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"Stop staring at me." Jun grumbled.

"If I don't?" I asked challenging him.

"I'll have no choice but to have you removed." He warned.

I picked up my bag of chips. "Interesting."


The distinct sound of chewing on chips loudly could be heard as I chewed with my mouth wide open just to annoy him.

"You're boring to annoy." I said leaning back in my chair.

Jun sighed aggravated, continuing to read his history book. "I'm glad you find pleasure in annoying me."

"Your sarcasm is noted." I replied boredly.

Jun snapped his book shut and stood up abruptly knocking over his seat in the process.

I lazily looked up at him with a sadistic smile plastered onto my face. I stopped leaning back in my chair and sat up straight. I knew it was only a matter of time before Jun finally snapped and got frustrated. It brings me great pleasure to know I cause him such displeasure on a daily basis.

Jun gave me one last withering glare before he stomped out of the classroom. He was most likely going to the roof to read that stupid book of his some more. I, on the other hand, have no interest in reading any type of history book.

Kagome sighed shaking her head at the display. She looked at me and frowned. "Kasa that isn't really nice."

I shrugged my shoulders uncaringly stuffing my face with a Yakisoba Bun. These things are extremely delicious, they should win some kind of food rewards. "Nice is a matter of perspective."

"Kasa-chaann!" A female voice cried out and out of instinct, I grabbed my duck tape I always kept with me and slapped it across the mouth that had just tried to kiss my cheeks and smacked her forehead.

Haoshi, Creamiku is by my terms annoying. Her curly blond hair, blue eyes, G sized bust, and hourglass figure made her extremely popular with the boys. She always had that smiled on her face. That isn't why I don't like her, though.

She has a bad habit of always wanting physical contact. Skinship is just not for me.

Kagome liked her but I just find her annoying and kind of enjoyable company at times. Rare times actually.

Kagome grabbed her forehead in one hand and shook her head smiling. "It's nice hanging out with you guys but it causes me to have a headache."

Sitting back down in my seat normally I grabbed my Yakisoba Bun and began to munch on it again while Creamiku pulled a chair beside Kagome's, probably scared I'd slap her, and started to try to talk to Kagome with the tape still on.

Kagome laughed nervously and a bead of sweat rolled down her cheek. Kagome then reaches over towards Creamiku and slowly peeled the tape off her mouth, much to my displeasure.

Creamiku sighed happily and looked over at Kagome with sparkling eyes, as usual. "Ah, thank you Kagome," Creamiku then looked around before looking back at her. "By the way where did the other girls you hung out with go? I saw them in the hallway earlier." Creamiku asked.

Kagome looked confused at first before realizing that Creamiku must have been talking about Eri, Ayumi, and Yuka. "Oh, they're currently working together on some project that was due in their art classes. I don't take art so I don't have to do one. Though I did offer some help but they said they had it all under control so I let them be. I'm so proud of my friends!" Kagome said proudly and folded her arms.

I yawned tossing my food wrapper into the trash can before resting my head on my open palm and looked ahead of myself at Kagome and Creamiku. "Kagome, Creamiku only asked where they were. She didn't ask for a whole life story," I drawled tiredly. Food and class always put me to sleep. The cold air around the classroom doesn't really help either, cold air just makes me tired.

Kagome reached over slowly with a tick mark throbbing on her forehead and introduced her opened palm to my face.

I held my face in my hand resting my elbow on my desk and groaned. I half-heartedly glared through my fingers at her while

Creamiku just laughed enjoying my pain.

I opened my mouth to retort but the bell signaling for the end of classes for today rang out loudly. Kagome practically jumped out of her chair with joy. "Yay, time to go home!"

"You two can go on ahead of me. I'll meet you both at Kagome's place later." I said a little louder so they could hear me over all the other people chattering away.

"Are you staying over to turn in your late homework?" Creamiku asked cheerfully.

I nodded my head. "Of course. I'm lazy, not suicidal. Mom would kill me if I didn't get this work turned in."

They both laughed before Creamiku grabbed Kagome's arms and lead her out of the classroom. Kagome lifted her hand waving goodbye to me. "We'll start without you if you take too long Kasa!"

