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I couldn't help but cringe at my own reflection in the mirror. My once silk and shiny black hair now dull and rough. I have knots so thick I felt like crying just thinking about how hard it was going to be trying to get them all out.

There is smudged dirt on my face in different spots, my massacre had begun to run and my once perfect makeup now looked...just no.

My clothes were dirty and torn in some places and my shoes were dirty. The sweat included made me look horrible. I left my arm up and smelt my underarm pit and almost vomited on myself.

Oh God, I need to take three showers then soak in some nice hot water. Just to be sure that I'm not smelling any worse, also soaking in hot water is soothing, relaxes the muscle too.

I smiled blissfully just thinking about the amazing bath I was about to get. Though there was one set back, I didn't know how to freaking wear those clothes that hey had given to me. Sure one of the servants told me how to work the bathtub and shower but they never told me how to wear the clothes. I'm guessing that they just assumed that I knew how to put on clothes myself.

I can wear clothes but I have no freaking clue how to wear those clothes.

Oh well, I'll figure out the details later, right now is freaking shower time! I happily began to undress, when I went to unclasp my bra I almost cried tears of joy to see that my iPhone 6plus was still hidden in my bra. I set the phone on the sink on a fluffy towel and when I finally stepped into the shower I made sure to put on a few of my songs for this bathroom trip. I turned the volume on max, not caring if any of them hear the songs. I usually always listened to music while bathing.

Turning on the shower the first song began to play and I began to sing along with it.

Can't keep my hands to myself~

I grabbed the soap and began to wash with the towel that was given to me. I smelled each and every last one of the soaps given to me and I liked the one that smelled of a strawberry the most out of them all, mostly because I was hungry.

Yamuraiha had offered to let me eat first after she had explained my situation to me but I could not eat because whenever I lifted my arms I smelt myself.

One does not simply eat and smell horrible at the same time. So, in the end, Yamuraiha had decided to get the cooks to fix me something while I was showering so I could eat right away then we could get back to the discussion we were having before being interrupted by my stomach growling. I could have sworn I put a tomato to shame in that very moment.

After my next three baths, I could see that my skin had begun to wrinkle. Meaning it was time to get out but for the life of me soaking in this bathtub afterward just stretching out my limbs, relaxing my body.

My phone had gone off now once the songs I'd put on my list went off. Now it was completely silent in the bathroom. Just me and the strawberry scented water I'm currently soaking in.

"Don't need permission made my decision to test my limits" I ran my fingers through my now beautiful shiny black locks that fall gracefully down my back and tickled my butt. I don't need a phone to play music for me I could just sing after all. "Cause it's my business, God as my witness, start what I finished. Don't need no hold up taking control of this kind of moment." lost in my thoughts about Cream and Louis I suddenly didn't feel as relaxed as I once did.

I don't know where my two besties are, heck I don't even grasp where I am! How am I supposed to be helpful when I'm here confused myself. "I'm locked and loaded, completely focused. My mind is opened. All that you got skin to skin, oh my god! Don't you stop, boy!"

"Something about you makes me feel like a dangerous woman!" I started to sing a little higher, not caring if somebody passing by heard me.

As if somebody was just waiting for me to get to the chorus, there was a knock on the door. The words in my throat immediately died there and I started to cough. "Yes?" I asked already stepping out of the water reluctantly. I grabbed the towel I'd laid to the side and wrapped it around my body. Grabbing another towel I began to dry my hair.

"I am one of the servants that were assigned to you, my lady. May I enter?" it was a new voice of a young girl, about seventeen or eighteen at most.

"Yes, please," I said deciding to be polite for now. That bath really did just cheer me up and once I get that food in my stomach I'll be an angel. The door opened and a shy girl, as I predicted, that looked about seventeen walked into the bathroom. She kept her eyes on the floor and her hands clasped in front of her. She bowed, which greatly surprised me.

It's pretty dang rare for people in America during 2016 to be bowing to each other. Then again I'm probably not even in America anymore for all I know.

"If there is anything you need me for my lady please do not be afraid to ask." she spoke so quietly, if I wasn't listening closely I probably wouldn't have caught what she said.

"Great, because I need help getting dressed," I said picking up my phone turning it and putting in the password, of course, I made sure she couldn't see. I started to check if this place had any wifi. Shocker, it doesn't. "Oh that reminds me, do you by any chance know how to do ten braids?" When the girl nodded I grinned widely. I turned off my phone to save battery and I got up and let the girl help me get dressed. I sat back down when she moved to begin doing my hair. I silently thanked God for this girl coming to help me put on this because I thought it was something else entirely from being a dress.

Looking at myself in the mirror I nodded. The ten tight braids going back in cornrows were flawless and I almost didn't want to go to bed on them. Maybe I could ask for something to wrap my hair into savor this look, 'cause it sure as hell is good.

Turning towards the girl I smiled at her. "Thank you for helping me. Lord knows I wouldn't have been able to do it myself." the blush that tinted her cheeks didn't go unnoticed by me but I didn't bother to comment on it. I was too busy admiring the cornrows placed in my hair. The girl as a gift, I'll have to have her do my hair again sometime but after I find Louis and Cream. I don't plan to stay long at all.

"I've been instructed to take you to the dining room for dinner my lady."

The grin that threatened to break my face in half only widened and my body tensed in anticipation for the long awaited food. I think my eyes even rolled back and I began to drool, if I did the girl sure didn't comment on it. "Well, then lead away."

