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BTW: For those wondering, the Elder Knight's design is essentially that of the Doom 3 Hellknight, only bigger and more powerful than their Doom 2016 counterparts, as they're supposed to be like the end stage of a Hell Knight's life cycle.

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'Mick Gordon - Metal Hell (DOOM Eternal OST)' by 'Hai Dudu Two' on Youtube.

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February 7, 2511
Sol System
Saturn's Orbit
Titan Station
Titan Memorial Medical Center
Emergency Surgery Sector

"Help! Help!" A man strapped down to the operating table, his chest cut open for heart surgery, shouted as Isaac ran into the room, scanning with his pulse rifle to make sure there were no unwanted visitors waiting for him. Outside of the room on the other side of the glass, there was a slasher strapped to a wheeled stretcher thrashing wildly to get loose, but aside from that, there appeared to be no other Necromorphs around.

Isaac quickly walked into the operating room, the man finally noticing him and shouting, "Oh, thank god! Get me outta here, quick!"

"Hold on! I'll cut you loose." Isaac replied as he quickly ran up to the interface, glancing at the machinery dangling above the man before he started tapping at the screen to try and start the process, but to no avail. "Hey. Is that a plasma cutter?"

"I-I-I don't know. Maybe? I don't know about tools and machines, man, I just work at the local bank. What the hell's going on?!" The man on the table asked.

"Lots of bad shit. Just calm down. I'll have you out of there in a second." Isaac reassured as he started disconnecting and reconnecting wires inside the control panel. Damn, it's been a while since he's had to do something like this. He was a lot slower than he'd like, his mind scrambling to remember what to do. He could hear the sounds of the slasher thrashing and snarl on the gurney, but it wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Still, he needed to work quickly. No telling what else was lurking about. Isaac continued hacking into the interface, trying to get it to patch the man back up so they could leave. He heard a strong thud but dismissed it as the strapped down slasher smacking the window. He then paused upon realizing something.

That thud had come from the other side of the room.

Quickly snapping his head up, he could see another slasher staring at them through the glass window.

"Shit!" Isaac shouted, followed by the strapped down patient shouting, "OH MY GOD!" The slasher snarled as it stumbled around towards the operating room's entrance, growling out as it came it and came towards the patient. The poor man started shouting for help as it tried to cut him but received a firm kick that sent it back. Isaac, realizing that he wasn't going to be able to get the man out fast enough, grabbed for the pulse rifle and fired a burst into the slasher's left arm, stunning the abomination momentarily as bits of flesh and bone were torn off. Isaac mentally cursed as he was now down to three rounds. After that, all this rifle would be good for is a giant club, and he had more than enough experience to know melee with a Necromorph was a bad idea. Still...

With a growl, he fired his last burst into the Slasher's arm, this time tearing off the appendage and earning a rage-filled snarl from the creature. Charging forward, he wields the now-empty rifle like a club and slammed it into the slasher's head. The undead monster staggered back with a squawk, swinging its one remaining blade wildly at him. Isaac lurches back, barely avoiding the strike.

"What are you doing?! Shoot it!"

"Don't you think I'd do that if I could?! I'm out!" Isaac snapped as he slammed his pulse rifle into the necromorph's leg, hoping to topple it over. It proved more resilient than he hoped as he was forced to leap back to avoid being impaled. The slasher snarled at him as it came forward with murderous intent. Readying himself once more, Isaac prepared to try and take the monster down, when he heard something come barging into the room behind the creature. At first, he was horrified another necromorph or one of those 'Hellspawn' had shown up, then heard someone shout, "Get down!" as a pair of pulse rifles fired, the rounds slamming into the back of the slasher. Isaac dropped to the floor, the necromorph howling in pain as flesh was stripped from its frame by the two rifles. After what felt like an eternity, the beast was finally brought down, and Isaac was now staring down the barrel of two pulse rifles. The two Sprawl Security Officers kept their weapons trained on him, while Clark feebly raised his hands, trying to talk them down. "W-wait. Stop. Look, I-"

"Shut up." The officer on the right said, inching closer to Clarke as he snarled out, "You know how many buddies I've lost searching for you, cocksucker?!" Turning his head, he motioned for his partner, "Get that guy out of the operating table."

"Listen to me! I don't even know what the hell's going on or why I'm on the Sprawl! All I know is that there's another Necromorph outbreak and we need to get the hell ou-" Isaac started pleading, but had a rifle butt slammed into his mouth, cutting him off and knocking him on the floor. As he spat out a wad of blood, he could feel the barrel being pressed to the side of his head, realizing that he was about to die.

Or so he thought.

There was... a flash of purplish light, followed by the guy on the operating table shouting, "What the fuck is that!?" The officer standing over him spun around, rifle following, only to be slammed into by another one of those purplish monsters that moved super fast, identical to the one Isaac fought and barely killed not minutes earlier. The officer was slammed into the window, shouting in surprise and losing his grip on his Pulse Rifle, as the creature snarled and swiped its massive talons over his chest armor, easily cutting through the armor as if it wasn't there. Isaac was frozen with fear, unable to do anything but watch, while the strapped down patient merely screamed for someone to get him off the table. The officer's comrade tried to intervene, not risking a shot out of fear of hitting his companion but was backhanded away from the two with barely any effort from the beast, slamming hard into the glass and disoriented. With a scream, the officer was thrown to the ground as the Hellspawn began to tear into him with a hellish wail, tearing away armor to expose the precious flesh before biting off a chunk. The officer shrieked in agony as blood spurted out, but the Hellspawn had no mercy in it as it continued to tear chunks of flesh off, either devouring it on the spot or merely thrown aside. After a moment, its gaze caught Isaac sitting there, pressed up against the wall in pure terror. Almost as if drawn to him, the hellspawn ignored the dying man beneath it, jamming its long talons into the man's skull, and then started crawling towards him, snarling and hissing all the same. This finally snapped Isaac out of his stupor, Isaac scrambled to get away looking for anything that he could use as a weapon. His pulse rifle was out of ammo, so all he could do was grab it and swing it like a club at the Hellspawn, but the beast merely snarled and swiped the weapon out of his hands as it grabbed his leg and started trying to drag him out the room. Isaac started slamming his fist into the creature's grotesque claws, desperately trying to get free. There was a jagged piece of rebar nearby, but it was just out of reach as Isaac was slowly being dragged out of the room by the monster.

