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The birds chirped happily in their trees. The mother birds were ushering her babies up awake and flying off to find food for her young. The weather outside is beautiful, slow winds, not that hot, not that cold, the sweet smell of freshly bloomed flower blow through the air. The freshly cut grass is as green as ever, the trees leave ruffled together making peaceful noises among nature.

Everything is, well was peaceful early that morning but everything peaceful has to have an end to it right? Well, the very lovely Kasa and Kagome always made sure to make it so that you'll never have a peaceful moment unless they are asleep.

"Kasa, Kasa wake up! It's already ten minutes past the time we were supposed to be up! C'ome Kasa!" Kagome shouted trying to get the covers off of over me.

I held the covers over myself firmly refusing to get up. "Ah, go away Kagome!" I groaned out rolling up into the covers like a burrito. "Besides I'm already dressed...just..wake me up..when you have finished and it's time to eat.," I mumbled falling back to sleep and Kagome stopped and puffed out her cheeks. I assumed that she had given up and let my fingers relax a little and Kagome then took that opening to rip the cover off of around me and I went rolling off of the bed onto the wooden hard floor boards face first. I cupped my hands onto my face moaning in pain. "'re a demon," I said accusingly pointing at Kagome. I didn't expect her eyes to widen in alarm but she quickly covered it up with a nervous laugh.

My minds alarms starting going off. Hm, Kagome is acting pretty suspicious. Last night she didn't even interrupt her grandfather when he was telling me the story of the Shikon no Tama, which is a pretty interesting story. All the same, it's still only a story, a myth an old man came up with to sell off useless junk.

I'm just overlooking all of this stuff. No, need to worry.

Kagome started to laugh nervously. "What are you talking about? Hehe, there's no such thing as demons." She said waving me off. I just shrugged my shoulders reaching for the covers.

"You of all people should know I'm a Christian. Demons come from the devil. Nothing from the devil is ever good. Besides if you were a demon I wouldn't be able to stand to be around you much less look at you." I laughed standing up and yanked the cover right out of Kagome's loosened hands.

I was about to curl back into the cover and lay down onto the bed but Mrs. Higurashi called us down for dinner. Grunting I slouched and tossed the cover behind me and scratched my back irritatedly. I turned around when it didn't feel as if somebody is trailing behind me.

"Huh?" I mumbled confusedly. Kagome stood, staring out of her windowed with worried explain plastered onto her face. I stood up straighter and placed my left hand on my hip. I waved my right-hand yawning and spoke. "What's wrong with you? Trouble in paradise with that strange foreign boyfriend of yours I hear so much about?" I tried teasing but that only seemed to make her sadder.

Kagome sighed sadly twisting her head around to look at me. "It's like I told you. Inuyasha can't, no he won't forget about Kikyo." Kagome said and looked close to crying.

I sighed shaking my head disgusted. "This Inuyasha sounds like he needs to take a few chill pills. Besides, if he's meant to be with you it'll happen...eventually?" I offered helpfully. Giving out relationship advice isn't exactly my strongest department. That's more Creamiku's or maybe one of those other girls that Kagome hangs out with. Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi was it? Eh, I don't very much care for their names anyways.

"When? When will it happen?" Kagome asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know. I'm not God." I said.

"Does Inuyasha even really think of me in that way?" Kagome asked pacing the room.

"I'm not a mind reader," I said plainly scratching my back yawning again. Agh, it should be against the law for teenage girls to be dating emotionally conflicted idiots. Especially when it affects my sleeping time in the end.

"Kasa you're not really helping!" Kagome shouted.

I blinked in confusion and stopped picking my nails. "Oh, I was supposed to be helping you with something?"

"Agh!" Kagome looked physically pained seemed to calm down a little.

"Just chill and tell me what happened to have you lookin' like...that," I said gesturing to her appearance.

Kagome nodded her head and stopped pacing. Taking deep breaths she relaxed. "It's hard though Kasa...but yeah, you're right."

