

My vision is fading.

I will not see how this confrontation ends.

Back into the dark.