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"My legs hurt like hell Cream! I want to stop!"

"Hush your complaining insect! We'll stop when I see civilization!"

"How dare you call me an insect, you leaf user!"

Cream grabbed the front of Rachel's shirt and yanked her forward, a tick mark could be seen throbbing on her forehead. "It's not my fault that I woke up and had to do a number 2! I shouldn't have even told you! That was even two years ago and you still keep reminding me about it!" Cream shouted trying to explain in a hurry to defend herself, her face flushed red.

"True," Rachel said grinning smugly. "However, it was still you who used a leaf to wipe your huge bottom two years ago when we got lost in the forest on that hiking trip our parents arrange."

Cream was about to plant Rachel's smug face into the scorching sand until an exasperated sigh stopped her.

"Can you both not use up all your energy on arguing with each other? We'll likely need to use it for more important matters later on." Louis whizzed out between labored breaths. Slumped over dragging his feet through the sand.

Cream let go and Rachel and flushed a deeper shade of red. She was ashamed of the fact that her younger sibling had to correct her behavior.

Rachel, on the other hand, looked completely unaffected by Louis's previous statement. "What could we possibly need so much energy for?" Rachel asked dusting off her clothing.

"Well in case you haven't noticed we're stuck in a desert area and we have no idea where we are!" Louis explained annoyed that she even had to ask.

Rachel scoffed. "Finding a place to rest is going to be hard. There's so much sand all around us. It looks like we shrunk to the size of a grain of sand particles in a giant sandbox at a playground." Rachel said annoyed scratching the back of her head. The heat and dry winds were really beginning to leave her hair with a crispy texture feeling. Rachel could feel herself get irritated with all this heat and sand.

"Besides I think the only things we really have to worry about right now is finding civilization, avoiding dehydration, and figure out where we are." Rachel continued listing off each item with her fingers.

"What about desert monsters?!" Cream and Louis exclaimed in unison.

Rachel slides back a few steps leaning back."That was...just stupid. Don't come any closer to me. I don't wanna catch stupid."

Cream puffed out her cheeks, not amused. "No, it's not. It's a legit reason to worry about. Since we have no cause as to why we're even in this desert we have to think about all the possibilities. Rachel you of all people should know that they're secrets of Earth that mankind hasn't discovered yet. Louis keep your eyes open and stay alerted. I do not want us getting separated." Cream ordered pointing at Louis.

"Woah! Question!" Rachel shouted raising up her hand as if she was in class.

Cream turned to Rachel aggravated. "What now?"

Rachel looked like she was really thinking about it."If we do find something out here can I turn it for the money?"

"Sure.." Cream said turning her head the opposite direction.

"We're losing energy talking. From now on unless it's something important please stop talking." Louis said. His arms started to swing aimlessly at his sides. A dejected aura loomed over his head.

They all slumped back over further and continued to drag their feet. Their clothing sticking to them like a second skin. With Each step, it felt like their clothes would become more a part of each one's skin.

Louis, Cream, and Rachel could even begin smell the others stink from their armpits. The sun bearing down on them held no mercy for the three strangers to this new seemingly heartless world.

Rachel could only manage to lift her head an inch, her mouth felt heavy and dry, though she couldn't resist to not speak. "Hey, guys-"

"I'm not a guy." Cream interrupted sluggishly.

"-I find it quite surprising that you both aren't still freaking out. I mean you both were tripping and crying other each other when I met with you." Rachel continued without pausing.

"Oh, I'm still panicking in my mind, no worries." Cream waved her off lazily.

"I have my big sister with me. I guess that plays a big part in a way," Louis said wiping the sweat off his brow.

"Hey, I'm here too ya know!" Rachel exclaimed crossing her arms puffing out her chest.

"You definitely don't count. Freeloader," Louis said nonchalantly. (- _ -)

"You little midget-" Rachel began.

"Enough guys!" Cream interjected Rachel's sentence. "It's obviously it's the heat in this area that's making us all very testy-"

"Nah, I just don't like him," Rachel said pointing at Louis. Louis only stuck his finger middle finger up at her when Cream wasn't looking.

Cream whacked Rachel upside the head again but harder. Cream stepped on the back of her head forcing her face into burning sand with her foot. "-So what we need to do is put our heads together and form a plan other than just walking without any real direction, praying to stumble upon civilization." Cream finished removing her foot from the back of Rachel's head.