Gunshots rang out and struck the side of the Hellspawn. The monster snarled at its attacker, the surviving officer had his pistol out and was firing away at the beast. But the rounds were doing next to nothing aside from angering the monster, which quickly retaliated by charging the officer. The officer was slammed into the glass, crying out as the Hellspawn slammed him into the wall again and again, almost as if it was toying with him.

Isaac quickly recovered, grabbing the sharpened piece of rebar as it was the only thing available to use. Initially, he considered just running, but he couldn't leave the poor man strapped to the table, and nobody deserved to be ripped apart by one of those monsters. With an angry shout, Isaac took the rebar and jammed the rebar through the back of the beast. The Hellspawn howled the agony and rage as it reared back, backhanding the engineer away from the two as he now had the monster's full attention. The monster thrashed about and roared in agony as it slowly pried the rebar out of its back. The Hellspawn snarled and growled as it crawled towards him, rage seething in its eyes. The surviving officer quickly dove away from the two as the Prowler prepared to drag Isaac away. Just as it seemed like the beast was going to kill Isaac, the roar of a pulse rifle rang out again as rounds slammed into the side of the Hellspawn. The monster howled in agony as it was struck by dozens of rounds, its body being torn apart as the beast was finally brought down.

The room was silent once more, aside from the sobs of the man strapped down. "Get me the fuck out of this thing!"

Isaac was breathing heavily, quickly getting up and grabbing a pistol off the dead officer's body as he saw the other guard shakily getting up and pointing his weapon at him. The two stared each other down, weapons aimed and ready to shoot, as Isaac glanced around the room with his eyes before focusing back on the Sprawl Security Officer. The two seemed to stare each other down, both breathing heavily,

Isaac, still not keen on the idea of wandering through the station by himself, once again tried diplomacy. Raising one hand off the pistol and holding it up in a peaceful manner, he spoke, "Listen to me. I'm not your enemy-"

"Put the weapon down."

"Going at each other's throats isn't going to help. I don't even know why I'm here or what they were doing to me here. All I know is that there's another Necromorph Outbreak and on top of that, whatever the hell those things are." He pointed at the Prowler corpse on the ground, "We need to get the hell out of here, and with all the shit lurking about, I'd rather have an extra pair of eyes to rely on rather than try to go it alone." He slowly stepped towards the strapped down patient.

"Don't move!" The officer barked out, but there was a strain of hesitance in his voice.

"I'm just going to stitch him back up and get him off of the operating table." Isaac assured, "Nobody deserved to be left strapped down in the midst of this."

"For christ's sake! Just get me out already! Before those fucking things come back!" The patient snapped at both of them, to which the officer advanced on Isaac, his rifle now just inches away from his face. Isaac tried to maintain a calm demeanor, in spite of his rapid breathing, but on the inside, his mind was in pure panic mode. This guard didn't seem like he was going to negotiate. Isaac now had two choices, the way he saw it. He could try and talk down the officer, then work together to try and get the hell out of here, or strike the guard, run for it, and take his chances alone on a massive space station full of blood-thirsty monsters.

Trying one last time, he said, "Look, if we stay here, we're dead. Those things will rip us apart, especially if we all go it alone. We work together, we might just make it out of here alive. So... either help me get him out of this machine or quit dragging this out and just shoot already." Even as he finished saying that, he was mentally prepping himself to strike the officer and make a run for it. Could he succeed? Even if he did, how far could he make it without a RIG suit? Was there even a Kiosk nearby? For what felt like an eternity the officer stared him down, his pulse rifle unmoving as Isaac mentally prepped himself to run if need be.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the guard lowered his rifle and growled out, "Safety's on, dumbass." as he walked past him towards the patient strapped to the table, causing Isaac to blink and quickly check the pistol in his hand. Sure enough, the safety was on. His mind had been so raddled and panic-stricken that he hadn't checked to make sure it was good to fire. As the officer began typing in the terminal, he snapped a glance back to Isaac, snarling out, "This isn't done. We'll sort this out... later."

Isaac could only grimly nod, not sure which was more dangerous. A horde of Necromorphs and Demons trying to kill him, or having somebody with a gun to his back that wanted to shoot him.

Titan Memorial Medical Center
Emergency Landing Bay

(Begin song- 'Mick Gordon - Metal Hell')

"FUCK YOU!" The Doom Slayer thundered out as he ripped the Hell Knight's still-beating heart out and crushed it while blasting apart an imp with his shotgun. The Elder Knight thundered a bellowing war cry as it tossed several fireballs at the Slayer, the ground shaking with each step as it lumbered forward. The great ancient beast was reveling at the challenge before it.

Sneering at the beast, Doom Slayer impaled another Imp with his bare hand, tearing out its spine as he dodged the fireballs. Floor panels and pillars exploded as the fireballs slammed into them, adding further chaos to the mayhem as the Doom Slayer charged another Hell Knight, slamming his fist into its jaw while jamming his shotgun into its gut. Multiple blasts of buckshot tore its stomach into ragged bits of meat, guts spilling out of the dying creature.