Food! Food! Haha! I love food, foods love me! We're a big happy family, with a great big smile and a kiss from me to you!" I sang eating pieces of chopped up boneless meat. It's so tender and juicy, I really did try to maintain some of my manners. Truly I did, but it all proved to be pointless after I got ahold of these tender pieces of chicken.

I moaned in bliss not caring if a few of the servants blushed. "Oh my God! This food is so good! Who made all of this?!" I asked Yamuraiha wiping my mouth with a napkin.

Yamuraiha smiled in understanding. The sparkle in her eyes didn't go away either. I had a pretty good guess as of why too. I don't have magoi in my body, meaning I'm interesting. "It was the head chief."

"Whoever that is, please tell 'em that this food is amazing," I said, my voice muffled by the food in my mouth.

"I see you're enjoying the food just fine." It was that Sinbad dudes voice. Even though I don't like the guy he does have a sexy voice. There was no denying that factor. Don't ask me why I don't like Sinbad, 'cause the answer is simple. I don't know this guy Sinbad, I all know is that he's a king and that he is..well I forgot. Damn, another reason I don't like him, he makes me forget what I was thinking.

Which is why I tossed a piece of chicken at him with a heated glare. "Hello, rapist," I said with an icy edge to my voice. Even though he still claims that he isn't a rapist and that he was just trying to cool my body, I don't believe him. Which is why I didn't listen that well whenever he spoke while we were talking. I truly only listened when Yamuraiha was speaking.

Honestly, I don't know why I've been having these sudden mood swings but right now wasn't the time to be thinking about it. Well, 'cause Sinbad had just dodged the piece of chicken and it had gotten dangerously quiet in the room and I cursed quietly under my breath. I hate that my body isn't acting properly, It's been like that ever since that little me had gotten rid of the pain.

I blushed against my own will, I sank down into my seat. "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me," I whispered quietly moving under the table, but not before I grabbed a tray of food and brought it to the table with me. I was still hungry, no matter how embarrassed or cranky I may get.

I heard a chuckle and nervous laughter before the all-mighty Sinbad got under the table with me.

My hand immediately tried to toss more food at him but I fought the urge. I forced a smile onto my face all the while cursing loudly in my head about how girly and stupid I was acting. "Yo..." I mumbled continuing to eat.

"I see that you seem to have a problem with me even though you don't know is it that such a beautiful woman like you does not like me?" Sinbad asked curiously.

I wasn't even mildly flattered by his comment. I shrugged my shoulders, which is wrong in so many ways. I'm supposed to be the sarcastic chick that likes to pick fights, not the cranky old woman with anger issues. "Dude, to be real, I have no freaking clue," I admitted after a minute of silence. "I've never acted this way ever since I was a child. That was a long time ago." I finished off the last of the food on the tray and yawned. "I'm sleepy now, I wanna sleep."

Okay, that is something I'd do and say. Okay, so not everything has changed about me, no big deal.

With that, I promptly fell asleep right here. Sitting under the table, an empty tray and some food crumbs littered my face. I landed against Sinbad's chest, snoring right away, much against my will.

I didn't really get a say in it, though.

"Yay! You're back finally! I've been waiting for you to go to bed so long that I got impatient and just put you to sleep!"

Blinking my eyes I could see I was once again in the rotten wooden chair staring at my mini self-pouting in that same pink dress and yellow shoes.

"Oh great, I'm back in here with you." I groaned dropping my head into my head into my hands.

"Aw, don't be like that! You know you love me...after all, I am you," she spoke with a cute voice in a way that made a chill crawl up my spine.

I ran my hands down my face. "You're telling me that you're me?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm telling you. Ya know, you really are a slow person." Rei said looking down in shame.

"That's not possible, you're name is Rei, mine is Rachel. Just because our names start with the same letter doesn't make us the same person." I explained leaning back in my oh-so-lovely rotten chair. "And I'm not a slow person, I'm just sleepy and talking to you makes me even more sleepy okay?"

"Ya know, your life is just going to get harder if you keep trying to deny me like this," Rei said, her face suddenly becoming more serious.

"I gotta say, looking at my younger self-talk back to me is creepy. It's also creepy to see a ten-year-old look so serious, especially since it's my pretty face." I said leaned my head onto my fist.

"Thank you, I know I'm pretty-"

"I said my face. Right now I just believe you're some spirit that has gotten into my head and took the image of my younger self." I interrupted her. Rei fell back into her chair exasperated.

"I am you," Rei argued back.

"Keep telling yourself that sweetheart." I waved her off, closing my eyes trying to get some sleep. When Rei tried to speak, I blocked off her voice.

Well, I was blocking out her voice until I was hit over the head with a pink hammer and a chilling voice spoke.

"Do not ignore me bitch."

I shivered, not because I was scared, but because I was excited. I'd just gotten this little faker to show her true ugly colors. She's no little girl, definitely, doesn't speak like a little girl.

"Does this mean I'm not going to get much sleep tonight."

"You are sleeping dumbass! It was the first thing I said to you!"

"I wasn't paying attention obviously,"

"Do you want me to hate you?" Rei asked annoyed and angry.

"In all honesty, I want to go back home with Louis and Cream and live a normal life," I answered.

"Your life will never be normal, your life never was normal Rachel," Rei said and I found truth in her words. Rei's words left an imprint on me, I doubt that imprint would ever go away but who really cares right now anyways? Not me.

That's for sure...I'm a wall that'll never have a crack in it again.

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