"You want us to put our heads together...?" Rachel and Louis thought out loud rubbing their chins.

"Hmmm," They took one glance at one another and smashed their heads together.

"I think it's working!" Louis yelled filled with joy. Cream smacked each of them upside the head. They both slide to the ground with smoke rising from their mouths soaked with sweat, sand particles sticking to their skin and getting in their shoes and garments.

"Not literally!"

"I was just thinking outside the box," Rachel groaned out rubbing her head.

"Yeah, and I was only...yeah I was just going with it," Louis said shrugging his shoulders.

"Okay, we'll take a twenty-minute break." Shaking her head Cream sat down on the sand placing her over-shirt on the ground where she sat. She took a deep breath and slowly let it out.

It was getting too difficult to stay positive in times like this. Looking around in circles, all they could see was sand, sand, and more sand. If one of them happened to be by themselves, they would have had a panic attack and possibly faint from exhaustion and dehydration. However, they were still pretty close to just giving up. Settling for just lying in one place and let the sun and wasteland finish doing its' job.

The desert was a region so arid because of the little rainfall that it supports only sparse and widely spaced vegetation or none at all. They couldn't even see one cactus or green, only a fool would venture this far out in a wasteland, a barren wilderness, with no supplies. This area seemed like only a few forms of life could even have a hope of existing because of the lack of water, permanent frost, or even the absence of soil.

Faith for escape also felt like a waste of time, now. Breathing hard, with heavy hearts they rested. The energy to continue on was gone. A wasting memory compared to their current worries. How, when, and for what reason could they possibly end up this far from their own original places they could remember being in? It was utterly confusing and terrifying.

"Guys I don't think we're ever going to make it. Just look around yourself, do you see anything that could even resemble life?" Cream asked.

They turned their heads left, nothing but sand, maybe the right could provide some hope, sand. Behind themselves maybe, nope, just sand.


The dejected expression on Cream's face killed whatever hope for salvation they happened to be holding onto.

"I'm so tired and hungry. It feels like my stomach is about to start eating my fat for nutrients." Rachel said, her voice was hoarse, like sandpaper rubbing against sandpaper.

Cream and Louis both winced at the sound. They could image how dry her throat must be and could only place a hand over their own throats pleading with whatever could hear them that didn't happen to them.

"You needed to lose the extra weight anyways," Louis remarked trying to lighten the mode.

Rachel opened her mouth to laugh but instead a coughing fit erupted. Her throat was extremely dry, it was beginning to hurt her badly. They needed water, especially Rachel.

Louis lowered his head to the ground guiltily while Cream rubbed circular smoothing patterns on Rachel's back.

"It's c-cool, you were o-only trying to be help-*cough* full." Rachel managed to finish before she erupted into another coughing episode but louder and more uncontrolled.

The sudden expel of air from her lungs with the sharp sound, it was terrible. She needed water extremely bad before she begins to cough up blood from a raw throat.

She finally calmed her coughing back down to normal breathing but with a few occasional coughs would escape. Cream returned back to her rightful position in the middle between them a worried expression graced her face.

Rachel waved her off. Rubbing her throat gently swallowing her own spit in the hope of easing some of the pain, but a drink of some sort would work magic right that instance.

"I'm fine, I just need some water that's all.." Rachel said in hopes of turning the attention away from herself. Cream opened her mouth to protest but Rachel cut her off with a shake of her head.

Cream took a deep breath, then let it out slowly."Okay, so right now, instead of arguing or making jokes, we need to form a plan to finding civilization instead of just wandering without direction, praying to find anything that resembles life. So I'm suggesting that we don't get split up, we looked back on our knowledge and experiences of getting lost, we especially need to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why we are here." Cream elaborated resting her chin on her palm closing her eyes thinking.

"Well now that you mention it, from what you two told me briefly about the last moments that you could remember before you woke up here, it appears that we all blanked out around similar time range. Cream what time do you remember going to bed?" Rachel asked slowly coughing a few times moving to sitting Criss-cross-applesauce.

Cream tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Well, let me think….oh! It was 2:38 A.M! I remember now! Right before I closed my eyes for the night I looked at the clock on the nightstand!" Cream exclaimed excitedly jumping up from her spot on the ground.

