Life in Hell



Summary: Savannah Laurel was "Daddy's Little Girl" and "Mommy's Little Demon", but both terms mean something completely to her. All her life she never needed protection, but when the world ends she has to go from Savannah to Atlanta to try to find her ex-boyfriend for her daughter's sake.

Life in Hell

Chapter 1: The Duo

Savannah Laurel drove down the empty streets in the Ford Pickup she had hotwired two towns back. Behind the seat she kept checking that her weapons were snug and not rolling around everywhere. Sitting next to her, sleeping against the door is a young girl with chin-length light brown hair, wearing worn out hiking boots ripped, dirty blue jeans, a tan nearly brown tank top, and an off-white near gray over shirt. She couldn't be any older than ten-years-old. Savannah rubbed her arm, making her wake up. "What?" the girl asked.

"Get up, we're near the next town," Savannah replied.

The girl rubbed her eyes as Savannah pulled into a gas station. "Ya know there's no gas," the girl commented.

"Stay within my sight," she told her.

The girl nodded as they got out of the truck. "Amelia," she called out. The girl turned around. Savannah held out a knife. "How many times I tell ye about losing this?" she asked.

"Sorry," Amelia answered, taking the knife, putting it in her back pocket.

"Sorry won't help if a walker is on yer ass," Savannah told her.

Amelia pulled her hair out of her eyes. She started scavenging the gas station for what could be left for food and water. She played with the little crucifix around her neck. She bit her lower lip as she went behind the counter to grab more medicine to trade down the road for food or water. She heard heavy breathing and gasped when she saw a walker trudging from the back of the gas station. Walking over with her knife, she thrust it into the walker's forehead. She yanked her knife back out, running outside.

Savannah was filling up her car with whatever gas was left in the pump when Amelia ran out. "Mom, there's walkers," she said frantically.

"Get in," Savannah answered.

Savannah grabbed her bow and fired a single arrow into the walker's head. "Start the truck," she ordered Amelia. Amelia immediately started the truck as more walkers made their way around to the front. Savannah cracked her neck as he held up her bow. "Here we go," she said with a sigh before she fired her arrows into the walkers.

"Mom!" Amelia called out.

Savanah punched a walker behind her right in the stomach. She kicked their legs out from underneath them. She swung her knife around, thrusting it into the walker's head before firing another arrow into the walker's head. Getting up, she grabbed her arrows, running to her truck.

Jumping in, she hit the gas and sped down the road. "Are ya bit?" Savannah asked.

"No," Amelia replied.

Amelia pulled her knees up to her chest. "Momma, do you think dad is still alive?" she asked.

"Your dad is too stubborn and hotheaded to die," Savannah replied.

Amelia looked out the window at the other walkers on the road. "Every time ya see one of those walkers you ask me that," she added.

"Because ya said we would find him," Amelia answered.

"Georgia's a big state, baby, it's going to take more than a few weeks to find him," Savannah told her.

"Where would he go?" Amelia asked.

"That's what we're trying to find out," Savannah replied.

They turned a corner, heading down a familiar road Amelia hadn't seen in a long time. They pulled up to a trailer and Amelia jumped out. "DADDY!" she shouted.

"Amelia Ray!" Savannah hissed at her.

Amelia bit her lower lip, pulling open the door and running inside. The smell made her gag and back up, covering her nose and her mouth. Savannah looked inside to see what was left of a rotting walker carcass. "Yer dad's truck isn't outside, he probably hasn't been here in days," Savannah told her. Savannah grabbed Amelia's hand and the walked back over to the truck.

They started driving down the road again. "We'll find yer dad," she assured her daughter. Amelia wrapped her arms around herself, playing with her necklace again.

"Ya and dad won't fight all the time will ya?" she asked.

"I can't make promises that I don't know I can keep, baby," Savannah replied.

"Why do ye and dad hate each other so much?" Amelia asked.

"I don't hate yer dad, yer dad don't hate me. We are just complicated," she answered.

Amelia rested her head on the door. Savannah rested her hand on her knee. Amelia gripped her mother's hand tightly. "One thing has always been certain, baby, yer dad and I love ya very much," she added.

"I know, I just wish you two would like each other," Amelia answered.

Savannah gave her daughter's hand a squeeze before she kept driving.

Two days later, the truck started to chug. "No!" she gasped, "Oh fuck!"

"Momma?" Amelia asked tiredly.