Swapping out his shotgun for the contact beam, he noticed in irritation that more Necromorphs were showing up, too, bursting out of the various vents and doors in the room. Obviously drawn to the sounds of battle. Several unholy forms of Necros began engaging the various hellspawn in the massive bay, taking the attention and fury of the various Imps, Hell Razers, and Prowlers that were in the room. The Elder Knight and Hell Knights, having decided the Necros weren't worth their attention, focused solely on the Doom Slayer.

"Bring it, you unholy whores!" Doom Slayer laughed maniacally as he charged up the contact beam, firing off a blast that tore apart a Hell Knight into bloody chunks. 'Damn, this thing packs way more punch than the old gauss cannon.'

The Elder Knight thundered at him in rage at one of its brethren dying, throwing more hellfire his way as the Slayer fired off another shot from the contact beam. The round struck the mighty beast in the shoulder, tearing off flesh and forcing it to step back in recoil, but aside from that did no more than enrage the monster further.

'Christ. Forgot how durable these old bastards were.' The Slayer fired another round, hitting it square in the chest, but again did little more than tearing some flesh off, maybe breaking a few ribs, and stun it. The Knight roared out as it slammed a glowing hand into the floor, kicking up a shockwave of hell energy and forcing the Hellwalker to dodge as the shockwave slammed into a pillar, bringing it down with a violent crash that flattened several Necromorphs and lesser Demons as it came down.

As the Hellwalker finished off the last of the Hell Knights, the Elder Knight slammed down another shockwave, this time hitting him and sending him crashing into the wall as the monster roared out. He retaliated by firing the contact beam again, this time hitting the beast directly in its ugly mug. The Elder Knight reeled back, howling in agony as a good-sized chunk of flesh was ripped off from the blast. The enraged beast threw fireballs and slammed another shockwave into the floor, tearing up floor panels and foundation as the destructive force rang out.

This was getting old and fast. This fucker needed to hurry up and die. The Doom Slayer charged up another shot from the contact beam and fired, striking the Elder Knight in the knee and forcing it down to its knees. Momentarily stunned. Perfect.

Quickly swapping out for the pulse rifle, which despite its shitty firepower did have one redeeming feature on it, the Hellwalker quickly sprinted forward and leaped onto the Elder Knight's face. Kicking its jaws open, the Slayer jammed the rifle down its throat and fired a grenade from the pulse rifle's grenade launcher. Kicking off the beast as it unwillingly swallowed the 'nade, the demon snarled as it took a swipe at him, only to have its throat erupt in a geyser of gore as the grenade detonated. The ancient beast toppled forward, unmoving with a soft gurgling sound emanating from what was left of its throat.

The Slayer quickly finished off what few remaining Hellspawn and Necromorphs were left before silence filled the room. Nothing but corpses, spent bullets, and destroyed infrastructure was left.

(Song Fades Out)

The Slayer growled out. That had taken far too long for his liking. People were dying, and if he wanted to rescue at least someone from this nightmare, then he needed to move now.

Almost as if someone read his thoughts, his comms came to life again as Lieutenant Ming's panicked voice came scrambling back on, 'This is Lieutenant Ming to any and all Sprawl Security Forces in the Titan Heights area. The Evac Point's been overrun! Those things have forced us off the Evac Site and we're being boxed in on a maintenance sector on the 23rd Level, Tower 4. I've got 200 souls and barely a dozen guns left under me to protect them! I need every fucking trooper left to regroup on my position, now! I don't care if it's Tiedemann's secret hospital order or whatever the hell it was! Abandon whatever the hell you're doing and get your asses here, now!'

The Hellwalker grunted, checking his NavSystem to see where he needed to go, which pointed him towards a door with a screen above it, reading /Vehicle Maintenance Bay\. Jogging up to the door, the Slayer quickly ran through and down the ramp as he answered, "Hold position, Ming. I'm leaving the hospital's landing pad now."

A two-way display appeared oh his chest, showing Ming's face to him. When the Lieutenant saw who he was talking to, he scowled, 'You again! I don't know who the fuck you are, wise-guy, but you're RIG's IDing you as Sergeant Lester Jones. That's funny, considering you don't look like Jones and his RIG reported him KIA over an hour ago! Who the hell are you and how'd you get your hands on an Elite Security RIG?!'

"I think you have bigger problems to worry about at the moment. Besides, are you really in a position to turn away help?" The Slayer retorted, barely even acknowledging a couple of slashers he killed as he continued following the NavSystem to where he needed to go.

Ming growled in frustration, quickly snapping his head left as he heard a couple of his men firing on something. Shaking his head, the Security Officer relented, 'Goddammit, fine! If you got a death wish that badly, I'll send your suit our coordinates so you can make your way to us. Not like one extra gun will make much of a difference at this point, but hell, just get here quick if you can.'

The Slayer snorted but decided not to give a sarcastic reply. This guy didn't know who he was talking to, simply as that. A Lurker leaped out at him from some vent and was quickly torn to pieces in retaliation.

'Alright, I've got your position. Dammit! With the route you're taking, you'll pop out at the Heights' fifteenth level, but in Tower 3. Elevators are still showing as serviceable, so take the nearest one to the 20th Floor. There'll be a tube that connects Tower 3 with Tower 4. You can use that to make you're way over to Tower 4, provided you get past all these fucking monsters. Maybe you'll get lucky and catch them as they're killing one another.'