I snorted and flipped my hair over my shoulder. "Obviously." I grabbed the doorknob and turned it. Before I walked out and shut the door behind me, I turned my head around to look at Kagome. "You should really start picking out your choices better. Maybe that Hojo guy that's crazy about you is still an option." I said and walked out of the room while Kagome just shook her head exasperated and stressed.

Whoever this Inuyasha guy he must really be special to Kagome if she puts up with all that drama with him and his ex-girlfriend Kikyo. Kikyo is a pretty name, I can't help but acknowledge that.

"Oh hey, Kasa! You're going to be late for school if you don't get going soon!" Sota shouted rushing past me. I blinked confused and looked down at my watch.

7:12 A.M

I exclaimed in panic and fumbled around until I eventually ran straight into a hall and heard Kagome's and Mr. Higurashi's laughter from behind me. I pushed away from the wall and held onto my nose letting out moans of pain and annoyance.

I resisted the urge to cry from the aching pain blooming in my nose.


"You do realize I'm going to tell the teachers on you right?" I asked bored, crossing my arms in front of my chest leaning against the wall.

Creamiku ignored me and continued to search through the boy's locker room located in the gym. "I don't care," Creamiku singsonged. Like the happy little bug full of the sunshine and vinegar she is. "You'll do anything just to save your own skin," Creamiku said.

"I'm so happy you have realized my true nature," I said sarcastically.

"You're so selfish!" Creamiku exclaimed. To others, it may have looked like she is happy but right now she just seems disappointed.

I have no interest in her feelings or even how she feels. That's her business. I just wanted to discover her feelings behind that seemingly-perfect mask of happiness stuck on her face all the time. Unfortunately, I still haven't been able to discover all of her expression and what they mean to an extent. That gives me a good enough reason to continue hanging around her. Not because of her company or those stupid hugs she is always giving out to me and Kagome.

"Ah, I've found it!" she suddenly exclaimed.

"Well let me see it then," I scoffed when she shook her head 'no' and went to lean over her shoulder. Just when I was able to actually see the item she had taken I felt like groaning in disgust. "You had me come along and sneak into the boy's locker with you so you could steal a pair of underwear?" I asked exasperated staring at the underwear.

No, I don't have any shame of looking at somebody else's underwear. As long as I have no clue who the underwear belongs to I'm cool.

"Yup!" she chirped and started to spin around in a circle in happiness.

My face screwed up in disgust. "Yeah, you're officially disturbing in my opinion." I turned my head away from the display of inappropriateness happening in front of me.

Agh, she's so weird and disturbing sometimes. Normal teenage girls don't sneak into boy's locker rooms and take underwear from their lockers. Which is just weird and well...disturbing. Which makes me wonder…

"Creamiku, have you ever took underwear from the girl's locker room?" I asked a little nervous.

She stopped jumping and spinning to face me. "Nope!" and she ran over to me and threw her hands around my body and started to spin me around with her.

"Unhand me you disturbing creature!" I exclaimed and she dropped me right when the bell for the seventh period rang out loudly through the locker room.

"I completely forgot it's near the time for boys PE!" Creamiku gasped and her smile widened. I immediately began to feel a chill crawl up my spine.

How could I have forgotten about the time? Agh, stupid Creamiku and her stupid adventures she always drags me along with her on! She could have just brought one of her little followers with her instead of me. This is so annoying and troublesome for me to deal with.

We could hear the distant footsteps of hurried students hurrying to get dressed before they are late for PE and nobody wants to be late to PE. Our PE teacher gives us hell each time we have to come to his class. Besides me and Creamiku should also be getting dressed for PE too.

We both began to look around frantically for a place to hide. Creamiku hid inside one of the lockers that were abandoned, which is right beside the locker she was just searching through just moments ago. Unfortunately, she pulled me into the locker with her.

I glared at her. "If we get caught I'm murdering you," I said annoyed that her larger breast was pushing against my smaller ones and the fact that she's taller than me.