I smiled shaking my head. Of course, I'm going to be late. When have they known me to be on time for something? Never.

I sat back down at my desk waiting for Mr. Tanaka to show up. He always comes back to finish grading papers or whatever.

After waiting ten more minutes for him and still no show I glanced at my watch. 3:45 P.M, not bad I still have some time to wait some more.

I dropped my head onto my desk and began to think about random things of unimportance.

"Kasa, what are you doing here? School let out about an hour ago."

I turned towards the door entrance to see Mr. Tanaka standing there eyeing my worried.

Finally, he shows up.

I stood up from my seat and strolled over to him. Standing a few feet away from him I stopped. "I wanted to hand in my missing homework during my hospitalized," I said reaching into my handbag I grabbed the months worth of homework and held it out for Mr. Tanaka to take.

Mr. Tanaka sighed sadly taking the homework from my hands. "I'm so proud of you Kasa. You're already growing in a splendid young lady."

I disliked that Mr. Tanaka had to worry about me so much. He may be a family friend but he acts as if he's my Grandfather sometimes.

He reached over with his free hand and ruffled my hair. Swatting his hand away playfully I started to smooth back down my hair. "Mr. Tanaka I'm not a little kid. You can't keep messing with my hair."

"You about to be eighteen in ten months. I'll have to cherish these years nowadays." Mr. Tanaka said looking down at my pouting face.

I scowled at him a little before calming down. "I'm staying over at Kagome's house for the remainder of the week. I've already told Mom and Dad about it, they said they didn't mind." I said when Mr. Tanaka gave me a slightly worried expression before he relaxed when he heard Mom and Dad approves.

"Mrs. Higurashi is a very nice woman and so is her family. Please don't cause any trouble for them." Mr. Tanaka said.

I nodded my head. "I'll try not to. I'm already running a little late already! Bye Mr. Tanaka see you at school tomorrow!" I said sprinting out of the classroom. Behind me, I heard Mr. Tanaka sigh exasperated.

"Sorry, I'm late," I drawled taking off my shoes and slipping on the house slippers Kagome's mother had gotten me the last few times I ended up staying over at their house.

"No, you're not." Creamiku sang out happily sitting at Kagome's desk chair while Kagome sat on her bed reading a book. When I'd walked in though she'd looked up.

I felt my hand start to twitch towards my duck tape. Kagome noticed and giggled.

"Glad you could make it. It wouldn't be the same without you." Kagome said moving to a sitting position on her bed. I moved over to sit down on of the chairs she had recently moved into her room.

Creamiku leaned over towards me and I leaned further away from her. "Backup cotton candy."

Creamiku stilled had that same happy expression on her face but I could tell she was confused. "Cotton candy?"

I scooted my chair over covering my face at the sight of the light shining off of her. "You're too happy for me...Kagome, trade places with me." I said and Kagome gladly switched spots with me.

Kagome and Creamiku get along great so there's no wonder she wouldn't mind sitting beside her.

"I like your room Kagome," Creamiku said looking around Kagome's room. I didn't bother really listening to their conversation after that, though. Instead, I pulled out my book and began to read another one of my many comic books I carried around at all times.

After some time had passed Kagome and Creamiku finally decided I had had enough reading time and tried to pull me into their conversation.

"What about you Kasa?" Kagome and Creamiku asked me in unison.

I didn't look up from my comic just nodded my head. "Uh-huh,"

"Were you even paying attention to what we were saying?" Kagome asked exasperated.

"That's nice."

"Kasa!" Creamiku and Kagome shouted together and it startled me and I dropped my comic book onto my lap and looked at them confused.


"Who do you like, as in crush kind of like?" Kagome asked me.

My mind immediately went to Jun. I felt an unwanted blush begin to creep onto my cheeks. I couldn't stand that I had developed a crush on that wimp, emotional guy. So to vent my anger and cover up the fact I liked him I decided to annoy him more than usual. Childish but effective all the same.

"She likes somebody," Creamiku said excitedly. Both Kagome and Creamiku moved to sit on either side of me boxing me in. "Who is it?"

I shook my head refusing to tell them anything. Picking up my comic again I tried to continue reading but I couldn't focus on anything 'cause my mind continued to wonder to Jun...again.