"Don't worry, baby," Savannah assured her.

Savannah got out of the truck, rubbing the back of her neck as she looked at the engine. The engine was completely gone. "Fuck me," she muttered. Savannah looked at Amelia. "We're going to walk the trails from here," she stated. Amelia grabbed what weapons she could. They got their stuff together, heading towards the forest. Amelia held Savannah's hand tightly, Savannah moved her thumb over her hand.

"Did you and dad ever really love each other?" Amelia asked as they walked along a trail together.

"All these questions about yer dad and me," she quipped.

"Can't help me being curious, you and dad fought every day since I was born," Amelia replied.

"Even before," Savannah told her with a sigh, "Your dad and I are both stubborn and hotheaded."

"Do you even want to see him?" Amelia asked.

Savannah sighed. "It'll be weird, I haven't seen him in four years," She pointed out.

"Since Billy," Amelia muttered.

Savannah crouched in front of her daughter. "Billy is gone, he will never hurt us again," she assured her. Amelia nodded her head slowly. Savannah pushed the hair from her daughter's eyes. "I love you so much, Mia," she said softly, "No matter what, you just get excited about seeing your dad okay?"

"If he's alive," Amelia answered.

"He's alive, baby," she assured her, "I know he is."

Amelia hugged her tight. Savannah hugged her back, kissing her cheek. "He's alive," she repeated.

They travelled through the forest for the next several hours. It was growing dark, which didn't sit well with Savannah. "Momma, I'm getting tired," Amelia told her.

"We'll just get up this hill here," Savannah answered.

They climbed the hill and Amelia saw a campfire. "There's a camp," She said anxiously. Savannah held onto her hand as they walked over to the camp. They saw several women and a couple of men and two children around a campfire. Immediately, three men grabbed their guns.

"Don't shoot!" Savannah called out, raising her hands.

Amelia held her hands up, fear pulsing through the girl's system. "Are you bit?" a man with dark hair demanded as he walked up.

"No, no, it's just my daughter and me," Savannah answered.

"How did you find us?" he demanded, taking their weapons.

"I was searching for my ex-boyfriend," she answered, "I'm Savannah, this is my daughter, Amelia. We have come all the way from Savannah."

"Savannah from Savannah?" an overweight man from a lawn chair scoffed.

The man checked them both. "They're clean," he told them. Amelia wrapped her arms tightly around Savannah's waist, staring at them.

"Why would you come all the way out here searching for your ex?" the old man asked.

"That's my dad, I want to see my dad," Amelia answered.

"We can't send them out in the woods, it's dark," one of the blond woman insisted.

"Yes, you can stay with us," another man answered.

"Rick," the first man started to say.

"There's no point sending them out to the woods with those things," Rick answered.

The first man sighed. "Fine," he muttered.

"Come eat, I'm Rick, this is my wife, Lori, my son, Carl," Rick told them.

Savannah smiled, shaking their hands. "I'm Andrea, this is my sister, Amy," the first blond woman told them.

"Ed, useless sack of waste next to me is Carol and our daughter Sophia," the overweight man muttered.

"I'm Glenn," the Asian young man told them.

"And I'm Dale," the old man stated, "This here is Shane."

"I'm Morales, this is my wife Miranda, and our children Louis and Elizabeth," the other man answered.

"And I'm Jacqui," the African American woman greeted smiling softly, "Why don't you two have a seat?"

Savannah and Amelia sat down. "Do you know where your dad is?" Amy asked.

"No," Amelia replied.

Savannah stroked her hair gently.

After eating, Savannah watched as Amelia slept with her head on her lap. "How long have ya'll been travelling?" Rick asked. Savannah stroked her hair from her eyes.

"Three days, after all of this happened…the first thing she wanted was her dad, so I promised we'd come out here to help her find him," she answered.

Savannah cradled her daughter close. "I have been determined to find him just for her," she added.

"You didn't care to see him again?" Lori asked.

Savannah laughed. "My ex and I have this relationship. You can't get us in a room without one of us trying to killing the other or one of us is coming out pregnant," she quipped. They all chuckled at her statement. "The one good thing that came out of this is this little girl, amazing what whisky and bourbon can do," she added. The adults looked at each other and smirked.

"Alcohol makes babies?" Eliza asked confused.

"You'll understand when you're older," Morales answered.

Savannah smiled a little, pulling Amelia a little closer.