"I wouldn't get us caugh-" She started to talk but I quickly slapped my hand over her mouth when the boy filled up the locker room. I screwed my eyes shut when they started to undress.

Disgusting, I have no interest in wanting to see the naked human body of somebody else besides myself. Heck, I don't even want to look at my own naked body.

Much to my displeasure Creamiku yanked my hand off of her mouth and gasped loudly sucking in large amounts of air. That's when the locker door was pulled open and a group of boys was looking at me and Creamiku stuck in the locker. I felt my cheeks heat up in embarrassment and a few boys had nose bleeds when they noticed Creamiku's skirt was a little bit too high up on her thighs.

I tried to get out of the locker but couldn't. I realized with horror that we were really stuck in this small locker with our bodies smashed together. I felt like puking at all the attention and the feeling of somebody's body against me.

"So...anybody want to help a fellow student out?" I asked embarrassed hiding my face behind my hair.

Today is just so horrible.

"This is too much for my heart to take in one day." I groaned out miserably walking up the stairs to Kagome's place. After that whole incident in the boy's locker room Creamiku and I had to run laps around the school and the school gym after school, then since Kagome left early from school today and didn't take her homework I was assigned to do it since Creamiku's parents had already picked her up from school.

Lucky brat. She should have been stuck bringing Kagome her stupid homework instead of me since this is all her fault. She didn't even tell me what she was doing with the underwear she took from the locker room.

That idiot shouldn't have even bothered taking the underwear in the first place. It's not like she wears other people's used underwear. Especially boy's underwear that has already been used.

I shuddered in disgust just thinking about seeing somebody else's underwear after they had used them. I almost tripped over my own feet on the third to last step headed. I quickly caught myself and slouched towards Kagome's house front door dragging my feet.

I blinked in confusion when a glowing purple light emitted from the Bone Eater well in Kagome's yard. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously and walked cautiously towards the wall. I was half expected for a robber to be in there and the other part of me was expecting it just to have been my imagination.

I burst open the double doors and saw nothing out of order inside the well. I searched around some more but found no signs of anything missing or out of place as if the place was just robbed by somebody.

I walked towards the well and oddly enough there were handprints on the rim. Okay, maybe that wasn't so odd. Kagome and Sota are still young so it wouldn't be weird for them to just go messing around near the well. I wonder if either one of them had ever fallen in this well and got hurt? Maybe Mr. Higurashi..hmm that would be entertaining to see an old man like him try to climb out of this well without any help.

Okay, I have some issues. I shook my head at my own thoughts.

Funny thing about it is though there are footprints in the dust on the floor that hadn't come from me and there was also strange pieces of black hair scattered around the well floor. I shrugged my shoulders but the nagging feeling in the back of my head was still there and I couldn't help shake the feeling that Kagome's family is hiding something from me.

"Oh, hey Kasa! What are you doing inside the well?" Sota asked me and I turned my head to look at him curiously.

What could Sota possible hid from me that's so bad anyways?

I stood up and dusted off my skirt. "Nothing, I thought I saw something but it was just nothing," I said and walked out of the well closing the doors behind myself. "So Sota, how are you?" I asked following him into the house. I took my shoes off of my feet when I entered and slipped on the house slippers.

"Great. Though Mom's getting onto me about my grades again." Sota complained scratching his head embarrassed.

I grinned rubbing my hands together. "Wanna make another deal?" I asked crackling.

"I don't make deals with the devil," Sota said quickly shaking his head.

I just shook my head in disappointment. "Oh, poor Sota. I'm an angel!" I lied and flipped my hair.

Sota snorted. "Maybe an angel that's really a bad demon." Sota took off running when I reached for his shirt.

"Come back here, you little brat!" I shouted running after him again but stopped when my legs began to hurt again. I leaned on the wall exhausted. "Oh, I'm getting too old for this," I said placing my free hand on my back.

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