I LIVE! This was originally a fill for SwissAus Week on tumblr, where one of the prompts was mermaids. SwissAus is one of my favorite pairings, so I just had to write a fic. I also tweaked up the fic, so hopefully you all don't mind. Enjoy! :)

Basch walked along the quiet beach near his lakeside home, well pleased that he purchased this property. The son of the CEO of a dairy company, he decided to use some of the money he earned to buy a place where he could escape the stresses of life. This lake was also where his lover lived.

He walked on the water's edge, allowing it to hit his feet. The temperature was just right, so a swim would suffice. Thetrunks were back in the house, so skinny dipping would do. He took off his clothes and walked some more into the water before diving in.

The Swiss man surfaced a short distance from the edgebefore feeling something a tad rough brush up against his leg. His lover was here.

His lover soon emerged, brushing some of his (still long) chocolate hair aside. "Hey Roddi." Basch mumbled, knowing how his lover liked to make his appearance. "Good afternoon Sebastian. How was the drive over?" He asked. "It was fine Roderich. There wasn't any traffic." "That's good."

Roderich hummed and leaned back against the water to show off his tail and scales. They were a nice indigo, allowing him to blend in with the water. It also suited him personality wise. He also wore jewels to show off his status, as well as to impress Basch.

He hummed a small song before he whispered, "Are you wearing nothing?" "Yes. I decided to save up on time." "Sounds like a good excuse. But I never expected you to swim without-" "Trunks. I know." Basch huffed, his cheeks a bright pink. "Don't be embarrassed Basch. I don't mind the whole nudity thing. We're also the only ones at this lake, so no one else is here to fuss." Roderich added, a smug grin on his face.

Oh how Roderich loved to embarrass him. But he did have a point. "I suppose the people you met long ago swam naked without worry, so I don't have to worry too." He said, resting against a rock so that he wouldn't drown.

The merman swam up next to him, resting his head on Basch's shoulder. "So... is there anything you want to do?" He asked. "Depends. A race would be unfair considering how lazy you are." Basch replied, causing Roderich to pout. "Or... we can do some thing that would be indecent." "You now speak my language Mausi." Roderich teased, pulling Basch into a kiss.

Basch wasn't one to complain, and only deepened it.