"Aw, c'ome Kasa! Tell us!" Kagome whined shaking my shoulder.

"Yeah tell us!" Creamiku joined in with Kagome chanting 'tell us' over and over again.

"We won't tell anybody! Right Creamiku?" Kagome said trying to persuade me.

"Of course!" Creamiku encouraged.

After a while, I finally gave in. "Fine! It's Jun!" I said embarrassed looking down at my hands resting on my lap.

"Ew," Creamiku said happily still smiling brightly sitting in front of me. I slapped duck tape over her mouth and Kagome smacked her over the back of her head.

She grabbed her head smiling but Kagome and I could tell she was hurt, not seriously, though. "Just kidding."

Kagome sat back down while I was debating in my head if I should just duck tape her whole face or not.

"I do want to hear your reasons for having a crush Jun. Though, we can tell you don't want to talk about it so we'll save it for another time." Kagome said smiling reassuringly at me.

I was yet again reminded of why Kagome was so popular at school. She's kind, beautiful and smart. Sure not everybody likes her but the majority of high school does so those few doesn't count. Kagome is just naturally a girl you can get along with and talk to. She's a people person by heart.

Poor girl.

Kagome, Creamiku, and I used the remainder of the night talking and joking around with each other about random things and getting to know each other better. I really did enjoy myself. It isn't often that Mom and Dad allow me to go over to a friend's house. I didn't mind that much, though. Being at home after I've finish during homework and chores I can get on the internet and read comics or manga.

I especially liked that Bleach manga that had just started coming out. I think it the main character I know of is a teenage boy named Ichigo Kurosaki.

"Foods ready!"

"Coming!" All three of us cheered together and got up from inside Kagome's room and walked to the kitchen giggling while Kagome was blushing madly.

I sat down beside Sota, Kagome's younger brother, Creamiku sat beside Kagome's grandfather, and Kagome sat beside her mother.

Sota noticed Kagome blushing. "Why's your face red?"

Kagome flinched before coughing to hide her embarrassment but she was doing a poor job. Creamiku and I looked at each other and giggled.

I placed a hand on Sota's shoulder and whispered, "I'll tell you later."

Sota just nodded his head, he still looked confused but didn't question it any further and started to eat his food. We all did, it felt nice. Like one big group of friends getting together and eating after not seeing each other in a long time.

The rest of dinner went uneventfully. We all just sat around poking fun at each other like it was the most natural thing to do.

For my family, the Taskizu, sitting around enjoying ourselves at the dinner table isn't normal.

"Well, I better start to clean these dishes. They aren't going to clean themselves." Mrs. Hagurashi said getting up.

Kagome perked up immediately. "Oh, I'll help too Mom!"

Creamiku stood up and followed behind them. "Allow Creamiku to assist too!"

I didn't offer my help, though. The kitchen already looks pretty crowded without me taking up the extra space.

"So Kasa what have you been up to? I haven't seen you in years!" Grandpa Higurashi said. He insisted I called him Grandpa Higurashi just like Kagome and Sota do. I personally don't care what he prefers to be called.

If anything I've learned since the first time I met Kagome's grandfather is that he enjoys telling wild stories and selling off fake stuff. The first time I stayed over he tried to sell me off some orange jewel that supposedly gives you good luck. Just to humor him I brought it, Kagome didn't really approve.

I didn't care though and my luck was extra bad that week.

"I've been fighting dragons and crazy giant lizards," I said sarcastically.

Grandpa Higurashi jumped up from his seat. "Well, then I have the perfect thing for you! I'll be right back!"

Sota tugged on my sleeve and I looked at him. "Grandpa is going to try and sell you something," Sota warned me with amusement clear in his eyes.

I liked Sota. He doesn't bother to make skin contact with me and we both enjoyed reading comics. We have more in common but those are the main ones that make him cool enough to hang around with in my book.

"I know. I'm quite curious to see what he'll try to make me buy this time. Heck, I might even humor him and buy it again." I snorted drinking some more of my tea Mrs. Higurashi made for me.

Sota shook his head. "Kasa please don't encourage him anymore. It's embarrassing enough when he does it to my friends!" Sota whined.