"Sounds like a plan. I'll see you then." He answered, not bothering to mention that if any of these fuckers came across him, then it was him that was going to be doing the killing.

'One more thing. We've still got hundreds to thousands of people trapped in this sector getting massacred by these things and I've still got officers down there trying to fight them off. If you can maybe reach some and save a few... Well, maybe I won't suddenly trust you, but you'll have an old cop's eternal gratitude.'

The Slayer was silent for a few moments as he pondered that request. Sure he was trying to save people, but at the end of the day, there was only so much he could do. Plus, the quickest way to save the human race would be to just destroy the Marker down in the Government Sector. But... these people deserve better than being ripped to shreds by a bunch of Hellspawn and undead freaks.

"Can't promise anything. I'll do what I can."

'Good enough, I suppose. Hurry up and try not to die.'

With that, the Slayer pushed on to Titan Heights.

Titan Heights
Tower 3
Level 15

(Begin song- 'Doom Eternal - Soundtrack - The Only Thing They Fear Is You (Official Version)' by Ruba on Youtube)

The residential zone was a nightmare. Everywhere, Necromorphs and Hellspawn were either fighting each other or tearing apart hapless citizens as they fled for their lives. The screams of thousands could be heard echoing through the tower, joined by the sounds of rampaging Necromorphs and the damned legions of Hellspawn. Citizens were fleeing for their lives as the Hellspawn and Necromorphs either hunted them down or fought one another in a vicious battle of brutality.

The Hellwalker slammed an offending Necromorph into the wall, crushing the beast in gory fashion, before blasting apart another one with his shotgun. Down the hallway he was assaulting, he saw several Necromorphs and Hellspawn fighting over the remains of several unfortunate victims, tearing away at one another in brutal fashion. As he stormed down a hallway of apartment rooms, he tore through any Necromorphs or Hellspawn that stood in his way as he tried to find either a working elevator or a stairway. The first set of elevators he came across were destroyed beyond repair, and the stairs were blocked off by debris.

He snarled as he continued charging his way through the halls and corridors, slaughtering any monsters stupid enough to challenge him. He didn't encounter many survivors along the way. What few survivors there was were already running for their lives or being mercilessly torn apart by the marauding monsters. What few he was able to save typically ran in terror from him as well. To be fair, his armor was torn to hell by this point and he didn't exactly look like the friendliest person. Checking his Nav-System, the Slayer turned a corner of a hallway and came face to face with a massive bloated Necromorph, which turned to face him. The thing had two massive blades on its arms and a grotesquely bloated stomach supported by two short legs, giving it an almost comical appearance. The Slayer wasted no time in eliminating it, blasting apart its right appendage then slamming a fist into its bloated gut.

That turned out, for one of the few times in the Hellwalker's long life, to be a mistake.

The moment his fist slammed into the beast's stomach, the swollen sack burst open, expelling dozens of tiny fleshy looking creatures that latched onto the Doom Slayer. They looked like tiny bits of flesh that were brought to life as they tried to bite into him. He snarled out in disgust, pulling off and crushing several of the creatures, before being slammed into an apartment door by the now skinner and angrier Necromorph. The monster howled out in rage as it threw wild haymaker slashes at its opponent, determined to annihilate the person that had dared injure it. The Slayer, equally pissed off now as he was wailed on, grabbing one of the flailing appendages and ripped it off the 'pregnant's' shoulder. The beast howled in agony but was quickly shut up with the blade being jammed into its head. Tearing off the last of the tiny creatures attacking him, the Slayer then planted his foot at the bottom of the now gaping hole in the creature's stomach and grabbed what he assumed had once been a person's spine before they were turned into this abomination. Hissing out, "Tear this open." the Hellwalker pulled and proceeded to tear the necromorph in two at the gut. Chucking the remains aside, the Slayer quickly sprinted down the hallway towards a nearby set of elevators. Thankfully, these looked like they were working as he stepped into the elevator and ascended to the 20th floor.

The 20th Floor proved to be in no better shape than the previous levels, but more survivors were fleeing than below. Apparently, these were some of the last areas being attacked by the ravenous creatures as they made their way through the station. But there were few places to run, and even fewer to escape. Many of these people wouldn't live to see the end of the day. A thought that enraged the Scourge of Hell.

The Slayer rounded a corner towards a long line of apartment rooms, coming across a wounded civilian limping back away from something around the corner. Noticing him at the last second, she reached out to before a towering hellspawn pounced around the corner with a metallic screech. The woman shrieked briefly before she was grabbed and viciously torn to pieces by the Revenant, which then turned and shrieked at him while charging. The Slayer planted a strong right hook into the hellspawn's face, staggering it back before firing off several shotgun rounds into the monster, blasting off one of its shoulder-mounted missile launchers. The Revenant backhanded the Slayer, following up with a firm kick planted square in his chest. The chest piece of his armor cracked and caved in while he was thrown back into a railing, overlooking a massive drop. As the Revenant tried to follow up its attacks with a slam down of both fists, it instead stumbled back courtesy of a twin-barrel shotgun blast right in its face, tearing apart bits of skull and what little flesh was still on it. The beast howled in rage as the Hellwalker quickly recovered and shoulder checked the Hellspawn into a wall, grabbing one of its arms and tearing the appendage off at the shoulder blade. As the Revenant reared and screeched one more defiant roar, the Slayer jammed the barrel of his shotgun into its mouth and blasted its head apart in spectacular fashion.