Rachel and Louis gave her odd stares like they were debating in their minds if she was still sane or not.

Rachel gently patted the spot where Cream used to be sitting motioning the overly excited adult to calm down and sit down. "Okay, calm down child. We only know what time you went to bed. Not the solution to world domination." Rachel sarcastically commented patting the ground faster until Cream sat back down.

"My bad…." Cream apologized using a deeper voice playing with her hair.

Giggles erupted from both Louis and Rachel. Coughing to calm back down the giggles Rachel continued. "Louis what time did you go to bed? Don't jump up." Rachel added the last comment only to be funny. Cream flushed a darker color of red, hiding her face behind her hair.

Louis rubbed his head thinking, looking up at the sky. Rachel and Cream also looked up.

"Boy, why are you looking up at the sky. The answer is not going to fall down and smack the answer into ya." Rachel joked. She and Cream shared a high-five.

"Good one." Cream laughed out.

"I know, I know." Rachel gloated.

"It was 12:23 A.M. That's the time I went to bed and stop laughing already. That joke wasn't that funny." Louis retorted.

The girls could clearly see that Louis wasn't any longer in the mood for jokes. He wanted results, they all did. Who could provide the answers that they needed?

Maybe somebody will discover them? No, some people aren't that lucky, there will be no easy way out of this dry, life-sucking, miles of sand.

"Okay, so if I remember correctly the time when I blanked out would least around 3:00 A.M something. So whatever happened to us, it must have happened between 12:00-3:00 A.M. Cream do you remember anything out of the ordinary when you went to check on Louis?" Rachel asked.

She was trying desperately to make at least a grain of sense of this situation. Rachel wasn't the kind of woman that needed to understand all situations but she wanted to understand this one. If not for yourself for Cream and Louis. She has more experience than those two ever had in dealing with wild climates like this.

"There was a blinking light coming from my neighbor's house that I could see from Louis's window. The funny thing is that when we moved into the house we visited our neighbors and they had oddly mentioned that they avoided the color red at all cost, they couldn't stand the color red. Louis and I promptly avoided going over to their house after they commented, I quote, 'the human blood should be blue instead of red'." Cream finished, a cold breath ran down her spine making her shiver. It felt as if somebody was watching her at that very second.

Her body immediately tensed up, any sudden movements and she would blow her top. Rachel remained calm on the outside, on the inside, she was an active volcano.

"I would avoid them too..Okay anyway, so I'll assume that the red light coming from the neighbor's house plays a big part in this. For now, we'll just assume that the light marked the time that whatever happened to us started. 2:00-3:00 A.M. We don't know the definite time it took for us to arrive, so let's go with one hour for now." Rachel spoke quickly, drawing her marks into the sand to keep the record of what she's spoken already. It's only out of habit.

Cream and Louis nodded their heads.

"Now that we have established that part, let's continue onto the part when you woke up. Notice anything strange of the sort? Besides the fact that you weren't at home." Rachel quickly added, stopping any side remarks.

Joking could come later after they've created a solution that sounds legit to get out of this desert.

The two siblings soon faded into their thoughts, every time they came close to remembering the moment they opened their eyes they were sent right back to their first thought. It was as if they were lost in eternal Merry-Go-Memory-Round Land. Not wanting to go against the question's criteria, Cream and Louis kept this to themselves and Rachel took their extended silence as a no.

Rachel sat back on her hands staring at the sunset against the blazing and dark land, the clashing violets, blues, reds, and oranges with the twinkling spots of far away gas was relaxing to them.

They examined the scene carefully, wanting to see every single thing that sky had to show. "No, no, no, no!" Cream jolted to her feet shaking her head fiercely. "We can't get swept away and lose focus! We're gonna live!"

Louis's tired brown eyes stared into her dead fish ones. "Nobody said anything about letting be their 'twilight moment' sis."

"I'm sick of hearing y'all voices. Shut the freak up now y'all." Rachel snapped closing her eyes again.

"Well, dang you don't have to get all moody on us." Cream retorted crossing her arms.

"Well if you and your weird neighbors weren't so weird, we might not be in this situation." Rachel shot back standing up looking down on Cream dead in the eye.

"She even said you stink a few times and she hated your new favorite blouse you bought." Louis quickly added whispering in Cream's ear.

