Mercy was getting tired of their new guest, he had been here for almost two months and has hinted at a troubled past; the main problem is that he won't talk about it with her, or anyone for that matter. Her being a doctor, she knows that the repression isn't helping his mental state. She was currently outside his door, knocking on it as hard as she can while being polite. He opened the door for her, his deep green eyes looking into hers with obvious sadness. "Hey Mercy." He says as he stands in his door way, the scar on the right eyebrow that goes down to his collar is in stark contrast with his tanned skin. For a second, Mercy doesn't know what to say; the only reason she came here was to help with his past. "Hey," she says at last, "may I come in?" He moves out of the door way so she can come in, and she does. She looks around the scarcely decorated two room apartment, even though he has enough money to buy almost anything he wanted. "I just wanted to talk to you… about your past." He rolls his eyes at her but she continues anyway. "This repression isn't good for you, as the medic I just want to help!" she finishes irritated.

He looks her dead in the eyes, "The reason I don't talk about is because it's far worse than anything that you and Overwatch ever went through." She looks at him in disbelief, he knows of all the things the organization has gone through and he has the audacity to say he has gone through worse! There can't be anything that's worse then what they have gone through… right? "How can you say that? Do I need to remind you of all that we went through to secure ONE payload of equipment?" he shakes his head at her and actually laughs.

She is dumb struck and starts to move towards him with her finger out to correct his attitude; only for him to place his palm on her forehead. She looks at him and realizes he isn't laughing, he is crying but trying to hide it. Memories flow through her mind as she sees a broken planet with hundreds slaughtered.