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Chapter 1: Sighting.

At some point of their journey, the teacher had decided to make her students sing. Ai understood the basis for that thought (that it would keep them busy and prevent them from running around) but still didn't fancy the idea when taken to practice. Mainly, for the repetitive chant resonating in her hears that it meant. Secondly, becaue there was nothing she could do but put up with it – jumping off the bus halfway through the day's excursion would be considered discourteous at the very least.

The girl fought not to fall onto Conan when their mean of transportation stopped at the umpteenth red light. His hands pushed her shoulder gently, helping her stand right again.

'Thank you,' she muttered. The bus resumed its way up the long avenue.

'Don't worry. They seem happy, don't they?' he added, motioning his head towards their classmates. None of them seemed to have noticed the rough halt.

'They're kids. Kids are always happy.'

He gave her a half-joking, half-skeptic look.

'Were you always happy as a kid?'


He grinned.

'Why don't you sing along?' the young detective asked. 'It could be fun.'

'No, thank you. I'd rather invest my time on something more productive.'

Seemingly satisfied with her answer, the boy grinned again and averted his eyes so as to peep through the nearest window.

'I found the idea weird at first, taking the whole class into a regular bus,' he commented. Ai's gaze flew around the narrow space, lingering for a second or two on each passenger's face and posture. Nothing exceptional – wrinkled elders, advertisement-like families, excited teenagers. Only a few of them even had a decent fashion sense. 'But it hasn't been the end of the world, has it?'

'Worse has happened,' she responded in an absent-minded tone. The bus halted again, this time at a proper bus stop.

'Having lunch by the river doesn't sound too bad,' he continued, leaning against a wall and moving his arms behind his head. 'At least we're skipping a day of school – it's boring to study the same once again… It is hardly midday, and by three or so we'll be home. I asked the teacher myself.'

'I'm glad,' she murmured. She glanced at the varied group of people stepping onto the bus. 'I can't wait to be back, with a magazine on my hands and…'

An unpleasant wave of electricity ran down her spine and paralyzed her from head to toe. Her heart speeded up its pace. A member of the Organization had just entered that very bus. And not a single second went by before she could know who it was.

Had he been only half a head shorter, she would not have spotted him. But he was hard to miss by nature – for many reasons. It did not matter that he was wearing casual clothes, nor that he had his hair up in a ponytail and covered at its most by a cap.

The moment she saw him, she knew she was looking at Gin.

Author's notes:

¡Hola! Hello! Hallo! こんにちは! Salut! Here comes Sherry Furude once more, ready for attack!

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Although I've kept making corrections (however small or bigger) ever since, the fic has been finished and plot-wise 'carved in stone' for about two weeks now. It has four chapters, which I plan to publish according to the following schedule: chapter 1 on July 31th, chapter 2 on August 2nd, chapter 3 on August 4th and chapter 4 on August 5th.

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