She leads him quietly down the halls of the base before ending up at Jack Morrison's door. She knocks quietly before stepping back and having Rakine stand in front of her. Jack opens the door with the slowness of someone weary of the thing outside of their door. Mercy peaks out from behind the statue still Cerivian.

Jack steps aside and Mercy pushes him into Jack's room. He walks with steady ease as if she hadn't pushed with as much strength as she dared. He looks at her as she sits Rakine down at a table, his eyes have never left Jack's face since the door opened. "Sit." She says as she gestures to the empty chair across from him. Jack looks at her like she is crazy before sitting down slowly in front of the unstable fighter. "Tell him." She says to Rakine.

"The man that you shot outside of the baseā€¦ Was my brother." He says with the calmness of someone saying they got a new fish. Jack is silent for a moment before giving a choked sorry. Rakine nods before saying, "We are not friends, we are co workers and allies. I will save you and help you with battles and missions. I will not acknowledge your existence otherwise." He says with calmness, the next words are said in the same tone as to one asking a guest if he wants a drink, "You can inform everyone to the reason I hit you."

Jack nods quietly before Rakine stands and leaves.

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