Amusement was clear in my eyes. "What do I get in return for my service?" I asked.

"I'll buy you food whenever you want, but it can't be really expensive and this only lasts two weeks!" Sota offered.

"Very tempting. Make it three weeks," I said grinning behind my cup.

"One and a half," Sota argued looking determined.

"Three and a half."

"That's not how it works! I'm supposed to lower the price and you're supposed to meet me halfway!" Sota said frustrated.

"Three months."

"Fine three weeks!" Sota finally gave in. "But you can't encourage him anymore!"

I held out my hand and he shook it firmly. "Nice doing business with you kid."

"I got it! I'm back!" Grandpa Higurashi said racing back into the house holding a purple circle jewel hanging off a chain in his right hand.

He sat back down and shoved it in my face. I grabbed it from his hands and examined it closely. "It is pretty but I'm not going to buy it just for looks," I said. "What does it do?" I asked curiously. I slapped some tape over Sota's mouth when he tried to speak.

"It's the Shikon no Tama." Mr. Higurashi said. "The jewel had come into existence during the Heian Period of Japan by the battle of the great priestess Midoriko and a strong and powerful yōkai."

I started to twirl it around my finger. "A yoka huh? This story sounds more interesting than the others you used to tell me. Please continue." I said crossing my arms on the table and leaned on them. Beside me, Sota yawned as if he'd heard this story many times before. He'd taken off the tape around his mouth.

He leaned closer also. "She was able to seize the souls of yōkai and purify them, this power coming from having a positive balance of the four souls within her heart, and in a time of many yōkai ravaging the earth those who possessed spiritual powers such as hers were considered to be as powerful as one hundred samurai!" his voice was becoming even higher in excitement.

"Her spiritual power alone paled that of any other person alive, and it was said she could purify and destroy ten yōkai at once. Her final adversary and the one that claimed her life was created by many yōkai joined and anchored within the evil heart of a human who secretly lusted for her." Mr. Higurashi said nodding his head sagely.

I whistled impressed. "Wow, sounds like a pretty powerful woman."

Mrs. Higurashi and Kagome walked back into the livingroom and sat down.

I glanced around. "Where's Creamiku?"

"Her mother called. Creamiku said to tell you sorry that she couldn't stay longer." Mrs. Higurashi said smiling. is a really beautiful and sweet lady.

"What's that in your hands?" Kagome asked staring at my hand that was holding the Shikon no Tama I think Mr. Higurashi said.

"The Shikon no Tama. Your Grandfather was just telling me about the history behind it." I answered turning back to Kagome's grandfather.

"I'm going to bed," Sota said yawning getting up walking out of the room.

"Honey, make sure to brush your teeth!" Mrs. Higurashi shouted. "I think I'll get ready for bed too. Don't stay up too late." she walked out of the room after Sota.

I motioned for Mr. Higurashi to continue speaking. He gladly accepted. "After seven days and seven nights of fighting, Midoriko realized that she would be unable to fight off the yōkai, and as she was drawn into the creature's massive jaws, she seized the spirit of the yōkai and bound it within her own with the last of her power, killing both of them and creating the Shikon Jewel, which burst from her chest. Within the jewel, her soul and the souls of the yōkai she bound within it still in battle." Mr. Higurashi finished mysteriously.

I hummed thoughtfully staring at the purple jewel. "I think I'll keep this."

Mr. Higurashi lifted his hand up. "How about yo-"

"I'm not paying for this," I said staring him straight into the eyes and he gave up.

"Well, I'm sleepy. You wanna take a bath first Kagome?" I asked feeling generous. That was a good story Mr. Higurashi told.


"You better not use up all the hot water."

"No promises."



I'll sleep on the bed." I said getting into bed after we had both gotten done with our nightly routines.

"Well just go ahead and take it without asking," Kagome said sarcastically.

I laid down pulling the covers over me. "Kagome don't be silly. I already have."

Kagome shook her head and walked over to the light switch. "Just go to bed."

"I already am." I said yawning.

"Kasa…" Kagome said warningly turning off the lights.

"Not kidding." I closed my eyes.

"Ow! That hurt Kagome!"

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