House Bolton ruled the Dreadfort for generations. Lord Roose Bolton had a son Domeric and a twelve year old daughter Barbara. After Domeric died in a battle, Roose Bolton invited his bastard son Ramsay Snow to live with them in the Dreadfort. Roose's wife died of fever not long after Domeric died.

Barbara ran down the hallway and into the courtyard. She wore riding pants, boots and a shirt. She never liked to wear dresses. Every morning she would go to the courtyard and practice with her bow. But this morning she ran into her father. " I told you to be in the Great Hall! Why don't you ever listen!?" he seemed very angry.
"I..I'm sorry, father, I forgot..."
He hit her. The blood started running from her nose. Barbara tried to hide tears in her eyes.
"Next time I tell you to do something you better do it. Now I want you to go to the Great Hall. There is someone you need to meet."
"Yes, father" Barbara wiped the blood and tears of her face and went toward the Great Hall. When she entered the Hall she saw a boy standing next to her father. The boy must have been around eighteen years old. He had piercing blue eyes. "This is my bastard, Ramsay, he will be staying with us from now on." Roose said and continued. "Ramsay, this is your sister, Barbara." Barbara looked at Ramsay with a smile on her face. "I didn't know I had another big brother." Ramsay smiled back to her. "I have some business to attend" Roose said and exited the Hall.
"Do you want to go to the courtyard with me? I practice with my bow there." Barbara smiled to Ramsay. "Sure, why not." he grined.

When they entered the courtyard Barbara got her bow ready and shot an arrow. She missed the target. "You aren't holding your bow right. Hold it like this." Ramsay adjusted the bow in her hands. She shot an arrow and hit the target. "Thank you Ramsay!" Barbara gave him a wide smile.

Next day Roose was going to the Great Hall from the courtyard. "I told her to be in the courtyard!" He yelled. Ramsay was walking next to him. When they entered the Hall Ramsay noticed Barbara under the table. "I think I saw her going there. She is probably there already." Ramsay told Roose. "She better be." Lord Bolton said and got out. "Thank you Ramsay!" Barbara said as she was getting out of her cover. "You should hurry, little one." Ramsay grinned. Barbara nodded and ran to the courtyard. She got there a moment before her father. "Where were you?" He asked.
"I was in the stables waiting for you, father." Barbara lied. "Oh were you?" Bolton asked suspiciously. "I wanted to tell you I'm leaving for a couple of days. I will be back soon so don't do anything stupid while I'm gone." Barbara smiled and nodded.

Lord Bolton was away for five days. When he came back a woman came crying to him. "My daughter, m'lord, he killed my daughter!" She cried uncontrollably. "Who killed your daughter?" Roose asked with a small amount of interest. "Your bastard!" The woman screamed. "I will investigate it." Roose said and called for Ramsay. Barbara was with Ramsay and they were practicing in the courtyard. "Lord Bolton has asked for your presance." A guard said to Ramsay. Ramsay nodded and went towards the Hall. Barbara dropped the bow and quickly followed him.
"Did you kill that girl?" Roose asked when he saw Ramsay. "Who? Me? I'd never kill an innocent girl!"
"Then who did? Where were you that night?"
Before Ramsay could say anything Barbara stepped forward and said:"Ramsay was with me, father, we were practicing with the bow."
Roose looked at both of them for a few minutes and then finally said "Get off my sight, both of you!"
Ramsay was grinning. He was pleasantly suprised. "Maybe she could be of use." he thought to himself.

Barbara was going to her chambers when she overheard two guards talking. "I heard that lord Bolton's bastard enjoys torturing people."

"Aye, nasty piece of work, that one."
"Torturing people, Ramsay wouldn't do that, he is nice." She thought to herself and left.
In the morning, Barbara found Ramsay in the kennel. He was feeding the hounds.
"Ramsay I need to ask you something." she said as he was throwing pieces of meat to the hounds. "Ask" Ramsay smiled.
"Did you really kill that girl?"
"Would you be afraid if I did?" he grinned.
"Well I did." Ramsay was still grinning.
Barbara was shocked but she didn't show it. "Why did you do it?" she asked curiously.
"Becuase it felt great."
"How can it feel great?" Barbara wanted to know more.
"Come to the basement today in the night and I will show you." Ramsay grinned and walked away.

Barbara couldn't wait for the evening. She was in her chambers until the night fell. She sneaked through the hallway, pass her father's room and into the basement. She opened the door and entered. She was standing on top of the stairs. Quietly, she went down the stairs and into the big chamber. Ramsay was already there. There was nothing in the room except big wooden boards shaped like x. On the boards a woman was hanged. "Please m'lord, please let me go!" she cried.
"Welcome my dear sister, to my torturing chamber!" Ramsay laughed as he took out a knife. "Now I will show you how good it feels to take someone's life."
Barbara was standing there, looking at Ramsay. She wanted to run away but at the same moment she was fascinated.
"Come closer and take this dagger." Ramsay commanded and placed a dagger in Barbara's hand. "Now, cut her, do as you wish."
"Are you sure, Ramsay?"
"Of course I'm sure, are you afraid?" Ramsay frowned.
"No!" Barbara yelled and stepped forward the girl on the boards. She placed a dagger on her belly and pressed. A stream of blood came down running. "Please, no!" The girl was shouting. Ramsay took Barbara's hand and pressed harder. Her belly opened and her guts spilled out. Barbara felt like throwing up but she couldn't. Not in front of Ramsay. The girl was screaming. "Now slit her throat" Ramsay laughed. Barbara hesitated for a moment but she did it. She placed a dagger on girl's throat and pressed hard. A rich stream of blood came down her throat. The girl was dead. "You were great, my dear sister." Ramsay smiled and kissed Barbara's forehead. "Now go to bed, get some rest, you've earned it."

Barbara was laying in her bed that night. She just couldn't sleep. A picture of that girl was stuck in her head. Barbara still felt a bit sick but also thrilled.