Wally called Dick on a Saturday, which was a little weird since they'd already scheduled practices throughout the week.

"Hey, do you think I could come over to work on some music?"

He really needed to learn how to say no.

"Master Richard, you have a guest." Alfred announced as Dick slid down the stairwell, earning a look of disapproval from the butler.

"Hey." He said sheepishly as Wally stared at the mansion around them.

"Hi?" Wally seemed completely shocked. "Why didn't you mention that your house was so... Such a... It's huge."

Dick shrugged, "it didn't come up?" He lead Wally to one of the many dens, this one contained a piano.

"This is just... Wow." Wally admired the rooms they passed and Dick sighed. Honestly he was glad he'd let Wally come over. It was kind of nice to not be alone wondering the manor.

"So you're a friend of master Richard?" Alfred asked when he brought them some snacks.

"That's right." Wally was a bit more used to the house, but was still admiring the perfectly in tune piano.

"I've never met one of Richard's friends before." Alfred smiled at the boys.

"Um... Alfred..." Dick managed, blushing slightly at the (entirely true) statement.

Once Alfred was gone, Richard managed to say, "he was just kidding
about the whole friend thing. He's met a ton of my friends. Like, tons and tons." He mumbled. "Friends." Finally after realized he'd been talking too much.

"Right." Wally nodded. "Of course." He changed the subject easily. "You wanna hear the rap part?"

"Oh, yes." Dick sat beside him on the piano bench.

"Yeah? All right. Um..." Wally pulled up the rap on his phone.

"Okay. It's Wally, I'm musically inclined

Get a shiver down your spine.

Every time I rhyme

I'm in Lemonade Mouth

We don't learn to wait

We get on stage and determinate. Determin-"

He paused, gesturing vaguely. "Like, it would keep going." He explained, showing that he had more written.

"Wait, 'determinate'?" Richard smirked at the word choice.

"Yeah. It's like, get determined. Like, put on your game face." Wally explained.

"That is so not what 'determinate' means." Dick replied.

"What's it mean then?" Wally smirked.

"I don't know..." Dick mumbled.

"Mr. Mathlete doesn't know a simple word?" Wally teased. He'd found out that Richard was a mathlete in middle school. He hadn't let the joke die since.

"I don't know, English wasn't my first language." Dick said before he realized. Maybe it was the comfort of the manor. Maybe he had wanted to tell Wally a little about his past.

"Well, yeah." Wally said as if he knew already and Dick cringed. "You've got an accent, dumbass. Artemis's first language wasn't English either."

"What?" Dick raised an eyebrow.

"I've been meaning to ask where you were from." Wally clarified more.

"A lot of places." Richard shrugged. He almost regretted mentioning his first language because it just reminded him of them and he didn't need that on a nice day like this.

"Are you okay?" Wally looked concerned. "Did I push too far? You don't have to tell me."

Dick was great full for Wally's amount of patience. "Can we just work on the songs?"

"Yeah." Wally nodded.

"Because I- I have this one that I think is pretty good."

"Uh-oh." Wally joked.

"So it's just," Dick played a few chords, showing it to Wally easily, he started the lyrics.

"Trying hard to fight these tears

I'm crazy worried

Messing with my head, this fear

I'm so sorry

You know you gotta get it out

I can take it

That's what being a friend's about..."

"I like when you smile." Wally mumbled with a small grin.

The two were close. There was a pause, where neither moved scared of what the other would do.

"Ha, ha. Sorry, I–" Dick was the first to scoot away, regretting it a little.

Wally nodded, doing the same albeit awkwardly. "No, it, um..."

"Right, so-"

"Yeah, we should... Ahem."

Dick opted to change the subject. "Basically, it just picks up a little bit
and we go through, like, this slow portion of the song, right? And then I was thinking that..."

"Well, this is it, guys. Our last rehearsal." Artemis lead the way to the music room, a grin in place.

"Guys, I can't believe the Halloween Bash is tomorrow night." Wally caught up to Artemis, the group trailing behind. Mostly Richard.

Connor tried to catch up too, only managing to get a little closer as the band moved through the basement. "And Rising Star in a few weeks."

Dick stopped at that comment, looking nauseous as he usually did when the teens mentioned the talent show. Megan was first to notice, turning around along with the other four band members.

"You okay?" Wally asked gently, leaning on the wall to mask his concern.

"Fine, fine. I'm totally fine." Dick assured, not making any move to keep walking.

"We're all nervous, Dickie." Connor reached out for the youngest member of Young Justice.

Megan did the same. "Try terrified."

"Hey, come on, you guys, we're gonna be great." Artemis retook her lead down the halls. "In fact, I think I know just the thing to make us feel better."

"What?" Megan looked up from comforting their lead singer.

Artemis simply smirked, pulling out a sketchbook. "I may or may not have come up with some designs for the band?" She offered the drawings, earning a few grins from her bandmates. She smiled back, reminding her friends. "We're in this together."

Wally was a little too excited about the band. After their final practice, he was feeling ready to play at the bash. He was so focused on the bash that he didn't even notice the boxes around the living room until he bumped into one.

"Hey there, buddy." Barry greeted. "You're home early."

"Yeah, practice went quickly." Wally shrugged, eying an exercise machine questionably. "What's all this?"

Barry looked slightly uncomfortable. "Iris's stuff."

Wally looked up from the machine. "Um, what's it doing here?"

"Look," Barry started and Wally flinched at the tone he used. It was too calm. "I know this has been tough for you. Moving in with me, miles away from Central City. But whatever issues you're having with Iris, we have to figure them out, because she makes me happy, Wally."

"Yeah." Wally grunted.

"And I've asked her to marry me." Barry confessed. Wally glared. He wasn't sure why he was so upset, he'd been beginning to tolerate Iris. But in that moment, the first thing he thought to do was walk away.