Swinging down the hallway from where the woman and the Revenant had come from, he saw more people fleeing for their lives as another Revenant was tearing the arm off a man howling in agony, slapping it across the man's face a couple of times before tossing it aside and tearing his head off. Scowling, the Slayer swapped out the shotgun for the plasma cutter, curious to see how it'll do against a bigger Hellspawn. Firing away, he was pleased to see that the Plasma Cutter did do some significant damage, blasting away chunks of the enraged Revenant and even damaging one of its rocket launchers. The Hellspawn roared back and fired off a salvo of rockets at him, blasting apart doors and walls all around him as the Slayer stormed forward, firing away with his plasma cutter. After about twenty rounds of sustained fire, the Revenant finally went down, limbs torn off and its skull now nothing more than battered brain matter. The Slayer continued charging down the hallways, blasting apart Imps and Necromorphs alike as he made his way up to a large open space with various little kiosks and shops all around, which led to the tube connecting to Tower 4. Interestingly, he could hear a deep rumbling sound as he got closer. A sound he knew anywhere.


The sound of a chaingun being fired, along with the sounds of someone shouting defiantly against the tide of undead and hellish nightmares plaguing the station.

"Come on, you freaks! Is that all you got?! Come and get some! I got enough for everyone!"


The chaingun continued to fire away, with the angered roars of dozens of Hellspawn and Necromorphs adding to the choir of chaos. As he rounded the corner, the Slayer could see why. In the middle of the atrium, stood a single Sprawl Security Officer manning a chaingun mounted on a tripod, with the bodies of six other Sprawl Officers laid out in various defensive spots around the gun, clearly having been trying to defend the position to give civilians time to evac. The position was protecting the tunnel connecting the two towers, as the bodies of scores of both Hellspawn and Necromorphs were laid out across the entire floor. The entire floor around the chaingun was painted with blood and gore.

As the Hellspawn and Necromorphs fought one another, a swarm of Imps charged the lone officer, who swung the gun around and fired, cackling all the while, "Whatchu got, bitches?! Huh?! Whatchu got?!" The chaingun's bullets tore apart the Imps, splattering chunks of gore everywhere as the beasts were torn to shreds. A couple of slashers and some kind of two armed necromorph with a long tail ending in a spike started assaulting the chaingun, but they too were gunned down mercilessly by the crazed laughing soldier. Any abominations that tried to charge him were cut down with extreme prejudice, even as wads of acid and balls of hellfire went flying around him. And all the while the officer continued mocking and telling off the monstrosities, laughing as he tore them apart with pinpoint accuracy. The officer's armor had suffered some severe damage and his helmet was missing, showing his face. His eyes were crazed, but also had a look of acceptance in them. This man knew he was going to die, so he had clearly decided to try and take as many of these abominations with him as he could.

Slayer had to give props. For a man knowing he was likely about to die, he had balls of steel. You couldn't help but respect that. Still, despite this, the Slayer couldn't help but wonder... With a man as combat-proficient as this man, why hadn't tried to retreat and regroup with other officers or better yet escape?

The Slayer stormed the atrium, blasting and tearing his way through the hordes of nightmarish monsters battling one another. Ripping apart a couple of Necromorph slashers, he slammed into an Imp, shoulder-checking the monster onto the floor and curb-stomping its head in while bisecting a Hell-Razer in two with a twin-barreled shotgun blast. He quickly combat-rolled to the side as a Mancubus started firing away at him, bellowing out as it launched several fireballs from its two cannons. Missing the Slayer and striking the midst of a brawling group of Necromorphs and Hellspawn, the Mancubus continued its relentless firing as it tried to kill the Hellwalker. Pulling out his Contact Beam, the Slayer charged the weapon up and fired, blasting the Hellspawn square in the gut, turning the gaseous and grotesque monster into an organic bomb that obliterated several demons around it.

The officer manning the chaingun seemed to have finally noticed him, as he swung the gun around and started giving the Slayer cover fire as a group of Necromorphs tried to intercept him. The chaingun roared to life as it mowed down scores of Necromorph monstrosities, turning them into bloody mulch. The Slayer slammed his fist into a Hell Knight, firing his Contact Beam at point-blank range and completely obliterating the Hell Knight's torso as he continued fighting his way through the crowd, blasting or ripping apart foes with his bare hands. It was a slaughterhouse. Ever faintly, the Slayer thought he could hear what sounded like choirs of damned souls calling out, their chants growing slowly louder as they encouraged the Scourge of Hell to continue his relentless slaughter of demonkind.





Rozer-nd Tear!

Rip and Tear!

Rip and Tear!

Rip and Tear!


The Hellwalker bellowed out as he tore out the throat of a Hell Knight, followed by its head as he chucked the piece at a 'Pregnant' Necromorph, hitting square in the head before blasting it apart with the Contact Beam. He then swapped it out, pulling out the Pulse Rifle in one hand and the Plasma Cutter as he blasted away at the unholy legions of monstrosities. Monsters were cut down with ruthless efficiency as both he and the lone officer tore into the hordes, blasting away flesh and bone in spectacular fashion.

Just as the Slayer nearly arrived at the officer's position, tearing into a couple of Necromorphs that blocked him, there was a long, drawn-out wail behind the group as something massive came barreling out of the tube connecting the two towers. It was a massive, burly Necromorph with a gray and reddish skin tone that looked like a hairless, grotesquely deformed gorilla, with spike-covered clubs for arms and massive plates of armor protecting its arms and chest. The 'Brute' charged forward through the tunnel and into the atrium, with a Hell Knight spotting the massive Necromorph and roaring a defiant challenge as it charged. The two beasts collided into one another, slamming fists, teeth, and wild haymakers into the other, which surprised the Slayer that the Necromorph was actually holding its own against one of the more durable and powerful of the common demons. In fact, the Brute was actually forcing the Hell Knight back as it slammed several fists squarely into the knight's face, sending it reeling back. The Brute then slammed the demon onto the ground and proceeded to pummel it to death, smashing the Knight's body with blind fury. It even smacking away several Imps that tried attacking it as it mauled and flattened the Hell Knight into a bloody paste. The bulky Necromorph wailed out in rage as several Imps, Prowlers, and Hell-Razers attacked it, only to be thrown about or rip to shreds with ease. It's heavily armored hide was able to withstand many of the fireballs being thrown at it, though it was taking damage, as it continued its murderous rampage amongst the Hellspawn.

