"Can I come with you?" Barbara was in the courtyard and looking at her father. "No." Roose said with a cold voice. "But why not?"
"Because you are too young to hunt."
"But I'm good with the bow, and Ramsay taught me..."
"I said no!" Roose raised his voice.
"Fine.." Barbara said quietly and looked at Ramsay wishing that she could come with them. The gates opened and the men rode into the wild. They were riding for few hours when they heard a noise coming from the river. They got closer and spotted two men and three women.
"Wildings, my lord!" One of the men shouted.
Boltons surounded the men and women.
"We should kill them." Ramsay grinned.
"The two of the men wear black, they are the nightswatch deserters!" someone yelled.
"Kill them." Roose said and drew his sword. The men tried to fight but they soon fell. Ramsay got his bow ready and fired an arrow to the woman who was running away. He hit her straight through her heart. Other woman was trying to fight with her spear but one of the men stuck a sword through her back. Everyone were dead exept one girl. She was around fourteen years old. "Please m'lord spare my life!" She begged him. Ramsay readied another arrow.
"Wait!" Roose stopped him.
"We will take her with us, she can be a servant." Ramsay put his bow down with a frown.
"Oh thank you m'lord, I promise I will be useful!"

Barbara was waiting for her father and brother's return. The gate opened and men came in. Barbara noticed a girl who was walking behind her father's horse. Her hands were tied.
"From now on you will serve my daughter. You will remain in chains." Roose told the girl.
A smith put chains around the girls legs. The chains allowed her to walk normaly but she couldn't run nor ride.
"What's your name?" Barbara asked the girl.
"Elena, if it pleases you m'lady."
"How old are you?"
"Fourteen m'lady."
"So you are my handmaiden now." Barbara smiled. "Let's go, I will show you around."

A month passed. Elena started to like the life at the Dreadfort. The work wasn't too hard and the food was good. One day Ramsay was in the courtyard getting ready for a hunt. "Can I come with you, Ramsay? Father is not around, he left for few days!"
"I'm not sure.." Ramsay grinned.
"Oh please Ramsay, please!." Barbara begged.
"Well alright, but I must warn you, this isn't an ordinary hunt!" Barbara smiled and got ready. They took the hounds with them. When they exited the courtyard the hounds were released and they started running. Barbara and Ramsay were riding on their horses. "What are we hunting, a deer?"
Ramsay grinned on that question. "No, naked girls." Barbara thought he was joking but suddenly she saw a naked girl running from hounds not so far away. Ramsay readied his bow and shot an arrow through the girls leg. She screamed in pain and fell down. "Who is she?" Barbara asked.
"Just a whore who bored me." Ramsay laughed. Barbara readied her arrow and shot the girl in the back. "Nice shot, sister!" Ramsay grinned again. The hounds started to rip the girl apart. There was blood everywhere. Barbara felt sick but she couldn't shut her eyes or look away. She knew that Ramsay would know if she does it.
"You were great sister!" Ramsay said and kissed her forehead. "Tonight I might show you how to flay a man."
"like on our house banners?"
"Exactly" he smiled and left.
"You should stay away from him, he is a monster." Elena whispered to Barbara after Ramsay left. "Shut up, he is my brother!" Barbara scolded her and walked away.

That night Barbara sneaked out of her room and into the basement. Ramsay was there with a man hanged on boards. The man was begging Ramsay to let him go. Ramsay took a dagger in his hand and slowly started to remove man's skin. The man was screaming in pain. "Come here, sister." Ramsay called Barbara and placed a dagger in her hand. "Now do it slowly, like this." He guided Barbara's hand. After some time the man was flayed. Barbara felt excited. "It looks magnificent!" She grinned.
"Yes it does, now go back to bed." Ramsay kissed Barbara's cheek.

Barbara was in the kennel with the dogs one night when she heard a stange noise in the garden. She exited the kennel and went to check what the noise was. She got to the garden when a man came from behind her and knocked her on ground. "What is a pretty lady like yourself doing outside so late?" he asked with a grin as he was holding a hand across Barbara's mouth. "You know, noone will know if I fuck you right now, girl!" He grinned again and started to unbuckle his belt. Barbara was trying to free herself but she couldn't. Suddenly a man started to spit blood all over Barbara. Elena was standing there behind him with a dagger up in the back of his neck. "Hurry up m'lady!" Elena whispered and pushed the man off of Barbara. When they got back to Barbara's chambers Barbara looked at Elena and said: "Thank you Elena, You saved my life! I will make sure they remove the chains around your legs tomorrow."
"Thank you m'lady." Elena smiled to Barbara.

As Barbara promised, they removed Elena's chains. Roose asked to see both Barbara and Elena. "What happend in the garden last night!?" he seemed furious. Barbara was silent and her look was on ground.
"Well!?" Lord Bolton yelled. "I killed that man, m'lord!" Elena finally spoke.
"Take her." Lord Bolton ordered his men. When they got close to Elena Barbara yelled:" Wait father, It's not her fault. I was outside and I heard a noise in the garden so I went to check and then he attacked me. She saved my life!"
Roose looked toward Elena and quietly said "Let her go then." He got up from his chair and went close to Barbara. "And you.." he said and hit her in the face. "You don't have any business outside when it's dark!" he hit her again. "He could have killed you!" He yelled and hit her again. "Go back to your chambers and stay there!"

Barbara went to her chambers. Her nose was bleeding and she had a black eye. Elena was trying to stop the nosebleed with a cloth. "Thank you again for saving my life, Elena." Barbara said quietly. "You saved my life too m'lady."

Barbara was going to Ramsay's chambers. She wanted to ask him to go for a ride together. When she came close to the door she heard loud moans. The doors were opened a little bit so Barbara looked inside. She saw a girl bent over the table and Ramsay behind her. The girl was moaning. Barbara was grossed out and she ran away to her chambers. When she got there Elena was folding Barbara's clothes.
"What happend m'lady?" she asked her when she saw that Barbara was running.
"I wanted to ask him to go for a ride with me."
Barbara said and continued. "But he was fucking a girl. And she is ugly at that!"
"That is what men do." Elena smiled to Barbara.
"But why?"
"Men have two heads, you can't always expect them to think with the one on their shoulders"
Barbara gigled a bit on that answer and left the room.