"She did huh?" Cream whispered back angry, Louis eagerly nodded his head in anticipation.

He wanted entertainment and if the adults were being so absent minded, he'd definitely take advantage of the moment.

Creeping closer it crept forward toward the most aware person out of the three people. Hidden underneath the sand, hungry and wanting.

It doesn't want the two adults. No, it prefers the blood of a child for dinner instead of adults.

Louis, the poor little bystander stuck between the two adults. It was like a predator stalking its defenseless prey. The teen looked the most unchallenging for food, the creature especially liked the easy and fast food . Particularly after being starved for weeks on in, it wanted that brown bucket of goodness. They just had to be new. No human, animal, or sane being known to mankind would even dare to rest anywhere near here.

The creatures in the desert were dangerous during the daytime, but when it gets darker, they were ferocious bloodthirsty mammals. The Desert Hyacinth, Sabaku Hiyashinsu, is a meat eating plant indigenous to the desert. One of the most common creatures normally spotted. It'll burrow back underground to digest it's' meal.

Although that wasn't what had stumbled onto the three humans. No something more dangerous than the Sabaku Hiyashinsu. Something smarter...

Meanwhile, Cream and Rachel remained oblivious to the approaching danger. The hunter closed in on his prey from the shadows of night and hid the noise of the rattling sand in their arguing as he crept closer and closer to his unsuspecting prey.

However, Louis could hear him vaguely. Louis was the only one not arguing and shouting, so it's only fair that at least one of them could survive this attack, right? It's definitely not cruel.

Louis jumped to his feet on defense. "Guys I think there's something out there…" Louis murmured frightened.

Louis's parents and Cream had taught him how to defend himself but he'd never had to use it. Nobody would attack him knowing who his family bloodline was. Nobody lucid that is.

Now, he might have to use all those years of tough training. This isn't training, though, the attacker wouldn't stop to let him catch his breath, give him a drink of water, or congratulate him when he performed the correct move. Therefore, Louis's knees were knocking together.

Rachel and Cream stopped immediately. Cream saw Louis's distress and promptly placed her body in front of his acting as his armor. The mean glare on her face would freeze a wild ape in an instant. Rachel guarded Louis back,

Rachel wouldn't dare let anything happen to Louis, that would mean she'd have to deal with Cream's weeping and wrath. That means more work for her if Cream started getting all emotional.

Not happening.

"What did you see?" Rachel whispered into Louis's ear discreetly.

"I didn't see anything, I heard it and I have this horrible chill flowing all through my body," Louis explained stuttering on some words.

Unexpectedly a large burst of land blow into the air followed by one of the most terrifying and ear crushing yell.

They were skilled enough in combat to at least evade something like that and get enough distance between them, but it did take a large amount of energy to do so. Rachel was now coughing even more than before, and taking in so much dust was indeed going to be fatal to all of them. They realized this and were all eery and vigilant of what made that large of a screen and even more of what all was lurking in it. They were positive this was a distraction meant to hide the enemy's scent and decrease their vision.

Rachel was now hunched over coughing into one hand while the other held an unsheathed tanto. "Rachel, can you get it together?" Cream asked, one hand on Rachel's back and the other covering her mouth. She glanced back at Louis to see he wasn't there, not even his footprints. Nothing was there. She felt her insides sink as she examined where he was standing only to find not a trace of him.

"Louis!" She uncovered her mouth and shouted his name many times, breathing in a lot of dust as a result until she couldn't scream his name but cough it out. As the twilight disappeared the darkness of the desert crept upon them so did it's freezing temperatures. Rachel was now laid out on the sand cough it in and blood out. Her dark skin was turning pale and beginning to crack and it became clear that her eyes were bloodshot red.

The two were certain they were going to die tonight, wrapped in the cold sand unable to see the enemy. Unable to breathe and see each. They thought for sure they were as good as dead as they coughed out blood and their skin became pale and they were suffocating.

As usual, the thoughts of what they could have done differently in their lives ran through their minds. Denial was hitting them both hard.

Suddenly another blast of sand sent them both flying through the air. They couldn't scream for help or move their limbs. Just let their bodies be blown around harshly.

At that moment it felt as if all their training and hard work from years of family teachings were for nothing. It only took a sudden attack and they had lost somebody.

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