The security guard swung the chaingun around and opened fire on the massive Necromorph, with scores of rounds bouncing off the armored hide as the beast charged the gun. With a growl, the Brute swiped at the chaingun, throwing both gun and man crashing into the ground. The Brute wailed triumphantly as it closed in on the downed guard, who pulled out his pistol and defiantly fired away at the massive necromorph. As the abomination raised then dropped its fist to splatter the hapless human beneath it, the Brute was intercepted by the Doom Slayer, who caught both of its fists with his own hands. This genuinely shocked the surviving guard and, to the extent of the Necromorph's limited intelligence, the Brute as well. The Brute, not use to facing something that can match it in raw physical strength, roared at the interloper and tried to backhand him off. Instead, the Doom Slayer threw both of the massive fists down and landed a solid right hook into the things face, sending the Brute reeling back with a wail of fury. From behind, a Revenant tried to swoop in and kill both of them with a barrage of missiles, but the Brute chucked a piece of rebar at it that impaled the Hellspawn and sent its rocket spiraling out of control, crashing and detonating amid a group of brawling Necromorphs and Hellspawn.

The Hellwalker quickly followed up on this distraction with a barrage of pulse rifle rounds and grenades, with the bullets bouncing harmlessly off its thick hide and the grenades doing marginal damage to the beast. The Brute, now enraged, roared out and charged the Hellwalker, who met the charge head-on, ducking beneath the swipe and shoulder-checking the monstrosity in the face, followed up by pulling out his shotgun and firing point-blank into its face. The blast tore off bits of flesh and bone, but nothing significant enough to truly hurt the monster. The Brute wailed, trying to bite him but received a barrage of fists in retaliation, followed closely by the Slayer blasting several shotgun rounds into its head, neck, and chest. And like before, the shotgun shells did little damage to the armored behemoth. Snarling at how the situation was going, the Slayer blocked a trio of swipes from the enraged monster, then grabbed it. Grasping its head and a bulge of bone on its chest, the Slayer smirked.

He lifted the Brute off the ground and slammed it back down with a spectacular crash that reverberated throughout the room.

The impact was strong enough to actually dent the floor panel beneath, as the Slayer climbed on top of the monster and began sending fist after fury-driven fist into the Necromorph, earning resounding sounds of flesh tearing and bones snapping under the assault. Around them, the last of both the Hellspawn and Necromorphs were killing one another off. The Brute bellowed out in fury, slamming a fist into the side of the Slayer but failed to knock him off as he responded by tearing off a chunk of the bony armor on the Necromorph's chest and slamming it into the monster's face. The monster was flailing madly, driven mad with pain and rage at the human that had dared hurt it. It roared out and slammed fist after fist into the Hellwalker, who either caught the hits or merely took them as he launched his own assault on his opponent. It was then that the Slayer noticed the glowing yellow sacks in both of its shoulder blades, or rather where the shoulder blades would normally be. 'A weak spot?' He thought, before noticing at the last second the chest cavity of the Brute opening up, revealing what he could only describe as a giant, puckered asshole that was glowing orange, that suddenly fired off a glob of some kind, barely missing his head and slamming into the ceiling above, exploding and melting part of it.

The Slayer sneered and pried the closing ribcage open, "What's with you little undead fucks and spewing out shit?!" Taking a solid left hook to the face from the Brute and slamming his own into its face in retort, he then pulled out the pulse rifle and fired away at the Brute's bomb-spewing asshole, satisfied that scores of flesh were being churned into gore as the subsonic rounds tore into the shrieking Necromorph. Grabbing one of the flaying arms, he aimed at the shoulder blade and blasted off the offending arm, earning a shriek of rage from the Brute, who quickly slammed another fist into the Slayer and tried to fire off another organic bomb. Doomguy had other ideas, as he quickly jammed the barrel of his pulse rifle into the glowing hole. Grinning maniacally, he primed the rifle's grenade launcher and fired a round into the monstrosity's gut, leaping back off the Brute as it's torso detonated in a shower of gore.

(Song fades out.)

Slowly getting up, the Slayer looked around to see the entire floor was now silent, save for the panting and grunts of pain from the wounded officer. As he walked over to the injured man, he glanced down to see how his armor was fairing. It wasn't. The suit was barely holding together, with massive cracks, dents, burnt and warped metal, or just outright missing pieces of armor in several places. He'd need to replace it, if possible. But that could wait. Glancing down at the wounded officer, he noticed the left leg was bent at an unnatural angle and that he was bleeding from a couple of punctures in the armor. Propping himself up, the officer grimaced in pain for a moment before smirking, "Go figure. The calvary showing up late to the party." Looking him over, the guard added, "Then again, you fight like a one-man army."

The Slayer snorted, "What can I say? A bunch of assholes tried to stop me on the way." He looked over the man's injuries once more, "Let me get a med-pack out-"

"Forget it," the guard waved him off, "I'm not running any time soon, not with this leg. And even with how big you are, no way you're gonna carry me all the way to the evac site and fight these things off at the same time. I'll just slow you down."

"I can carry you." The Slayer insisted.

"But Lieutenant Ming and those people trapped with him need you more than I do." the guard retorted. Seeing the surprised look on the Slayer's face, he followed up, "I've been listening in on the comms. Didn't have time to talk, but I know where you're going. You can't afford to have me slowing you down."

Though the logic was sound, it still didn't sit right with the Slayer to just leave somebody behind to die. Despite this, the guard had a sinister look on his face as he pulled something out, "Besides... I don't plan on turning into one of those things." the item was revealed to be a trio of hand grenades, wrapped together into a makeshift bomb.

Realizing he wasn't going to talk the guy out of it and, as much as he didn't like it, admitted the man was right, the Slayer nodded and glanced over at the wrecked chaingun. The gun itself was still in working condition, but the tripod was warped to hell. Nodding his head towards the weapon, he asked, "Then you don't mind if I take that chaingun off your hands, do you?"

"Don't know why you'd bother with it. Tripod mount is fucked and that weapon's drum has maybe half a mag left. You're gonna lug that around?"

"I'll make it work." The Slayer nonchalantly responded as he tore the weapon off its mount with a hefty tug. Visually inspecting the surprisingly modest-weighted but cumbersomely long weapon, which according to his HUD was called the 'Maybach-63 Tactical Chaingun' he nonetheless liked what he saw. It was a tri-barreled weapon, with a large drum magazine on the bottom and sports a combination of cobalt chrome and slate grey in the color finish. Like many of the weapons and tools he'd come across, this weapon had an aiming laser, with this one situated in between the three barrels. It had an adjustable rear trigger that could be swiveled and adjusted in a 90-degree arc from the top to the very back of the weapon and had a couple of handles on either side that could be grasped for support. Now all he needed was to test it out. He grinned sadistically, knowing that this test would come very soon.

Before the dying guard could remark on the Slayer's incredible strength, both of their attention was drawn away to the what sounded like hundreds of necromorphs storming their way to their position. Just as they both finished thinking about how many it sounded like, several doors and vents on the far side of the atrium were torn open as swarms of Necromorphs came pouring into the atrium, snarling and howling as their numbers quickly grew. Looks like the survivors downstairs had been finished off, and now the Necromorphs were moving one to new hunting grounds. And the two of them were the only thing standing in their way.

Grinning, the Hellwalker leveled the chaingun at the approaching hoard, spun up the barrels, then fired.


The chaingun thundered to life, high-velocity rounds tearing into the horde of undead monstrosities surging before them. Bodies were torn apart, flesh and bone turned into a red misty paste, and entire scores of Necromorphs being outright disintegrated as the Slayer swept the chaingun back and forth. He fired nonstop, cackling outright as he watched the bodies pile up. "Nothing but bits left!" He laughed before his attention was finally captured by the wounded guard. The guard quickly said, "You don't have time to waste on them. We gotta move!" He then pointed to the tunnel, "Quick! Carry me to the center of the tunnel!"

Suspecting he knew what the dying officer was planning, he complied, running over and hoisting the guard up before sprinting down the tube towards the very center of it. "Set me down beside this glass wall right here! Quickly!" Do as he was told, he quickly spun around and fired a sustained burst into the horde of Necromorph's chasing after them, cutting their numbers into bloody bits as the rounds tore into them.

"Here! Take this and get out of here!" The guard said, holding up a bracelet to the Slayer to take. The Slayer noticed that the guard had swiped at least four more grenades, quickly wrapping them together to make a powerful bomb. Taking the bracelet from him, the Slayer listened to the guard quickly say, "There should be a woman at the maintenance shed you're going to. Sarah Belmont. If you find her, give her that and tell her... Tell her Micah said he's sorry he could make it, and that he loves her." Micah quickly glanced at the approaching horde and waved off the Slayer, "Now go! There's an emergency bulkhead on either end of the tunnel. Once I blow a hole in this tunnel, they'll seal off the tunnel automatically and buy you some time. Now haul ass and go!"

Stowing away the bracelet, the Doom Slayer gave the doomed man one last look, staring straight into his eyes and nodding in respect, "Give 'em Hell, Micah."

"Likewise," Micah replied, before turning his attention to the ravenous horde of Necromorphs while the Hellwalker bolted down the tunnel into Tower 4. "Over here, you ugly fucks! You want some! Come on! Come and try me! I'll take you all on!" Just as the vanguard of the horde closed in on Micah, with scores more rushing past him, he primed the improvised bomb to detonate while screaming defiantly at the approaching mob of monsters. As they swarmed him and began spearing the hapless officer with their claws and spikes, the bomb detonated.

The Doom Slayer was lurched forward by the shockwave of the explosion, overstepping and slamming straight into a support pillar as the explosion consumed the center of the service tunnel. Just as quickly as he lurched forward, he suddenly found himself being violently sucked back as all the air and any unbolt-down items or bodies were suddenly being sucked out into space by the now gaping hole in the tunnel. He could see hundreds of Necromorphs being flung out into the vacuum of space, helpless to fight against such overwhelming currents. Slamming his fist into the floor panel to make a fist-sized hole to grab onto, the Slayer snarled as he dodged getting struck by a few flailing Slashers, then a couple of hapless Imps, and held firm against the overwhelming force trying to fling him into space, but just as Micah had claimed, the emergency bulkheads were activating and sealing off the hull breach. After a few moments, the bulkhead closed entirely, and the pressure in the room normalized once more.

The Slayer got to his feet and surveyed his surrounding. The atrium he was in now was in no better condition than the one he just left, with blood stains and wreckage everywhere. But it was also quiet, very quiet in fact. It looks like the breach had cleared out whatever hostiles were in this area, too. But he knew better than to assume that. Looks can and usually were deceiving.

He wasn't alone in this room. Someone else was here. But where?

Swapping out the chaingun for his shotgun, the Slayer made his way up a set of stairs towards what his Nav-System was pointing to be where a serviceable elevator was. He scanned his surrounding carefully, not wanting to get caught in an ambush, but nonetheless still saw nothing hostile. Still, he knew someone else was here watching him. He just couldn't seem to figure out where they were. Whoever it was, they had a familiar aura about them and not the good kind. But they also seemed content to just maintain a distance and observe him. Fine by him. He had somewhere to be and whoever was eye-banging him could be dealt with later.

Finding not only the elevator but a store as well, the Slayer quickly got his RIG suit replaced and ready for battle once more, as now he could faintly hear the sounds of battle and screams emanating from the floors above. Once the store was finished replacing his armor, he stormed into the elevator and quickly made his way to the 23rd Floor, pumping his shotgun in anticipation for whatever horrors he was about to face, and utterly annihilate.

Kara watched from her little hidden perch as the Doom Slayer ascended the elevator with uncontained malic and contempt. This fucker was supposed to be dead, but somehow he'd come back from the dead. She didn't believe it at first when she received the message from her overlords, but they were beyond furious... and terrified. So, leaving her little guinea pig in Isaac Clarke behind, she went to the restricted section of the Medical Center where the Slayer's corpse and scores of artifacts from Hell were being studied by the Unitologists. (It was amazing how completely gullible these religious nuts were. It was almost boring to corrupt or manipulate them.)

And instead of being greeted with the Hellwalker's corpse laying in stasis, she arrived to find a room trashed, filled with scores of necromorph bodies that had been torn apart, and a certain corpse missing. Needless to say, she wasn't in a good mood. She was supposed to go toe to toe with Heaven's mightiest warrior and literally fight fire with fire. Hell's own Hellwalker, whose sole purpose was to match the Slayer's strength and best it, and then lead the Legions of the Damned onward to the conquest of new dimensions.

As she leaped off her perch onto the balcony, she continued to look up, seemingly oblivious to the Slasher standing behind her that was now silently creeping up on her.

And so far? She had now failed to kill the Doom Slayer. An insult to her reputation and status. This wouldn't stand. Such an insult to her reputation demanded retribution, especially from him. She would be damned before she let the Scourge of Hell one-up her.

The Slasher was now right behind her, its claws poised to cut her down.

She would kill him, stand atop his desecrated corpse, and then lead Hell's forces to the conquest of this dimension's humanity, as she has done thousands of times before in thousands of other universes. This would be no different, regardless of the Slayer being here or not.

Just as the Slasher moved to bisect her, Kara effortlessly sidestepped the strike with a blur of movement and jammed a fist into the side of the Slasher's head, then grasped it and slammed it into the railing, stunning it. She quickly snaked behind the Necromorph and subduing its claws, kicking out the back of its knees to force the now shrieking creature into a kneeling position. The Slasher thrashed and flailed in her hold, but it was helpless in her grip, her strength immeasurably superior to the lesser Necromorph.

"You... are very rude. I was in the middle of some deep thought." Kara scowled, almost sounding like she was scolding a child rather than a murderous undead abomination. The Slasher howled and growled in her grip, thrashing its head back and forth to try and bite her, but to no avail. Holding its claws with one hand, she grasped the Slasher's head and forced it to face her. The beast snarled and hissed at her, blood and fluids spewing out of its mouth as it did.

"But there's no need to get angry with you. No point, anyway. You're just another pawn playing its part," She said, smirking darkly. She leaned in on what was once an ear of the Slasher and whispered, "And soon enough, just like poor little Isaac, your part will come to an end." She giggled, "You had your run as the top predators of this paltry little universe. Good while it lasted. But now..." She paused, ignoring the hissing of the Necromorph as it struggled in her grasp, "Now you're going to see what a true Apex Predator of the Cosmo looks like." Leaning in, Kara proceeded to lick the side of the Slasher, from the jawline up to the ear canal, moaning as she did. As she pulled back, a predatory smile graced her lips she licked them, "And it's going to be glorious."

With that, she then tore the Slasher's head clean off, followed by her planting her foot in the square of its back and pushing forward, causing the Necromorph's chest cavity to burst out as she then slowly ripped the creature to pieces with her bare hands. By the time she was done tearing the creature apart, there was nothing more than gory chunks left.

'Hmph. Rip and Tear, indeed.' She thought with a smirk. No. She wouldn't fail. She was superior to her counterpart. And she had already bested him once. She could do it again. And on top of that, it was rather amusing considering who Hell had chosen as its answer to the Hellwalker. She wondered with malicious glee if he had realized it, in those final moments before she shot him in the head. The look of surprise was all too evident in his eyes. 'He knew.' She thought savagely, grinning maniacally as she pictured the look of surprise in his face, then pictured what their reunion, well re-reunion, would be like when she confronted him again. 'I wonder how poor Wiluś' handling this little revelation. I'm sure it's breaking his heart. If not... Well, I can always solve that easily.'

Slowly, a dark cackle began echoing throughout the atrium, reverberating throughout the blood-stained halls and shattered superstructure as the Scourge of Heaven prepared for her battle with the Scourge of Hell. And she looked forward to making the Slayer pay for everything he'd done to her.

The Chaingun is based partially on both the Doom 2016 Chaingun and the Gatling guns seen on the Gunship in Dead Space 2.

That's it for now. I'm gonna be gone for a couple of weeks doing some Army BS, so I won't be able to write FF in the meantime. I hope you enjoyed the chapter